Chapter 3: Everything Done in the Dark comes to Light

Ruthie POV

I rushed down stairs and stopped when I saw my dad talking to someone.
My dad had his brief case in his hands and his coat on. I'm guessing he's leaving to go do some work at the church.
" Yes... dad." I asked coming into the liver room.
" Looks who's here," my dad said walking to the door " I'll let you two catch up."
My dad left and my heart fell as I looked into Martin eyes. I didn't know what to say . All I know is that I was shaking and felt light headed.
I sat down on the coach as Martin sat down in the coach across from me, both not saying a word.
"What are you doing here?" I finally broke the silence
" I came to see you...see how your doing."
My hands wouldn't stop shaking and I can tell Martin caught on because he kept looking at them.
"Are you cold?" he asked looking straight into my eyes
"No..Martin I'm not ready to see you," I managed to get out, as I got up and was about to go back to my room but he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug.
My knees got weak and he caught me before I hit the floor. I cried into his chest as he held me on the floor.
His hand massage through my hair as the other one held me right against his chest.
" I'm not ready to talk," I sobbed" Can you leave? and I'll call you when I'm ready."
Without objecting he let me go as we both got up and kissed me on my forehead before leaving.
Everything horrible that happened to me came back to me at once.
I went upstairs and locked my bedroom door . I was home alone and so many things were going through my mind.
I didn't want to live anymore I wanted to die. I couldn't deal with the pain. Never have I ever thought in a million years that I would want to take me own life but I did and I was.

Mr. Camden POV

I sat in my desk wondering how Ruthie and Martin was doing. I prayed many times that Martin would come back and have a talk with her and make all her pain go away.

Ruthie have been through a lot in the past months and I didn't know how to deal with it.

At one point she became disrespectful: sneaking out of the house, smoking marijuana, drinking, but the one thing that hurt me the most was that she gave up on GOD. She stopped going to church and started staying at home in the bed.

After Martin left I thought she finally got over him because she had T-bone but I k

new that would soon come to an end. I knew this because I saw the way Jane looked at T-bone then T-bone started to look at Jane the same way.

Ruthie was doing okay until the day Ruthie came back from the movies with T-bone but I soon found out from that was the day she found T-bone and Jane together.

She didn't get home til two in the morning and I know this because I waited up for her.

When she came in the door she was trembling and I could tell she's been crying.

First, I thought I should scream at her for being home so late and worrying her mother and I but then all I found myself doing was holding her.

I didn't think T-bone cheating would hit her so hard but she went into a deep depression. I've had thoughts of something terrible happening to her that night but never got the courage to ask her exactly what happened that day.

I then found myself not speaking to her because I was ashamed of myself, I felt I let her down as a father.

" Dad."

The door creeping open and there stood my son I haven't seen in months.

" Simon," I said standing up bringing him into a hug " What are you doing here?"

Simon sat down in the seat in front of my desk, crossed his legs, and waited til I took a seat.

" Well, I'm in town to tell you that Rose and I have decided to move back into Glenn Oak and I want you to give us away at my wedding. It's two months away and Rose wanted to get started early," he looked me in my eyes and I can tell he was looking to see what I was thinking, " Also, I wanted to talk to Ruthie. I need her to be apart of the wedding it would mean a lot to Rose and I."

I closed my Bible that was sitting on my desk and leaned back in my chair, "Simon, this whole Ruthie and you situation I have never seen it from her side, I always took your side in everything but I'm telling you now that going home and telling Ruthie that you want her to be in your wedding right now is a bad idea. She's been through a lot more than you can imagine. I pretty sure she loves you and wants you to be happy but instead of you marching in the house and talking about a wedding you need to get your relationship with Ruthie back. You haven't been the best brother lately to Ruthie nor Sam and David."

I looked Simon in his eyes and can tell he was shocked by what I just said.

" I'm not understanding what you are saying dad and I have been trying my best to be a good brother."

" Simon, you haven't talked to Ruthie nor your brothers in months. I've over heard Sam talking to David a few days ago, saying that he didn't want to go neither and that he hated you...Is that really what you want? Your brothers and sister to hate you? Simon think about it. For a few weeks take the time to see what's going on in their lives and get their trust back. Then bring up the wedding that way they will have a more understanding."

Simon got out of his seat and gave me a hug before exiting my office. I didn't know what he was thinking but I hope he heard me loud and clear.

Chief Micheal's

Today, I decided to pay Ruthie a visit, I knew Reverend Camden wouldn't be home because he had a meeting at the church later on.

I needed to talk to her and let her tell her parents what happened to her. She's under age so her parents would have to be informed.

I stared at the Camden's door before finally ringing the door bell. I waited a while and there was no answer. I rung the door bell again and there was nothing. Finally, I decided to go around to the back and see if some one was home.

I looked through the window and I can tell I caught Ruthie off guard. She was staring right back at me in the eyes as she hid something behind her back and told me to wait.

I'm guessing what ever she had behind her back she put up before letting me in.

I said nothing as we both sat down at the liver room table.

" My dad's not here but I guess I should of told you that before letting you in." She laughed and gave me a half smile as I just looked into her eyes.

" I'm not here to talk to your father, I'm here to talk to you Ruthie," I said looking straight in her eyes " I'm here about Christopher Wright."

I started to see tears forming in her eyes and her breathing became really heavy. She started to take short breathes and hold her hand up to her chest like she was having a heart attack but really she was having a panic attack.

I told her to put her head between her legs and breathe.

I didn't even here Mr. Camden come in the back door.

" What's going on here? What's wrong Ruthie." He threw his stuff down on the floor and ran over to Ruthie.

Ruthie got up and held on to her father as she cried. He looked up at me and for the first time I didn't know what to do all I could do is look away.

Ruthie POV

After, I finally regained myself Chief Micheal's took my dad and I down to the station.

I finally was going to tell my dad everything that happened to me that night.

Chief Micheal's, my dad, and I walked into a room that had just a couch, a table and four chairs.

" I think I'll let you talk to your dad first and then I'll come back and tell you some good news."

He walked out and I sat next to my dad on the couch. I laid on his chest as he said nothing.

" Dad, I need to tell you what really happened to me the night I came home late, after the whole T-bone thing. But I need you to promise me this would stay between only us I don't want anybody else to know not even mom" My dad Didn't say anything just nodded his head up and down.

I took a deep breathe and realized when I started there's no going back.

" After I caught Jane and T-bone together at the movies, I decided to walk home to clear my mind. As I was walking through an empty park a man approached me and ask was I Ruthie. I knew who he was because I only seen him one time when I was with Simon in the car to Rose place. Well it started to get dark and then he grabbed me by my neck and held his hand over my face," I take a deep breathe and tried to stop the tears that was coming from my eyes and my hands from shaking " Next thing I woke up in a bed naked next to him not knowing anything that happened..."

Martin POV

After I left the Camden house I needed to clear my head. I can see the pain in Ruthie eyes, that I have never seen before. I felt like shit and that everything was my fault.

I pulled the car over at the baseball field and got out. I got out of the car and went over to my trunk and took out my baseball bat and balls.

I need to relieve some stress because I had a lot of it.

Two weeks ago, I lost the only real family I had and that was my dad. I haven't told anybody yet because I'm still shocked it happened.

Killed in the line of Duty, the two officers said to me as the tears weld up in my eyes.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and that's when I started doing drugs.

Yes, Martin Brewer, was addicted to drugs.

But I'm good at hiding it. I have a job, go to school, and is a great father. I want let my addiction get to me, well I pray I don't.

I swung the Bat and hit the ball out of the park. Then it hit me, the urge to stop the pain that was forming in my chest.

I laid the bat down and pulled the needle out of my jacket. I sat on the dirty ground and injected my self in the arm with the needle. In seconds, all the pain from my dad dying and Ruthie went away and I couldn't have felt any better.

I closed my eyes and let the feeling take affect.

Simon POV

I was on my way to my parents house when I saw Martin car parked by the baseball field. I didn't even know he was coming out here let alone why he was out here.

Martin and I became real close. He was like a brother to me and I needed somebody to talk to right now.

So, I pulled up in back of his car and went to go fins him.

My heart almost dropped when I saw Martin laying out on the ground.

So, many things was going through my mind. I ran up and sat next to him on the ground to see if he was breathing, that's when I saw the needle in his arm...

Rose POV

I ask my self everyday how my life ended up this way. On the outside my life looked perfect; a loving fiance and friends.

But on the inside I felt like I let everybody down especially Simon.

I was pregnant and it wasn't his. I haven't told anybody because I have once did it again; cheated on Simon.

I don't know what is wrong with me.

" Earth to Rose," Sandy said as we sat on her liver room couch.

I couldn't help but feel guilty here I was having a conversation with the only friend I have and I'm caring her soon to be husband, Johnathan child and suppose to be getting married in three weeks and two days.

I had to get my life together so I figured tomorrow I'm making an appointment to get an abortion.

" So, Rose I was thinking you would get Simon to tell Martin that I'm getting married before he finds out from someone else." Sandy said while turning the T.V station.

" Yeah, I can do that," I said sitting back trying not to throw up " I think he went to talk to his dad to.." and before I knew it I threw up on her and the couch.

Now Sandy sat there wiping my face with a puzzled look on her face like she knew I was pregnant. I didn't know what to say I was stuck...