Toph POV:

We were all gathering round in a circle. Sokka was finishing off the rest of what was in the bottle so we could start our game. Spin the bottle.

"What you guys doing?" Zuko asked. I knew I forgot someone.

"Playing 'spin the bottle' but the rules are sort of different. You see we aren't just spinning it and the people on either end of the bottle kiss, oh no, we are playing it as we go in a clockwise direction and the person on the open end of the bottle and the person who spun it have to do what ever it is that the group decides they do. It should be worse for the person who spun it," I replied.

"I see? So then where is the bottle?" Zuko said slyly. Sokka burped really loudly.

"Right here," Sokka answered and placed the bottle in the middle if the circle.

"Well? You gonna play?" I asked hoping he would sit.

"I guess."

It was my turn to spin again. I spun it then when I felt it stop I asked, "who did it stop on?"

"Zuko," Katara answered calmly.

"Toph, get out of here. We want your one to be a surprise," Aang commented. With that, I got up and went into hall way and all the way to the end of it.

"Ok you can come back now," Suki yelled poking her head out the door. I walked back into the room and sat in my spot. The second I did Aang and Sokka put shoes and socks on my feet.

"Umm... what was that for?" I questioned but before I got an answer freezing cold water was poured on me, making my shirt go clear, and Zuko kissed me on the lips. When he pulled away I just stood up and ran to my room.

I fell onto my bed and began to cry. I was mad and sad. I sat up and yanked the shoes and socks off my feet and through them at the door. When I was throwing the second shoe, the door opened and Zuko was hit with the shoe square in the chest.

"OW! THAT HURT!" he yelled. I just starred at the floor.

"What do you want?" I asked, completely and utterly irritated.

"To say sorry and to comfort you and to make sure your ok." Zuko listed.

"Oh." Zuko came and sat next to me on my bed. He pulled me into a sort of hug. I just kept starring at the floor. Zuko made me look as though I was looking at him but it didn't matter my brain was focused on one spot on the floor. Then out of the blue Zuko leaned in and kissed me. I didn't pull away. I just let it happen. After a few moments Zuko pulled away. I was slightly in shock.

"What was that for?" I asked out of shock.

"You." Zuko's answer was short and sweet but didn't really answer my question. I decided not to dwell on it. Instead I just hugged him. I had always secretly loved him but I never expected him to love me back. After a moment or two, Zuko pushed my arms off him.

"I have to go elsewhere," he said and left my room before I could say anything.

I heard a loud bang and shot into an upright position. I was in my bed. It must have all just been a dream. That sucks.

"So it looks like you've finally awakened from your being unconscious...ness." Katara said.

"Wait I was unconscious?"

"Yeah, I went to go find you after I saw Zuko run into his room. I went into your room were I found you but right when I started walking towards you, you fainted. It was terrifying to watch." So it wasn't a dream. It really happened.