Title: Mounting Debt
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters that i've twisted for my own dirty purposes. I don't make money from the twisting, either.
Warnings: Language, M/M, coerced sex, dark psychological themes
Summary: Jay's tenant, Heath, can't afford his rent. Jay has an arrangement in mind, but the price may be more than Heath can pay.

A/N: This is not a happy story. Future chapters will get disturbing. You've been warned.

Jay Reso approached the door of the apartment next to his, scrubbing a large hand through his short blond hair. He didn't enjoy this part of being a landlord. He didn't want to be the guy who evicted someone who had fallen on bad times, but he couldn't afford to be a softie, either. He couldn't have his tenants thinking he was a doormat that could be ripped off. Still, of the three apartments besides his in his building, this was the one he least wanted to screw over. And the kid would be screwed.

Heath had moved in almost a year and a half ago with his exotic boyfriend, Justin. Jay had the feeling they were partiers, but they rarely brought it home, and they kept the place as tidy as one could expect from a couple of boys working themselves through school. They had a dog that would bark his damn head off whenever someone approached the building or knocked on their door, but they usually quieted him pretty quick and he was friendly. In all, they were nice kids.

Justin was soft-spoken and staid, Heath flamboyant and obnoxious. Thanks to thin walls, Jay knew they took on the same roles in bed. He could hear Heath moaning and pleading in his thick Southern drawl, while all he ever heard from Justin was a few soft grunts, and an occasional slap of what Jay assumed was hand on ass. That always made Heath squeal and beg for more. Their landlord felt like a creeper for enjoying those serenades as much as he did, but on long lonely nights it was hard to blame him. He liked to imagine himself making the redhead squeal and moan like that in Justin's place.

Four months ago, those noises stopped. Justin had stood in Jay's doorway, calmly explaining in his melodic, foreign accent – jarringly different from his lover's – that he'd graduated and his student visa had been revoked. He politely asked to be let out of the lease, and Jay didn't have much of a choice. Heath stood red-eyed and biting his thumbnail behind Justin, and promised in wavering tones that he'd fulfill the rest of the lease's terms, and they left. That night there was a lot of shouting in the apartment next door, and by morning Justin was gone.

Jay knew that Heath spent his nights in solitude and his days in summer classes, at the restaurant he served at, or interviewing for a second job. It seemed no one was hiring a drop-out seeking to further his education. The few times Jay had spoken to him, he'd noticed the spark was missing from those soft brown eyes. Even his long ginger locks that had been so bright and bouncy now seemed to droop. He'd been late with rent that first month, and since then it had only gotten worse. Today was the kid's last chance before Jay would take drastic measures.

Jay knocked on the door, hearing the dog immediately go apeshit and Heath's tired reprimand. "Boodah! Shush yerself! Tch!" Boodah calmed to a whine as the door opened and Heath stood there in basketball shorts, one hand on the excitable black lab's collar and the other raking back his hair. The movement showed off his bare chest to nice effect. He took one look at Jay and his pretty face fell. "Ah, shit. Is it the fifteenth already?"

Well, with a greeting like that, Jay figured he could toss small talk out the window. "Nice to see you, too. It's the sixteenth, actually. Got something for me?"

Heath sighed. "Sorry, Mr. Reso. C'mon in."

Jay stepped inside and shut the door behind him, petting Boodah while Heath retrieved a box from under the end table by the couch. Jay's eyes lingered on Heath's rump as he bent. Such a juicy butt, round and firm. He'd fantasized long and hard about getting his hands on it. Hearing the redhead cry out with Jay's cock lodged deep inside... Jay blinked himself out of his trance before he started sporting a bulge his jeans wouldn't hide, and took the wad of cash Heath handed over. Heath swallowed as Jay counted once, twice, then looked at him with something akin to disappointment.

"You're fifty dollars short. And that's just for this month."

The redhead groaned internally. Couldn't he see that he was trying? "Can you take it as a good faith payment?"

"Heath, I took a good faith payment last month. And the month before that. You owe me, like, 400 bucks here. If you can't make rent I'll have to lease it to someone who can."

"No. No man, please," Heath said, his eyes plaintive. "What if.. what if I work it off? I'll fix shit, unclog toilets, whatever man, please. They cut my hours at the restaurant. I'm trying to find something else. I just need some time."

Jay shook his head. "I've given you all the time I can. As for fixing shit, I've cleaned up after your Mr. Fix-It moments; it'd be less work if I did it myself."

"Then I'll do your dishes," Heath cried. "Shampoo your carpets, something. C'mon, I'll never find anything this price on this side of town, and I... I have nowhere else to go."

Jay hated the thought of this sweet boy living downtown. Heath wasn't innocent, but despite his usual cockiness he retained an aura of small-town naivete. Jay didn't like the idea of anyone corrupting him. Well, anyone but Jay himself. That seemed like a fine idea, indeed. "Don't you have friends or family to help you out, take you in?"

Heath's eyes dropped to the floor. "I haven't seen my family since I took up with Justin. And my friends abandoned me when he did. Guess they only put up with me because of him."

Damn. Fucking harsh. Made Jay feel even worse for harboring the notion he had in his head during his past couple visits here. It also made his plan easier. There was something about him he just wanted to take. It may be wrong, and very illegal, but it wouldn't go away. "I like you, Heath. I honestly don't want to kick you out, but..."

Heath felt a teeny bit of hope at the reluctance in the blonde's voice. Enough hope to fan his desperation. "Anything Mr. Reso. Please." He stepped closer, meeting his landlord's eyes and putting all the hurt in his heart on his face. He was hoping Jay wouldn't be able to resist his full-on puppy-dog look. Jay couldn't, he crumbled, but the result was not what Heath had expected. An offer of chores, more time, maybe a job lead was all Heath had in mind. Instead, Jay lifted a hand to brush a strand of red from his face, cupping his cheek and running a thumb over his lower lip.

"We might be able to work something out."

Heath's eyes widened, and he jerked away from Jay's hand. "Whoa whoa, hold up there, shotgun. What're you suggesting here?" He faltered when Jay's lips lifted into a smug little smirk that seemed perfectly at home on his face. "Look, Mr. Reso..."

"No Heath, you look," Jay said with a soft smile. "You owe me. You've got no money for me. You want to work it off? You're going to work it off like the pretty boy you are. On your knees."

Heath shook his head so hard his red tresses flung about his face. "No. You think I'm a whore? Get the fuck out! OUT!" he screeched, pointing at the door. Jay laughed, his eyes crinkling around the corners.

"No, I'm here to tell you to get out. Unless you can pay me. Money or mouth, it's up to you, but I need it now." Jay looked at the expression on Heath's face and put a hand over his heart, brow furrowing in mock pain. "Wow, Heath. I'm hurt. I mean, it wouldn't be so bad.. would it? Gotta be a better offer than the slumlord downtown you'd be bending over for a month from now," he added with a sly grin.

Everything and nothing jumbled in Heath's mind, trying to form words and failing. He was horrified, disgusted by what Jay was suggesting. Was he worth so little to people, to be used and discarded, abandoned and disowned? By Justin, by his family, and now his seemingly sweet - if a little creepy - landlord. Heath had noticed Jay checking him out on occasion, was hoping it would make him more sympathetic. But no, Jay didn't like him, he just wanted to get off. Maybe Jay was right. What else was he good for? He couldn't find a job, he was having trouble in school, his car was on its last legs. Soon he wouldn't be able to afford to feed Boodah, the only creature on Earth that gave a damn about him.

As these thoughts went whirling through Heath's mind, Jay had crept towards him, reaching up to touch his face again. "I'm not that disgusting, now, am I?" His tone was softer, blue eyes searching Heath's face. "I'm not an evil man, Heath. Just a man. And you are... just so fucking beautiful."

Fingers trailed down Heath's chest. Now Heath was really confused. He hadn't been touched so gently in ages, and no one ever called him beautiful. Not even Justin. Justin was always the pretty one. Justin with his boyish dimples and dark eyes, his ready laugh and quirkiness. Justin had put Heath in his current situation. Heath wondered if he'd even be jealous, and blinked back overwhelmed tears as Jay leaned close to his ear, his voice low.

"You know what you do to men like me, don't you. Didn't even try to cover up when you came to the door. You had to know I could hear you fucking all those nights. Lying in my bed, thinking about the sounds you'd make while wrapped around my dick. Don't you think I know how much you love cock?" Jay took Heath's wrist and guided his hand between his thighs. Heath tried to tear away, but Jay held him fast, making him feel the hard ridge in his jeans. Fuck, and he was looking at him with those stunning blue eyes again, turning his knees to mush. Heath had thought about touching Jay there a few times, if just to be a tease, but not like this.

"M-Mr. Reso..." Heath started, but Jay shushed him with a finger on his lips, tracing their shape.

"Been a while since you had a fat dick between those lips, hasn't it? Go on, Heath. Taste it. Then we'll see what we can do about that debt."

Heath pulled back to speak, but Jay quirked his arched brows, that little smirk playing on his lips and daring him to argue. Jay bobbed his head in a nod to the floor and Heath sank to his knees, eyes never leaving Jay's, and started to fumble with his belt. Jay ran a finger down Heath's cheek as they gazed at each other, whiskers rasping under calloused skin, and Heath tore his eyes away to pull the buckle free and unfasten the jeans. Fuck, he was actually going to do this. But what else could he do? He pawed at Jay's half-hard cock through the dark crimson boxer-briefs, then looked back up with one final plea in his eyes. Jay just motioned him to go on with another bob of his head.

Fine. Jay wanted his dick sucked? Heath would give him a blow job that would knock the gel from his spiky yellow hair. With a deep breath he tugged the underwear down Jay's hips and lapped at his tip before taking the head into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the smooth, musky skin. Heath usually loved this part, the feeling of a thick cock stiffening and swelling between his lips, the rush of pleasuring another man and having the power to turn him on, but now he just felt numb. No, not numb. Dirty. He was a whore now. He blinked back his tears and sucked Jay in, bobbed his head, lips sliding back and forth on the shaft that was filling his mouth. Fuck, Jay was a grower.

Jay was in heaven. He sifted his fingers through hair the color of an autumn sunset, burnished copper strands whispering over his knuckles. Moist brown eyes rolled up to meet his, and Jay admired the way the tears matted those long lashes. He slid deeper into that velvet mouth, thrusting harder than he meant and feeling Heath's throat contract around the head as he choked and gagged. Nails scrabbled at Jay's hips as Heath fought to breathe. When he saw those watery eyes overflow onto flushed cheeks he pulled out, the scrape of teeth on the underside of his shaft making him groan. Jay hadn't realized how tightly his fist was clenched in Heath's hair and he let go, letting Heath collapse to the floor. The redhead sucked in a shuddering gasp, coughing, and wiped his wrist across his chin.

"P-please.. don't hurt me.."

Jay's expression softened and he reached down to help the trembling redhead to his feet. "I don't wanna hurt you, precious," he murmured, and slid Heath's shorts down his hips. Heath's breath hitched and fresh tears sprang to his eyes as his hands automatically covered himself. Jay brushed fingertips down freckled arms and gently pushed them aside.

"No need to be shy. Not with me. Ooh, how pretty..." Jay cooed, and touched the short ginger hair between his legs. His crotch had the look of someone who normally shaved, but hadn't had the motivation recently. Jay liked it. His cock wasn't hard yet, but Jay would fix that. Heath flinched as Jay examined him with eyes and fingers, vulnerable and humiliated. He couldn't help the pitiful moan that left his lips as thick fingers coiled around him.

"C'mon now, I know you're not that uptight. Mm, you smell so good," his landlord purred, leaning into his neck and sniffing his hair. Heath shuddered as Jay fondled him. Fuck, he couldn't help it, those big hands knew what they were doing. The flesh in Jay's hand stirred and stiffened, and Jay breathed, "There you are."

Jay licked around the shell of Heath's ear, tongue poking and sweeping inside before lips closed on his lobe. Heath repressed an "Ew" at the slimy feeling. It was gross and violating and why was his cock getting so hard? Jay's lips trailed down to suck at a spot behind his ear as his free hand slipped behind Heath's neck, then he raised his blond head. Jay watched his face through lowered lashes, lips parting when Heath's did to gasp as he gave a gentle squeeze.

"Oh... oh, that's nice, isn't it? Feels good to be touched, doesn't it?" Fingers tightened on the nape of Heath's neck when he didn't answer, tugging strands of hair free from the sensitive skin there. "Doesn't it?

"Y-yes, Mr. Reso..."

"Then touch me, Heath."

Heath licked his lips and glanced down at the cock straining from Jay's fly. Squeezing his eyes shut, he gripped it, feeling his own saliva that coated the velvety skin and slicking his movements as he pumped his fist. Maybe if he got his landlord off quickly he'd leave him alone with his shame.

"Oh fuck," Jay grunted. "Eager little tramp. You like my dick, don't you, precious?"

"Yes..." The word came out in a whimper, and Heath tried to turn it into a purr. "So big and hard... wanna feel you cum." He batted his eyes, aware of the tears that spilled over at the gesture and screaming in his head at the man to just cum already. He almost jumped when Jay growled low in his chest.

"You're gonna feel me cum all right."

Before Heath realized what was happening he was face-down on the couch, hands trapped under his own chest and Jay's weight pinning him down. He wriggled and struggled, feeling a rigid length slide between his cheeks, shaft rubbing across his asshole.

"No, no... not this, please..." he begged as Jay pushed his head down, smashing his cheek into the cushion.

"Shh baby, it's okay," the man above him panted. "Jay-Jay's gonna make it feel so good. Just relax." Jay licked the fingers of the hand not holding Heath's head down. He didn't want to hurt his precious, but there was no time to find lube. Jay needed him. Couldn't Heath feel how he needed him? And he'd make Heath need him right back. He raised up enough to reach between them and rubbed spit over his pucker. He lined up and his cockhead slipped out of place a couple times as he tried to push past the resisting entrance. Jay slapped a butt cheek hard.

"Quit squirming," he hissed, then groaned as his dick finally pushed in and slid home. He covered Heath's scream with one large hand, thrusting into that hot, smothering hole, eyes rolled back in bliss. Those hot walls contracted around him with every sob from the redhead, making Jay dizzy. He covered Heath with his body, one hand slipping to curl over a tattooed shoulder, the other pushing back red hair from his temple with a wide palm. Hot, sticky breath panted against the side of Heath's face as Jay's hips pumped in slow, forceful strokes. Heath whined as he tried to relax, to adjust to the burn of the thickness stretching him, stabbing him deep.

"I know, precious. I know. Relax, let it feel good. You know how good it can feel. Wanna see that pretty face when you cum. Wanna cum for me?"

Heath could only nod, eyes squinched shut against his slowing tears. He didn't know if he'd ever feel like cumming again, but he knew what Jay wanted to hear. And he had a feeling Jay wouldn't let up until he got his way. Maybe if he thought of Justin, of his lovely voice and sweet face... but no. There was only pain there. At least the man currently rutting into him wanted him in some fashion.

Jay wiggled around on Heath's back, adjusting his angle, then snapped his hips down, slamming directly into Heath's prostate. Brown eyes snapped open and a low moan tore from Heath's throat. "There, precious. Ah, yeah..." Jay's tongue snaked out and made a wet trail up Heath's cheek as his hand wriggled under hips, wrapping around the stiffening cock trapped against the couch. Heath tried to jerk his face away, hands clenching under him, but he had nowhere to go. Jay's grip on his shoulder tightened, chest pressing down on his bare back and breath ruffling his hair. The blonde's hips practically bounced on his ass, driving that thick cock so deep, making Heath's own dick rub against the sweaty palm that held it.

Heath hated it, hated how it felt so fucking good to be wanted, touched, filled. Hated that his aching dick needed more. Soon he was fucking Jay's hand, snapping his hips up so that cock ground against the little bundle of nerves deep inside him. Jay marveled at the beauty of Heath's face as the redhead lost himself in sensation, riding that gorgeous body as it bucked beneath him. His thrusts became frantic as he felt Heath's cock throb, his muscles tense.

"Fuck, feel so good, wiggling on my dick, so hard for me..." He squeezed the cock sliding back and forth through his fist and it was all the worked-up redhead needed. With a wail of anguished pleasure he released, body jerking under Jay's. He heard a curse and a groan in his ear as his walls clamped on Jay's already choking cock, felt the hot flood of cum filling him. "My god. More beautiful than I imagined."

Jay giggled and kissed Heath's cheek, hand moving under his hips before withdrawing. He pulled out and got to his knees, admiring the body spread out before him. One hand ran down his heaving back, then spread his cheeks further to gaze on the used hole. Red and contracting, Jay's cum making white trails, tinged pink with just a trace of blood. He couldn't help it, he leaned down for a lick, hearing Heath gasp before getting up to fix his jeans.

"We taste good together," he said, then knelt to get eye-level with the dazed-looking redhead. "Go take a nice long bath, precious. You deserve it." He kissed Heath's forehead, then nose, and smiled before getting up and heading to the door. "Oh, consider this month's rent paid in full."

Heath raised his head, blinking. "This month?"

Jay smirked. "Yeah. You still owe me 350." He winked and walked out, shutting the door before Heath broke down.


Jay closed his front door and leaned back against it, breathing hard, then laughed in disbelief. He'd done it. He'd taken Heath and it was better than he'd ever dreamed. He'd even made him orgasm... Jay ran a hand over his mouth, staring at his other fist that curled around a nice wad of his redhead's cum. A perfect memento of their first time. He had to find something...

Jay went to his kitchen and grabbed one of his vacuum-sealed canning jars. This would have to do until he found a vial worthy to hold a piece of his precious, maybe a little one to wear around his neck. He'd seen people do that with blood, why not cum? He scraped his palm and fingers on the rim of the jar, getting all the sticky substance in before sealing the lid. He licked the remnants from his hand as he took the jar to his bedroom and opened the wardrobe.

Clothes didn't fill the wardrobe; there was room enough for that in the closet. Only one shirt hung in there, a t-shirt Heath used to wear to the gym. Jay'd had to be quick to snag it from the washer after the redhead left the building's laundry room, before the water filled the machine and washed away Heath's sweat. He touched the shirt, then lovingly placed the jar on a shelf next to another little trophy, a thin lock of red hair tied with a purple ribbon.

A few times, Justin and Heath had called Jay over to unclog drains, and Jay would sneak the clumps he'd snaked out back home. He'd made a point not to use chemicals to do it. Petting the shining strands in the wardrobe now, he remembered the hours he'd spent separating them from Justin's and clods of gunk, carefully washing each and laying it with its brothers before burning the rest. As for the ribbon, well, Jay thought Heath would look lovely in purple.

Photos lined the doors of the wardrobe, and dozens of brown eyes gazed at Jay as he opened the doors wider. Some of the photos were blurry, but Jay had recently bought himself a new camera so Heath's features could be more clearly seen in the pictures he sneaked. Going to work, roaming campus, at the beach with Boodah, even a couple from the gym. Random words in black ink were scrawled across some of the pictures, and if Justin had been nearby when the picture was taken, he'd been cut out. Jay loved to stare at that smile, that body, imagine touching it all over. Now he had, and if the landlord had his way, the boy next door would never pay off his debt.

The adrenaline hadn't left Jay's veins and his cock throbbed in his jeans, so he left the doors open, wanting the pictures of Heath to watch as he took the shirt off the hanger. He'd been so careful not to sully it with his own sweat or cum, but it was okay now. Now they were one.