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At two o'clock the next afternoon, when he was supposed to be meeting with his landlord, Heath was in the shower. He'd been lying in bed since he got home from the mechanic's the day before, broke, jobless, and hopeless. He'd been close to not getting up at all, just letting Jay come get him and kick his ass out on the street. What was the use in even trying? No matter what he did, he'd just end up in a homeless shelter or something. The fucking fates were against him. He'd known his boss had it out for him, trying to make him quit by cutting his hours to nearly nothing. Being late was just the excuse needed to fire his ass. He had nothing, no one left, except Boodah, and the dog would probably be better off with a family that could care for him.

But Heath couldn't do it. He'd never been one to stay down easy. After wallowing in self-pity all night and half the day, he'd dug down and found that resolve to pick up again and keep going. He'd find a better job, get better grades, and get himself out of this mess. But first, he had to suck it up and do what he had to do to keep off the streets. That meant getting in the shower, washing off the funk of the previous day, and going next door. He'd do what he had to do, and this time his body wouldn't betray him.

Jay watched Heath through the little window in the bathroom as the damp redhead wrapped a towel around his waist and glared at the mirror, his face set in firm lines. It wasn't nearly as satisfying peeping in on him this way as one might think. Jay had to time it just right even to catch him there, and when he did, he mostly caught glimpses through steam when Heath wasn't hidden behind the shower curtain or a towel. A few months ago Jay hardly bothered, but since Justin left he found it more difficult to keep away.

When Heath left the bathroom, Jay set the cabinet back in its place and hurried through his bedroom. His office had two doors, a front door for tenants and a back door that led to his apartment. He entered the office from his hallway and went to unlock the front door, flipping the sign from "Come Back Later" to "Come On In." He was ready. He turned to the portrait of the fanged blond grinning behind the desk and smiled.

"I'll make you proud of me, Uncle David," he told the portrait. "I'll make him love me. You'll see."


"You're late," Jay said, acting casual and not looking up from his paperwork as Heath peeped into his office.

"Sorry, Mr. Reso," Heath said. Jay put down his pen and motioned him inside.

"Enough with the Mr. Reso stuff," Jay said with a wry grin. "I think we're a little past formalities, don't you?"

"No, Mr. Reso."

Jay's grin fell away, but Heath set his jaw and stood his ground, lips pursed. "Okay..." Jay said. He didn't like this cold version of his fiery redhead. "Well, it's not due until tomorrow, but you said you had rent this month. How much?"

Stone-faced, Heath put the money in his hand on the desk. Two one-hundred dollar bills. Jay looked at the bills, then picked one up in each hand, turning them in his fingertips. "This is it? I thought you said you had almost all of it."

Heath took a deep breath. "My car died yesterday. I had to get it towed and get a new one. So, that's all I got." He got down on his knees and raked back his hair. "Please don't choke me this time."

"Oh, precious..." Jay's heart sank. Had the broken car hurt him this much? That hadn't been Jay's intention, but he couldn't bring himself to regret it. It had gotten Heath here. He rose from his chair and came around to pull Heath to his feet, then guided him to sit on the desk. "I don't want it like that."

Heath glanced over his shoulder at the paperwork behind his butt. "You want it on the desk, then? Fine." He leaned back and started unbuttoning his jeans, until Jay's fingers closed over his.


Heath gave up, staring at the wall over Jay's shoulder, and said in a dull voice, "Then tell me how you want it." He couldn't look at Jay. He could feel the frustration growing in the other man, but he just wanted to get this over with. His eyes passed over the framed photos of Shawn and Hunter, then Lita and Trish, finally resting on the one of himself and Justin. Heath had what Justin always called his Bro Face on, while Justin simply looked beautiful. Smiling, dimples hiding under the dark beard that Heath loved to feel dragging down his body. The couple in the picture looked so happy together, mocking what Heath had now become. The redhead tuned his face away, looking at the floor and blinking back tears. He would not cry in front of this man.

Jay glanced over his shoulder to see what had put the pain in those brown eyes. Justin. Of course. His heart felt even heavier as he took the picture off the wall and sat down next to Heath on the desk. "You still love him." Heath looked at the frame in Jay's hands and opened his mouth, but couldn't choke words out. "Is he waiting for you? Are you going to South Africa to be with him after you finish school?" It wouldn't be the first time someone Jay loved had left him for another man. Nor the second or third, but Heath was the first he'd been so intimate with. He couldn't let him leave. Not Heath.

Heath took the picture and looked down at it. "He didn't even try to get his visa renewed. Couldn't wait to get away... from me..." Teardrops bloomed on the glass before Heath threw the frame to the floor like it was a distasteful bug, then turned away and chewed on his thumbnail.

Jay was careful not to let the relief show on his face as he pulled Heath's hand from his nibbling mouth. "How could anyone want away from you?" He enfolded his precious in his arms, feeling him stiffen but petting his fragrant sunset hair anyway, cradling his head on his shoulder. After a moment Heath was clinging to him, sobbing into his shirt. It had been so long since someone had held him, comforted him. He'd been so fucking alone in his grief.

Jay sat in silence and let Heath cry, and the redhead completely forgot who the arms holding him belonged to. At least, until the torrent slowed and Jay brought his wet face up, stroking thumbs over his cheeks. Jay thought he looked beautiful and vulnerable, eyes red and puffy, lips swollen and trembling as his breath hitched in his chest. Heath pulled away and looked around, finding a box of tissues on the desk and mopping his face. Even the way he blew his nose was cute.

"Sorry, Mr. Reso." He cleared his throat and took a deep breath, and Jay could almost see that cold steel trying to re-form on his face. He had to move now, while Heath was still open and raw.

Without thinking further about what he was doing, Jay grabbed the back of Heath's neck and crushed their mouths together. Heath squeaked, eyes wide, and tried to push Jay away, but the grip on the back of his neck tightened, the other arm going around Heath's back to pull him closer. A frustrated whine of defeat sounded in Heath's throat as he felt himself melt into Jay's embrace. The blond's warm mouth just felt so fucking good as it sucked in his lower lip.

Jay nibbled, tugging the redhead's lips parted so he could slide his mouth against them, deepening the kiss. He lapped at Heath's tongue, groaning when he felt his precious respond with an almost timid lick. Jay slid to his feet, standing in front of Heath without breaking their lip-lock, one thigh between his parted knees. The glass of the frame on the floor crunched beneath the heel of his shoe, and he absently kicked it aside. He felt hands grasping the backs of his shoulders as his own cupped Heath's pretty face. He devoured that soft, moist mouth, tasting cinnamon and the sweetness that was just Heath. Jay needed more. He grabbed an ass cheek and pulled forward, rubbing his thigh against Heath's groin while his lips traveled to suck and kiss his neck.

"No... stop," Heath gasped as his cock ground against Jay's leg. "Stop!" He shoved his landlord away, knocking him back a couple steps, where he blinked at Heath in surprise. They both panted through kiss-reddened lips, jeans straining, and Jay couldn't understand why they weren't in the throes of passion right now.

"What, precious?"

Heath cringed, pushing trembling fingers through his hair. He hated when Jay called him precious. It made him feel like anything but. "I don't want this."

Jay lifted his brows. "Now, why would you say that when I can see it's not true?" He gave a pointed look to Heath's crotch, and thought how lovely Heath was when he flushed like that.

"I can't help... We both know why I'm here. I owe you money and you're gonna take it outta my ass, so let's just get it over with. Don't humiliate me more by making me enjoy it." He stood and turned his back to Jay, going for his jeans again.

"I don't understand," Jay said. "How is enjoying our arrangement humiliating? I'm not humiliated, I'm just as hard."

Heath stopped and turned, fly now unzipped to reveal tight blue briefs, and stared at Jay. Was he fucking serious? One look at his face told Heath that Jay was honestly perplexed. He had no idea how to answer the blond, so he stood there with his mouth opening and closing.

"Come with me," Jay said, taking Heath's hand. The office had been a mistake. They needed somewhere more personal, where Jay could talk to him, where it wasn't business. He dragged the redhead through the door to his apartment and into his bedroom. Heath hung back, looking around with darting eyes as Jay opened his nightstand drawer and tossed a bottle of lube onto the plain flannel bedding. His sheets were light creamy beige, and a brown mink blanket lay draped over the foot. Above the dark wooden headboard hung a huge print, a portrait of two male angels, naked but strategically covered with a flowing red cloth. One stood sneering down at the bed while the other sat glaring at the ceiling. Both had ragged wings smeared with blood and dirt, and snakes coiled around their legs. It was beautiful, dark and creepy. Heath supposed that suited Jay.

"Take off your clothes, Heath," Jay said, unbuttoning his own shirt. He was going to tell Heath what David had told him long ago. Jay never needed the advice, would meet it with a quiet "I know," but it seemed to soothe David to say it. He must have known Jay would someday need his words. He was so wise. And now Jay finally had the opportunity to use the skills he'd been taught, not on the occasional boy at the local club, but on someone he loved. He'd make sure this one didn't leave, like the others...

When Heath got down to his little blue briefs, he hesitated. He'd probably dropped his panties for a dozen men, but he still had that glimmer of shyness. Bless his heart. Jay wouldn't push it. "Lie back on the bed," he said, discarding his own underwear.

Heath obeyed, and as he laid his head on the pillow, hair fanning across it, he choked out, "Just do it. Please."

Jay crawled up to lay beside him and took his wrist, nibbling the pulse point. That beautiful chest hitched and full, moist lips smiled against freckled skin. He'd found a spot already. "It's okay, Heath," he murmured, punctuating his words with soft nips and kisses up his arm. "It's not wrong or dirty to let someone make you feel good. I don't want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable. Just give you pleasure." He paid special attention to the inside of the elbow, the dip above the bicep, all the little tender places so rarely kissed and caressed, making the body beside him squirm. "No one will think bad of you. No one even has to know. Just relax. Let me pleasure you."

He scooted closer on his side, winding his leg around Heath's and leaning over to kiss and nibble at his neck, their chests touching with each increasingly heavy breath. His hand roamed over a tattooed shoulder, palm sliding over his chest and down the pale skin of his side. Heath stayed as still as he could, feeling helpless except to let Jay explore him. He wanted to scream and push him away, tell him he was a rapist fuck, but he knew he needed to stay and let his landlord have his way. Why was he being so tender now? It was only confusing Heath. His wandering brown eyes met those of a gargoyle looming above the wardrobe, leering down at their forms as Jay tangled himself around him, and he shivered.

"Doesn't it feel good to have a warm body pressed against yours?" Jay breathed against his collarbone. "Skin touching skin.." His mouth roamed lower, closing over a thick nipple and feeling it stiffen further against his tongue. Jay worked his way to the other, his body covering more of the redhead's until he settled between his smoothly muscled thighs. He tongue-bathed the nipple's pink flesh, making it harden between gentle teeth. Jay marveled at how hard Heath's muscles felt, masqueraded as they were by such gentle curves and soft skin. And all covered in that dusting of freckles. He was unique, a treasure, and soon he'd be Jay's completely.

Heath lay passive under his landlord, not resisting, but not responding. Well, some of him was responding. He couldn't stop it; Jay was right, it did feel good to be touched. He'd craved someone touching him like this, paying attention to him. Jay crawled up his body, pressing his hips against the redhead's. Ginger eyelashes fluttered against flushed cheeks as their erections nestled against each other through the thin cotton of Heath's underwear, throbbing together in time with their pounding hearts. Heath's expression took Jay's breath away, and he dropped soft, sweet kisses over his face.

"So beautiful, Heath. Could worship every inch of you, all day. Taste you, feel you..." He brushed soft lips down his throat then raised up to purr in his ear, rocking his hips. "Fuck you." Heath's lips parted in a gasp and Jay invaded, exploring that mouth with his own, feeling lithe hips arch against him and legs spread a little more. Jay moaned into Heath's mouth as the young man gave in, hands gripping at Jay's back as their bodies writhed together, stiff flesh of their cocks grinding against cloth and creating friction that sent shocks of pleasure through them both. Jay pet red hair as they kissed, mussing and tangling it and palming his head with a large hand. Their hips gyrated and thrust, and Jay's fingers closed in his prey's hair, tugging his head to the side to expose his neck for nibbling, wet kisses, leaving the redhead to pant and whimper.

Jay slid down that curvy body, feeling his chest hair rasp against soft pale skin. He slipped the briefs down long legs, then spread him open further and moved to kiss and suck at inner thighs, probably leaving a hickey or two. From the way Heath was clutching at the sheets, he doubted the kid would care. Good. He wanted to mark him. Heath hadn't shaved again, which Jay took as a defiance since Heath was the type to go clean if he knew he was getting laid, but it didn't matter. Fuzzy or smooth, he'd still be perfect, Jay thought as he buried his nose in the tuft of ginger curls. It was lighter and softer than hair there should be, and smelled so good. He tickled Heath's balls with his tongue and was rewarded with a whimpering groan.

Heath's body was thrumming, drowning out his rational mind that told him he didn't want this. In a desperate last act, that part of his mind took over his mouth and whispered, "Please..." But then he wasn't sure if he was pleading for Jay to stop or go on.

"Please what, precious?" Jay asked, taking Heath's cock in hand and bringing the tip to his mouth. "Please this?" His tongue darted out to caress the head, and Heath moaned in anticipation. Jay closed his lips around the head and sucked gently, fist squeezing the shaft and tongue probing the slit for a taste of the precum Heath could feel being forced from him.

"Yes... more..." the redhead breathed, lifting his hips. Jay obliged, sliding his lips down and taking that swollen cock all the way in. Heath watched the blond head bob up and down on his dick. He had to admit his landlord was good-looking, and he looked really good with those full pink lips molded around him. Heath wanted to lose his mind at that wet heat engulfing him, tongue licking, massaging before Jay hollowed his scruffy cheeks and sucked. A loud curse left Heath's lips as his fingers grabbed at short blond hair. It felt like Jay was trying to suck his soul out through his cock.

He had no idea when Jay opened the lube, but then wet fingers were probing between his cheeks, massaging his pucker. Heath felt himself relax and open for those fingers so easily, letting thick digits press into his willing hole as that mouth devoured his cock. Such a slut, he thought as his hips rocked, pushing deeper into that mouth, further onto digging fingers. He was making him feel beautiful and desired, and Heath was a whore for that feeling. Dirty whore, whore for that mouth, felt so good, so hot and wet around his dick, he was so close...

The sensations disappeared and Jay crawled up his shuddering body. Heath whined at the loss, then felt lube being poured into his palm. He opened his eyes to see Jay poised above him, guiding his hand to wrap around Jay's thick shaft. "Rub me, Heath. Feel how hard you make me?" he rumbled close to Heath's ear, sticky hot breath on the side of his face. "Feel how much I want you? Drive me so crazy... C'mon, rub it, make that cock happy... you wanna make it happy, don't you..."

Heath nodded and rubbed, anything that would work toward relieving his own throbbing ache. He squeezed near the head, thumbing the slit to smear precum and Jay groaned above him. Jay knocked his hand away and shifted to line up with Heath's slick stretched hole. He pressed the head inside and stopped, watching that toned body flex and arch beneath him, feeling his inner walls grasp his flesh, trying to pull him in.

"This what you want?" Jay asked, and Heath nodded again, panting. The blond pressed a little deeper, teasing and ghosting fingers over his prey's straining, leaking cock. "Tell me what you want, Heath. Tell me you want me."

Heath swallowed, beyond any thought, reduced to a being of pure want. He met Jay's eyes, saw the same hungering need in those blue depths. Need for him. Just for him. "Want you. Please, please fuck me... god, please..."

Jay held his eyes and thrust inside, burying himself deep inside his love. "Ohhh, fuck..." he breathed, dropping his forehead to Heath's neck. "So sweet, so perfect wrapped around my dick..." He slid out slowly, making Heath feel the drag of every inch before slamming back inside again, Heath's sharp cry making him tremble before he started a slow, hard pace. Every thrust drew a wanton moan from the redhead, and Jay growled against his neck, needing to hear more.

"Love my dick inside you, don't you?" Jay rasped, repeating the words he'd been taught so long ago. "Love me filling you, completing you... making you feel so good..." He raised up a little and coiled his fingers around Heath's neglected shaft, pumping him roughly in time to his movements inside him.

"Oh yes, need it... more... ah, Jay, so close... almost..."

He heard his name from those plump flushed lips, felt muscles tense under him, and Jay lost it. "Ohh god..." He pounded into that smothering heat, cursing as Heath tossed his head back and shouted through bared teeth. He felt the cock in his hand pulse, the hot release coating his fingers, and Jay collapsed onto Heath's body, twitching as his own orgasm took him. He held his precious close, grinding his hips as Heath's contracting hole milked the last spurts from him. His back stung, and he realized Heath had dragged nails down his shoulders. Jay wondered if the other man would keep the skin from under his nails as a memento.

After they'd caught their breath, Jay raised his head and pet the burnished ginger tangle of hair. "That was wonderful. You were perfect, and so beautiful. Thank you." He punctuated his words with soft, moist kisses. He tried to deepen the kisses, then pulled back when Heath didn't respond.

"I... I gotta go..." Heath stammered, and wiggled away from Jay to grab his clothes with trembling hands.

"Wait, Heath... you could stay. At least have a shower," Jay said, sitting up. Where was he going? He'd tried so hard to make him at ease, and now he was going to leave?

"I can't," Heath said, pulling on his jeans without even bothering to wipe down his sticky body. "How much do I owe you now? Surely that was worth more than fifty," he mumbled, and was that a note of bitterness in his tone?

Jay sighed. It was still about money to him. He still had work to do. No matter, a few more romps like this and Heath would realize how much Jay really cared. No matter where he turned, Jay would be there to take care of him. Until then, he had to keep him in his grasp. "Just the back rent," the landlord replied, then laid back and groaned after Heath nodded and walked out the door. He couldn't wait a whole month until their next encounter. He had to find a way to make love to him again soon, and make sure he couldn't afford to leave.