Chapter1: Wedding Invitation

Ruthie was upstairs in her room on the computer when her dad came in her room.

" Ruthie, you have mail." he threw it on her bed and slowly walked out of her room without looking at her.

Ruthie felt really bad after what she put her father through. She was such a bitch to him ans she wish there was something she could do to take back ever nasty word she had said to him.

Ruthie finished checking her facebook messages and went to get ready for girls night out.

Girls night out consisted of her two new best friends; Ashley and Tony. Ashley was a girl she met on the bus on day when she was in one of her mopy moods. Ashley was also a preachers kids from the next city over they had a long talk and from then on they were inseparable. Tony was Ashley gay cousin, the three together brought laughter and joy into Ruthie life especially after the while Martin thing and then the T-bone thing...

Flash Back:

It was Saturday, T-bone and Ruthie had plans to go on a date to the movies then out to eat. Ruthie paced back in forth in her kitchen because T-bone was an hour late like usual.

Ruthie took her pink, glittery phone out of her pocket and she saw that it was one voice mail.

Ruthie listen to T-bone voice telling her that he had to work over time and that he would not be able to make it. Frustrated, she slammed the phone down hard against the kitchen table and put her hands through her hair.

Ruthie didn't know why she was putting up with T-bone mess for the last couple of weeks. T-bone always had to work and never had time for her and when he did he only would stay to get what he wanted and leave.

Ruthie never thought T-bone would take her virginity but when she finally came to a realization that Martin wouldn't she let T-bone have it.

Finally, Ruthie decided to just go to the movies by her self since she had no friends and she didn't want to go with Jane or Meredith.

Grabbing, some money from the top drawer in the kitchen she stuffed fifty dollars in her wallet and proceeded to exit the door.

The bus ride was thirty minutes but seemed like forever. She exited the bus as the hundred and ten degrees weather hit her bare legs. Ruthie wore a red spaghetti strapped shirt, black booty shorts, and wedges that matched her jewelry. Her hair was cute into a BoB and dyed jet black. Ruthie knew she was cute but she only got cute because today was their six month anniversary.

Ruthie approached the ticket line but stopped dead in her tracks. The site she saw made her legs go weak and he body feel like she was dehydrated.

T-bone and Jane was against the theater wall kissing like Glen Oak wasn't a small town.

Ruthie constipated if she should walk up to them, go home, or proceed to watching the movies.

Ruthie being Ruthie see didn't wait for the bus and walked home.

Later, that day T-bone dumped her for Jane and found out he to would also be put on being a father list.

All the pain Ruthie felt for Martin came rushing back she couldn't care less about T-bone trifling ass.

End of Flash Back

Ruthie shook her head thinking about the day she went into deep depression. All she did was go to school, home, and into her bed. She became really mean to every body. But that bus ride to know where saved her life.

As she thought about Ashley and Tony, she smiled and looked at the mail she had on her bed.

Instead, of going through it now she placed it back on the bed and proceeded down the stairs.

Her hair was long and back to her regular color. Three weeks ago she finally started to come out side and go back to church but her father was still mad at her.

" Mom, where's dad?" She asked her mom who was mobbing the kitchen.

" He should be in his study." Ruthie kissed her mother on the check and proceeded to her dad study.

" Dad are you in here?" she knocked three times and entered to see her dad glued to the Bible " can we talk?"

" I'm busy right now Ruthie." was all he said without taking his face off of the book.

" I just came to say I'm sorry for all the mean things I said to in the past and not waiting to marriage to you know what. I know I've disappointed you as a father and I just don't want you to hate me anymore. I just want my dad back." A lonely tear feel down Ruthie warm cheeks. Mr. Camden finally looked up and stared at his daughter in her bright big eyes. He patted his lap as Ruthie sat down and wrapped her arm around his neck letting her head rest on his chest.

" I don't hate you ..I just ...I don't know, I don't want you to grown up too fast and I lose you to life you know." Mr. Camden kissed Ruthie on the top of her head as she kissed him on his cheek and excited his study.

" By the way, are you accepting the invitation?"

Ruthie turned around, with a confused look on her face.

" Come on, I know you hate Rose but I think Simon and her getting married his a great thing."

" What! There getting married?"

" You didn't open your mail?"

" No.."

Mr. Camden gave Ruthie an oops look as Ruthie ran back up to her room and found the mail that was from Simon.

Dear, Little Sister

I know we haven't talked for months now and I'm sorry for that. But Rose and I are getting married in two months and Rose really want you to be one of her bridesmaids. So, please say yes and do this for me. I'm really happy with my life your now and I just want your support.

Sincerely, your big headed brother Simon

Ruthie tore the paper up and dropped back on her bed she couldn't believe this. She hated Rose with a passion more then she hated Sandy. Ruthie didn't know what to do she was stuck.