Injuries hurt.

Veneziano is very aware of this, and gets more than his fair share of injuries on a daily basis (he suspects that Japan and Germany are somehow giving their shares to him, but he doesn't know if that's possible, and would God really let them do that?). He is also aware that as a person that has so many feelings, feelings can get injured too.

This is why Veneziano cannot fall in love.

Because with real injuries, Germany can just put a bandaid on it and there won't be a problem, but you can't put a bandaid on your heart, and Veneziano isn't sure he wants Germany to be the one to put the bandaid on, because he's the one making his heart hurt in the first place. And his head, just a little.

He loves Germany, but he doesn't love love Germany. He can't love love Germany. Love loving hurts.

There was a time when Veneziano thought he could love someone like that, because surely a nation can't die like the pretty women at the market do when they get old, and you have to be really, really old to die as a nation, because Grandpa Rome was really old, and he had died. He even put aside his love for women so he could love Him. But then He left after saying that he would come home soon with lots of land and new things, just after he won this next war, but then He never returned, leaving Veneziano to wish he could take back his feelings and find a bandage big enough to cover the ache in his chest.

He hasn't thought about Him in a long time. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Germany looks so similar? He can't though, he can't give into those really serious eyes, the huge muscles that Veneziano wishes he had but they take a lot of work so he won't, or even the funny little crinklies on his forehead. He loves them, but he can't, won't let himself love them too much, because then all of that might decide to become an empire and head into battle and he'll never see any of it again.

He doesn't want a broken heart, because he knows that bandaids will never be able to fix it.