Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I'm sorry I waited so long to get back to this story. I refuse to continue it until I fix every chapter because the issues with each chapter make me cringe and want to throw the whole story out. I want to thank each and every one of you for reading the story despite all the needed corrections. I will be taking care of them and also working on the next chapter. Hopefully by the time I reach the last chapter posted, I will be ready to post the newest one. There may be changes to parts of the story as I revise it so I apologize if things seem a bit different.

'I guess a slave would be nice. I would be unstoppable! Having him on my side would be beneficial,' The dark haired informant let out an evil chuckle.

Izaya was leaning on the wall just outside Shinra's door, his foot tapping with impatience. 'Oh, how I love tormenting Shizu-chan. ' He crossed his arms while his face twisted into a creepy smile.

Shinra pushed the door open to see Izaya deep in thought as always.

"Izaya-kun, if you want this to work according to your plan then I do need some of your blood."

The informant turned his head as if he was annoyed at Shinra's request. He nodded, but complained. "I didn't pay you to poke and prod at me, ya know."

Izaya walked through the door followed by Shinra who stepped in front of him and led him to the couch. The illegal doctor brought his supplies to the couch and began to disinfect the informant's inner arm. He stuck the needle in but the informant didn't even wince. Izaya was in deep thought, looking down at the amount of blood that was being taken.

"This will give me full control, right?'"

Shinra pulled the needle out and started to wrap a bandage over Izaya's arm. He sighed as he answered, "Well, I can't really say. This is as much of an experiment for me as it is for you, Izaya-kun. It should." He paused." But there's no way for any of us to know how it will effect Shizuo-kun. We all know he's a bit different." Shinra looked over to him with a stern gaze, clipping the bandage. "But there is one thing that is for sure." He slid away taking the blood with him. "He will be linked to you until his body rejects the serum. Honestly, that shouldn't be for more than 2 weeks. Whatever you're planning to use him for..." He approached a table with tons of beakers and vials like a creature of the night concocting a potion, which was exactly what he was doing." You need to do it quickly. But Izaya-kun, make sure I get my payment first."

Izaya waved his hand at the illegal doctor and smiled, walking toward him. "You'll get your blood, vampire." Shinra took a drop of the informant's blood and moved it onto a slide under a microscope, while making small "..hmmm's", "ah's" and "uh..huh's". He watched Shinra for sometime, realizing he really didn't know anything about what exactly he was doing. He walked over and sat back down on the corner of the couch; his head resting on his hand, gears turning in his mind.

Shinra spun around in his chair to find Izaya with that creepy smile of his scheming something for sure, but he was sure he didn't want to know what.

"Well, Izaya-kun, you don't have to wait around. It's going to take quite some time for me to complete this." Turning back to his work, he continued in a hush voice: "Especially behind Celty's back."

Izaya nodded and headed toward the door. " Okay, Shinra. You know my number~!" And with that, the dark haired informant left.

-4 or 5 days later-

Izaya had a discussion in his office with someone who offered information for which he had to pay. He found the information to be... uninteresting to say the least. Waving his hand over to Namie, he spoke, interrupting his guest, "Hey Namie-san, can you get me some tea, please?" Shooting her boss a glare, she nodded and did as she was told.

The informant and his client were sitting around a coffee table on opposite sides. Letting the man speak, he observed his actions. The guest was sweating, stuttering over his words as he counted the money Izaya had given him when he came in. Shaking, the man stood up, speaking again. "Well, that's it. That's everything, thanks for your business." He spoke confidently this time as he slid the money back into the envelope. Izaya's eyes narrowed as he sipped his tea. The man started toward the door, but stopped when he heard something wiz by him. He looked down at his hands only to find that they were empty. He started to panic, looking around the room desperately for the envelope.

Izaya sipped his tea calmly and set it down on the table with a small clink. He leaned backward on the couch, aligning his arm along the back of it and relaxed. He spoke and it caught the client's attention immediately.

"I'm sure the word on the street is that I'm hungry for any information and I'll pay almost anything for it. I'm sure that you have spent time trying to find this information to make some money off of me. I'm sure that every one knows my hate for Shizu-chan and my lust for information about him but I feel that you wasted your time and mine..." He sighed and continued with a bored tone "... because you're information wasn't very interesting at all."

The man started to sweat and shake again. Izaya walked toward him, waving his hands as he spoke again. "I hope you know, I hate false information." He glared at his guest. "Though I do love humans, they're body language is so obvious. You're lying." He walked past him and pulled his knife and the envelope from the wall. "You're free to leave." He said as he gestured towards the door.

The man panicked, he breathed hard and lost control. He swung at the informant only to stumble on the floor. 'Huh? Where did he go?' the man thought, catching sight of a drop of blood on the floor that had run down from his cheek. The guest looked up to find the informant crouching like an animal on the arm of the couch.

"Tsk tsk tsk, now you've dirtied my floor." The informant sighed pointing at the blood spot on the carpet with his knife. "Namie-san, be sure to clean that up as soon as the client leaves."He said, earning a look of disinterest from his employee.

The man grabbed his cheek and ran out of the room screaming something about how he would get him back for taking back his deal. Just as Izaya was about to go back to his work there was a small vibration comping from his pocket.



Izaya reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone to find Shinra's name on the caller ID. He flipped the phone open and fell back from the arm of the couch to a relaxed position, laying his legs over the couch arm.

"Ahh, Shinra-kun, good news I assume." He started to play with a strand of his hair while listening for an answer.

"It's ready, I have it in a syringe. You'll need to find a way to inject it into his leg. You'll need to be careful Izaya..." Shinra's voice trailed off as he spoke. Izaya, too excited to hear the rest, jumped up, grabbed his coat and ran out the door still on the phone with the illegal doctor.

"Alright! On my way."

The informant shut his phone and ran all the way to Shinra's house. When he arrived he just ran through the door without knocking.

"O-oi, OI!" Shinra was yelling at him waving his hands. Izaya looked at him with eager eyes.

"KNOCK FIRST! CELTY, Don't come out yet we have a guest"

The informant looked at him puzzled but as he noticed what was going on, his eyes widened and he raised an eyebrow. Celty was coming down the hall with a shadow of lingerie on. As soon as she noticed Izaya she quickly ran back to her room. Izaya knew if she could scream, she would have.

"Well well, Shinra, I didn't mean to interrupt anything but I did mention I was on my way."

"Izaya-kun, you were in that much of a rush? I really didn't think you would just run in here..." He lowered his tone with a stern expression. "Did you forget Celty doesn't know?"

He waved a hand at Shinra, "You're right, I apologize, but I am extremely excited to get this show on the road." He sat down on the couch, looking back down the hall to where Celty had run. "Well, due to embarrassment, I doubt she'll come back for a while."

Shinra nodded his head. "True." Shinra moved over to a desk and opened a drawer to pull out a vile and syringe. He sank the needle into the tip of the vile, drawing the purple liquid into the syringe. Then he put the syringe into a case and gave it to Izaya. "Remember my payment."

Izaya stared at the case, a mixture of excitement and awe showing on his face. "Well I already paid you but I understand your terms. This will be our first stop." He gave Shinra a playful wink and turned to walk out the door. Before he could reach the door, a black shadow crawled down the hall and curled around his neck tightening.


Shinra stood there slipping his hands into the pockets of his lab coat and smiling lightly. "Eh, Celty, he didn't mean it." The shadow let go and retracted, but not before giving Shinra a quick jab to the midsection. Izaya caught his breath and gave an apologetic look to Shinra.

"Sorry,...but time." Shinra muttered as he held his stomach bent over. Izaya nodded and walked out the door.

He was so excited that he stuck the container in the sleeve of his jacket, knowing that he always runs into Shizuo at random times. Preparation is the key, he thought, also remembering that he was told to inject it into his leg. The informant, feeling on top of the world, skipped down the street.

"Shizzzzzzzu-chaaaaaaan, Where arrrreeee youuuuu~~?" He sang as he bounced along.

"Come on out and playyyy~!"

He continued for a while but had no luck at finding the former bartender. Still searching, a very distinct smell reached his nose as he smiled, rubbing his belly.

"OOtttooorroooo...yumm...~!" Just as he was going to turn in to the restaurant known Russian Sushi, he heard a familiar voice.

"Oi, Izaya-kun, Sushi good! Give you energy! Skipping is tiresome! Come build energy here, in Russia Sushi! It will not kill you!"

Izaya, still walking towards the doors, waved at Simon happily and smiled. "Ah, Simon, I think I will stop in."

"Good, Good, Izaya-kun, otoro waiting on you, now!"

Izaya turned and walked into the shop. The man behind the counter nodded at the informant as he slid a tray over toward him. "Thanks!" he smiled sweetly as he pulled some money out of his wallet, overpaying the man. The man nodded and put the extra money in his pocket. Izaya never had to wait in this shop, one of the reasons he loved it, aside from his love for tuna belly, of course.

The informant sat down with the tray and began to take a bite as he heard another familiar voice.

"Oi, Shi-zu-o! Come eat sushi! You must be hungry! All that anger builds an appetite! It will not kill you!"

"Eh, no, Simon, I'm not hungry. Something reeks."

"It is NOT the sushi! Come eat sushi!"

Simon quickly remembered just who he also lured into the shop, and changed his mind.

"Yeah, Shi-zu-o, you don't look hungry."

Shizuo stopped and turned to look inside the shop suspiciously, but Simon kept stepping on either side of him. This was much too strange, since when did Simon agree with someone when they decided not to stop in. Much to Shizuo's surprise, a piece of otoro came flying out of the store just as he poked his head over Simon's shoulder. This particular piece of tuna did, in fact, hit him right on the forehead.

Shizuo stood there blinking and staring at the food which lay now on the ground. Still staring at the piece of otoro, the blonde thought for a moment. Simon was sweating, he was sure Shizuo was going to become angry, or at least figure out that his arch nemesis was inside. He watched

Shizuo, carefully awaiting his reaction.

"Hmmf." The former bartender shrugged reaching his hands into his pockets. He was just about to walk away when the sight of a certain fur coat caught his attention. His face twisted to anger as realization hit him. He took a cigarette from his shirt pocket and lit it as calmly as an angry Shizuo could.

Izaya was already coming out of the store, hands in his jacket pockets, his face the ultimate expression of determination and excitement.

"Hey Shizu-chan, fancy meeting you here." The informant said, waiting to see Shizuo's reaction.

"I...zaaaaaa...yaaaaaa." Gritting his teeth, Shizuo was trying best not to blow up in front of Simon. They both did not want to hear the lecture they would get for scaring away the "potential" customers.

"Ne, Shizu-chan, want to get along and walk over to the other side of town?" The informant asked, giving Shizuo a sarcastic wink behind Simon.

"IZAYYYYYAAAAA!" That was it. Shizuo lost his temper as he so often does.

Izaya took off running down the road praying Shizuo would follow him. Surprisingly he didn't hear anything behind him so he turned to check. Shizuo was just now coming around a corner with a sign in hand. Izaya was thinking this was definitely too easy at this point. He threw several knives at a telephone pole causing it to fall right on the ex-bartender. Izaya smiled and began to confidently walk toward the pile of Shizuo under a large telephone pole. His face was a twisted smile as he pulled the syringe out of his pocket. He pushed the needle into his leg through the pants but before he could inject it, a kick to the jaw sent him flying.

Izaya, for once, began to panic. What was he going to do if Shizuo destroyed that syringe? He started to get up, now crouching on the ground. His eyes widened as he noticed it was no longer in his leg but on the ground, also noticing the enraged blonde that was heading his way. Izaya began to run toward it, paying no mind to the angry blonde. He was running as fast as he could, all Shizuo would have to do is step on it and that would be it. All the hard work, money and time wasted.

Shizuo thought it was strange that the flea was running straight for him. He was getting closer. Just when Shizuo was about to grab the informant, He slid down and dodged his arms. Izaya slid along the ground and behind him. Where was he going?

Izaya was so relieved to have made it back to the syringe but before he could pick it up he was shoved forward to the ground. A hand was tightly grasping his neck, another holding both of his arms behind his back. 'Oh shit. I'm caught. This is bad.' The hands tight grip loosened, but only to get a better one. His neck was raised to a sitting position. Kneeling before Shizuo was a very worried informant. Shizuo tightened his grip again and pushed him forward, colliding his face with the dirt and wreckage. Izaya coughed trying to think of anything, a plan to escape this mess. He was lifted and then slammed down again, listening to the grunts and groans of the monster that was attacking him.

"Hah, look who's trapped now, flea! How are you gonna get out of this one?" He was laughing hysterically only to mock the informant.

His face collided with dirt again and then he felt it. Something was strange, this pain is different. It almost as if something was stabbing him. The pain was getting much worse, every time he breathed in, it was burning more and more. Izaya was in shock from the pain. He was wincing, and breathing quick shallow breathes to keep from giving Shizuo the satisfaction of hearing him scream.

The black haired man was panting, spitting dirt and blood out of his mouth as he spoke. "Hah...Hey..Shizuo, hah...hah... is that...hah.. all you got?"

A grin crossed the blondes lips and the hand that was tight on the back of Izaya's neck was loose now, and petting the dark hair on the back of his head. He spoke in a low tone, almost a whisper as if he had forgotten to be angry. "No, no, Izaya-kun. As smart as you are, you're still underestimating me." The blonde grabbed a handful of the informant's hair and yanked it up pulling all the way back causing him to arch into a strange shape. A mixture of blood and saliva was now sliding down Izaya's mouth, and the hand slammed him back forward face first to the ground. Izaya felt it again, that pain, but now it was much more intense in his left leg. He felt like his whole leg was on fire and he let out a scream that could be compared to Shizuo's.

'What was that? What is it? Stop!' He thought.

Shizuo could sense that Izaya was in much pain but it wasn't like this was anything that he couldn't handle. He was staring down at the the informant who was sweating and breathing hard. He was in pain from screaming. He was squirming trying to get away from Shizuo's grasp frantically as if he had ants in his pants. Shizuo grabbed his hair once more and dragged him along behind him not looking back. He heard a small crack and then the man's body went limp. '...What?'

Shizuo turned his head to find the informant completely unconscious, his head flopping from side to side as he was dragged along. Shizuo raised his eyebrow, chuckling slightly. "That's it?" He paused."..Tch.."


Shinra's eyes widened in surprise as he walked towards the door. "Ahh, a visitor!" He twisted the door knob and opened the door. He couldn't believe his eyes, there is no way this could be real. 'I must have dozed off on the couch waiting for Celty.' he thought and shut the door.


' WHATTT! hmm.. Why would I be dreaming about Shizuo-kun carrying a beaten up and unconscious Izaya.' He closed his eyes thinking of a reason before he opened the door. Once the door creaked open the two men were still there. Shizuo was carrying Izaya bridal style and this time the blonde kicked Shinra in the shin.

"Owww.. OWW...owww..." He hopped around grabbing one shin. "I didn't think you could get hurt in dreams. Isn't that what the 'pinch me' thing is for?" he asked staring at Shizuo. The blonde stared at him for a moment, a vein sticking out of his for head. He spoke through gritted teeth: "That's because you're not dreaming, you fucking idiot." He walked in past Shinra and dropped the informant on the couch. He started to walk toward the door when Shinra stopped him.

"oi...OI! What happened?"He paused and looked down at the unconscious black haired male. "Well , I assume you guys fought but why is he unconscious? That's not like him." Shizuo's vein popped out once again.

"The flea got caught." The blonde let out an evil chuckle at his own joke and then continued in a serious tone. "Look, seriously, I don't know what happened. I was just playing with him and then all the sudden I heard a crack and then he was..." He paused nodding his head at Izaya. " that. I think I killed him. I'm not sure... anyway, he's yours now. See ya."

"Wha...?" Shinra asked but before he could finish the door was closed and Shizuo was gone.