Chapter X: Betrayal

The finale of this story.

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Edit: There is now a final installment in this trilogy by the name of 'Chains of the Sundering'.

Previously:"Be on your way, weak one. Pray that we do not meet again." With that, Trigon summoned a portal in front of him and disappeared into it, warping back to his throne and resting upon it as he always had.

He watched as the shapeshifter looked into the abyss, trying so valiantly to reunite with his companion. Trigon would be interested in what the green one did to enter the forbidden realm. It was a puzzlement, how far Beastboy fell and what he did just to see one person again.

Trigon closed his eyes, shook his head, and muttered. "Humans."

Giants bridge the world between the lowest circles of Hell. They guard the only entrance, only giving way to the most heinous of sinners and those that were betrayed by them. They were once a force to be reckoned with, a threat to every plane of existence, that even God feared. Now, the few that remain reside in the deepest bowels of perdition, biding their time.

That was where she was. She thought to flee to a place where he couldn't follow, to force him to turn back. To go back to Earth empty-handed and leave her where she resigned herself to.

There was no way he could do that. He had done too much and come too far to just give up. Too much time had passed already for both of them. She meant too much to him for Beastboy to turn back now, else he would have turned back at the desert.

He also knew Raven. He had been in the furthest reached of her mind, seen things that she wasn't sure of herself. He knew her past, all the time spent controlling the worst parts of herself. He also knew of a future without him, without her friends. How she suffered in her isolation, how the pain of loneliness ate away everything that was good about her.

The fact that she ran away from him was an indicator that she was reluctant.

If she had wanted nothing but to leave the world she had spent years in behind, she would have met him the second she heard about his arrival.

If she succumbed to her demonic side and wanted to stay in Hell, she would have killed him without a second thought.

He was still alive and she took strides to avoid him, meaning she had mixed feelings. Part of Raven was still there, and Beastboy was confident that he could talk some sense into her.

He just hoped that she would listen.

Beastboy stood at the edge of a circle. Just before him was a chasm the likes of which he had never seen before. The cliff between the seventh and eighth circle was massive, he would be the first to admit it. What he saw here was incomparable.

The circle of Fraud could be seen at the base of the cliff that Geryon traversed. There was nothing below the edge here.

A thousand leagues of land could be seen on either side of him. The majestic and terrible castles of Trigon towered behind him but large as they were, the abyss he stared into was infinitely deeper.

There was no end to the darkness. There was nothing to stop any light to reflect whatever was down below. There was no mist, haze, wind, or magic. There didn't even need to be. The final circle was so far down, it would take days just to fall to the bottom. And even if there was any, he couldn't keep awake long enough to ensure to see the bottom before he hit it and he probably wouldn't have the energy to stop himself from a fall of such height.

He stood in awe of the monumental power before him. He could feel the depth of it in his bones. He could sense the vast expanse of nothing before him. He knew that it was the simplest yet most effective way to keep people out. And this was what he had to traverse.

He closed his eyes and extended his awareness as far as it could reach. There was something down there to be sure. He just couldn't tell if it was his final destination or something... bigger.

A euphoric feeling washed over him, triggering memories of a calm night overlooking the sea. He staggered a bit because he didn't expect to see such a vivid sight before him. He could taste the salt from the water that wasn't there and feel the damp of the breeze that didn't exist.

A horn blew from so far away. The tide seemed to carry the tune straight to the changeling, completely overtaken by the sound.

A single note that had a peal that made thunder feeble, yet sounded so sad, so lonely. Calling out for something, anything.

It sounded like it was crying and beautiful. So powerful that it hoped to summon what was lost from wherever it may have been.

Without meaning it, Beastboy's hand strayed to the trumpet behind him. Something about the metal seemed more natural, as if the horn wanted to stay here, where it belonged.

He didn't have much choice and didn't see anything wrong with just blowing a trumpet. What harm could possibly happen with making a sound?

He brought the mouthpiece to his lips and blew, a low hum coming from the bell. The sound surrounded him and everything in the area. The tone sounded happier than it usually did, almost elated to return the sound that had been calling for so very long.

As soon as the last echo of the horn was heard from the area, an even greater sound reached him. The clear noise of rock being forcefully torn apart broke the silence that filled the chasm.

The sound came again and again, melding one on top of another and blasting Beastboy with sounds completely unknown to him. The deafening roar could more closely be identified as the Earth shattering. Quite literally, the sheer power of the sound itself made him think that entire continents of stone were being ripped apart by nothing but force.

Beastboy was overwhelmed. He knew that there would be nothing quite as awe inspiring as what he was witness to. Even if he were to stand on a planet ripping apart by the seams, it would barely compare.

The sounds of rock being sundered died down, slowly being replaced with loud impacts. The force of the impacts jarred his jaw even so far away.

As the moments passed, the time between sounds increased. For thunderstorms, longer time meant that the brunt of nature was moving further away. If what Beastboy thought was making the noise was right, this was something entirely different.

Something was massive, something was infinitely powerful, and something was rising from the depths of the abyss, from the very bowels of Hell itself.

He stared into the hole, searching for anything that would explain the uproar that was assaulting every one of his senses.

His eyes bore into the darkness, struggling to find anything to identify. A light surface rose up slowly, breaking through the black of the abyss. More and more of the object became visible, a large column heading right towards him.

The column raised itself to the same level as the edge, allowing for Beastboy to get a good look at it. He couldn't even begin to describe it but what he could see was the size of it.

It must have been the size of a city, rounded and almost perfectly circular. It was lined with ridges that were the size of mountains, joined in a peculiar pattern.

He felt something strange. The appearance of another presence. A heartbeat that dwarfed his own and it came from the column.

It was then he knew what it was. The object that raised up to meet him was a finger. A massive finger. Beastboy was stunned at the size of it. If this monstrous thing was a finger, than how big was the hand? The arm? The body itself?

The finger moved close to him and pressed against the ledge Beastboy was watching from, as if it meant to serve as a form of transportation.

Beastboy didn't have much of a choice in the matter. It was everything he could have hoped for when the impossible was set before him. He jumped onto the finger and waited for it to move again.

The journey to the base was stunning on so many counts. He was able to catch glimpses of the giant while it lowered him down to the final circle. He could barely believe what he was seeing.

The face was dark and scarred, showing no signs of intelligence or thought. There were bits of rock and dust falling from the giant's shoulders, but compared to the size of the giant, these rocks could have easily dwarfed Everest.

He would never have believed that such a creature could exist if he didn't see the proof, the size was impossible. Beastboy knew from experience that there was a limit on how big a singular creature could be. He had seen large. He had seen monstrous. He had never seen physically giant.

As he was lowered to the ground, he could see the world of ice he was being dropped to. It was as if an entire world of water was frozen in time. His final destination was nearing and he couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation sprinkled with a marginal amount of fear.

The realization of what could happen flashed in front of his eyes. What if she rejected him? What if she killed him the second she saw him. What if she weren't even there?

He feared that he might have made a wasted journey. That everything that he had done had been for naught.

He shook his head. These thoughts were unbecoming of a hero or of even a man. There was no sense in hoping for an outcome or praying that something would come to pass. All he could do was follow through with his plan. He would see how this would pan out whether it worked or not.

The ground drew closer and he could see a ledge not far from where he was being lowered to. As the edge came towards him, he leapt onto the ice. He looked back at the hand and saw that it was open in front of him. Almost as if it was waiting for something more from him.

He remembered how he was able to summon it in the first place. How sad the song was and how long it must have been calling for. He looked at the horn in his hand. He was torn. The Giant was clearly waiting for Beastboy to leave it but he wanted to return it to the Herald should he ever make it back alive.

He had to make a choice and a hard one at that. Should he leave payment for transportation and be forced to explain how it was lost or should he focus on returning a precious item to the one he called 'Friend'.

He thought long and hard and could only come to one conclusion. He took the horn into his hand and threw it into the waiting grasp of the giant. As the instrument flew closer to the hand, the fingers withdrew around it.

With the object returned to it, the hand withdrew even further down into Hell, the Giant dropping below what would be an impossible depth. With the increasing lengths between the seventh and ninth circles, Beastboy didn't want to dwell on how much further down the hand would go or where the rest of the body dwelled.

He turned and walked towards the middle of the ice field. The ice was untouched, as if no one had ever walked across it before. The deeper it got, the mistier it became but Beastboy wasn't focused on how far down it went.

What he was now focused on were the many figures encased in the ice. He had seen a black speck every now and again before, but now the ice was filled with what looked to be people sinking. All of them were in different stages of the ice floe, but Beastboy knew they were all still conscious, alive.

It must have been the ultimate punishment for the worst sin, to be trapped with no hope of getting back to the surface. To be frozen, the ice cooling and burning every inch of them at the same time. To try to breathe but have nothing but never-melting ice against their lungs.

Hell must have been designed by a genius. To the common man, each punishment for sins appeared to get continually worse based on the crimes and sins they committed. That wasn't it at all. All the punishments were severe, none of them greater or less than the other. To be stuck in a perpetual state of Limbo for all eternity would be punishment enough.

It was that they would spend their afterlife for as long as time passed. Anything would seem a torture if it never ended. Even being pampered and spoiled would lose its appeal if the same were to happen for a few centuries.

His thoughts were interrupted by a flash of gold beneath the ice. His gaze drew downwards towards a lone figure closer to the surface than any of the others he had seen. Golden hair floating just inches below the thin crust of ice. Close enough to recognize the color.

Close enough to see her face.

He called her many things in his life, but he could say only one of them now. "Terra."

Her eyes were closed but he imagined them looking back at him. Her face looked so peaceful underneath the ice. So serene. He remembered everything they had done together. So many happy memories from what seemed like years ago. But then of course it was years.

He never stopped believing in her. Even after betraying him again, he harbored no ill will towards the geomancer. He could have saved her, if not for the manipulations of Slade. He spent many nights crying his eyes out, wishing for another chance. Events played in his mind about what could have been, how things could be different if only one thing were to change.

He was forgiving to the end, really. That's the reason why he saw past what Terra became and onto what she should have been. The reason he went back to her grave every year since that time. The reason he was looking for Raven in the first place.

He had to let her go though. However famously they got on in the past, he wasn't here for her. He had a place to get to and he meant to get there.

Beastboy brushed any debris on the ice above her. He didn't know why he did it, there probably wasn't any point to it either. He just wanted for her to see just a bit clearer. If her eyes were to open again, he wanted the light to shine on her just a bit brighter.

He bowed his head for a moment in respect to her, everything she had done and everything that she was. He had and always would have the utmost respect for her.

It pained him to leave the geomancer behind, but he knew he had to. He had one last thing to do before his journey were to end. Just one more and he would feel complete again.

His eyes spotted a hole in the distance. An ice cavern leading below the ground, going somewhere Beastboy had no clue about. He felt a familiar presence in it though. Something that no amount of ice or power could hold back.

She was there.

He took slow and deliberate steps into the ice cavern, unsure about what was in it. The air was glacial now and didn't even wait to leave his lungs before turning to crystal vapors. He could feel tendrils of cold lick his ankles, threatening to take his feet and the legs from under him.

On Earth, he could have hoped for a full complement of thermal clothes or the sense to take the form of a polar bear or penguin. Here, he was bare-footed and all but bare-chested in this sea of ice.

It didn't really matter though. This would be his final destination. He passed the point of no return days ago and he certainly wasn't going to give up now. He would find her in this realm of cold or join the millions who perished beneath the ice.

The ice cleared the further he went into the cavern, showcasing figures trapped in plain sight. The first couple had their arms twisted behind their back. The next appeared to be strangling himself.

The last one was awfully familiar. White hair. Fair skin. Poised in a way that appeared that he was gouging his own eyes out. Maybe he was and Raven stopped him in the middle of it. Maybe she forced him to do so and for good reason. He was the reason she never trusted anyone.


"You shouldn't be here." Came a monotone voice from behind Beastboy. A voice that could only belong to one person.

He didn't turn around. He didn't have to. "Yet here I am."

Soft footsteps padded towards him, causing small goose bumps to form on the back of his neck. A purple-haired woman stood beside him, looking at the dragon that was the cause of so many of their ills. "Is there some villain you want me to stop?"

Beastboy looked to his right, eyes falling on the woman he journeyed so far to find. He searched her face for something to relate to. Her eyes were the same but her expression was foreign.

Aged. Serious. Even more than what he was used to in the years they were together. "Does there have to be?" He replied.

She stared ahead, face motionless. "Is there another reason to break a superhero from Hell?"

He looked shocked. Is this what she was expecting? "I don't need a reason to bring back a dear friend from a fate she doesn't deserve."

"But I do deserve it. I almost destroyed the world. Demons belong in Hell."

"You're only a demon if you think you are. You're human too! You belong on Earth just as much!"

Raven looked into his eyes for the first time in years. He hadn't changed a bit. A grin crossed her face, something that also hadn't happened in years.

She tried to talk but couldn't find the words for it. "I... can't go with you. I've been here for so long, it's my home now."

He put his hand on her shoulder, glad that she didn't flinch from his touch. "Are you happy here though? Is this what you want?"

Her head lowered, bangs covering her eyes. "It's where I deserve to be."

"No it isn't!" Beastboy insisted. "You deserve more. Come back with me. Starfire's been missing you. The world hasn't been the same without you."

A feeling of nostalgia spread through her. Typical of Beastboy to use such a simple statement to justify his actions.

He turned to her and held out his hand. "Please Raven. The world needs you. We need you. I need you."

She turned towards him and looked up. Her eyes welled up with tears, threatening to fall.

He didn't say anything else. He didn't need to. Her hand inched towards his, both of their heart quickening as their skin moved closer together.

Raven's pale hand hovered over his green one, fingers brushing against his own. The emotional strain was too much to hold back. She pushed his hand back to his side, making his eyes fall with disappointment.

It didn't last for long as Raven lunged forwards, arms wrapping around him into a tight embrace they shared only once before. One hand gripped his back as the other combed through his hair, unwilling to have even a single moment stolen from her.

All those years of living as a demon forgotten with the simple power of a hug. All those words she said to herself about never trusting anyone forgotten with the warmth of his body. All her fears about their meeting forgotten with the strength of their embrace. Nothing would separate them again.

He felt invigorated, more so than he had in the last few months. His mission was almost complete, the only remaining thing to do was get back safely. With Raven in tow, he rushed out of the forlorn cave and past it, hurrying to the portal her father told him about.

The air around them grew colder than the chill in the cave and the ice felt harder under their feet. A sinkhole could be seen in the distance, a maelstrom frozen in the most violent stage. It had a radius of a league and just as deep, leading to a hole in the center, black as a pupil.

They both put on a burst of speed, trying to close the distance as quickly as possible. A shadow of a smile crossed Raven's face. The fact her hands joined with Beastboy's was enough to fill her with a feeling she had all but forgotten. A feeling that retreated when the hand left hers and put it over her shoulder protectively.

Beastboy's nose twitched and his hair stood up on every part of his person. It was the same feeling as when he entered Cerberus' lair, but more severe than that. They had crossed over into something terrible. The territory of a thousand beasts, all wanting to kill them.

Small pricks of black ran in from the sides of the whirlpool, dashing with breathtaking speed. The forms grew clearer as they came closer, emerging from the far off mist in small packs.

Hellhounds, numbering in the hundreds padded their way towards them, closing to a hundred meters and stopping. Hell's last and only line of defense, solely purposed to stop any from leaving. A cacophony of growls and barks reached them, the deep snarls daring them to take even one step forwards.

Beastboy's eyes darted rapidly, scanning the hounds for movements or threatening moves. His hand gripped Raven's shoulder as anger coursed through him. She put a cool hand on it, making his eyes turn to meet hers.

He calmed instantly at her gaze and a fanged smile graced his face. Hers showed no change in emotion but her eyes screamed of confidence.

"Can you shield us?" He asked.

Raven looked down at her hands and back at him. A nod sufficed to answer him.

He brought his hand to her cheek, appreciating her beauty for what might be the last time.

Growls and snarls came from the horde of Hellhound, salivating at the smell of their next meal. Hundreds upon hundreds of dogs, each staring at the pair with devilish eyes.

Beastboy moved slowly, positioning himself behind the empath. She closed her eyes and calmed herself, looking deep within her to summon her greatest source of power. Her Fury responded with an eagerness that she would never have expected. All of her emotions added their power to hers, invigorating her soul with a power stronger than she had felt with just her Fury alone.

She opened her eyes again and looked to him, warmth coursing through her veins as she saw that toothy grin that recalled such happy times to her.

The changeling didn't dare blink for fear that if he were to lose sight of her even for an instant, she would be gone again. He gripped her shoulder for an added sense of security, though mostly for him.

"Hold on tight." He said. She responded with a nod again and put her arms around his shoulders. It was time.

The animal silently roaring inside of him took a firmer role, spreading its own power throughout him and he let it.

The familiar form took shape within him and he did nothing to hold it back. Fur grew across his body and muscles lined his entire being. Claws replaced nails and fangs replaced teeth. His bones hardened and his instincts took over.

The end was in sight. Their opponents were in view. With one arm he swept her legs up and with the other he held her close to him, protecting her as he had done so many times before.

His commanding presence did nothing to sway the Hellhounds in the distance, their snarls only growing more fierce with the stronger opponent on the field.

Beastboy stared with white eyes at the canines. He didn't care what it took. He had to get past them and reach the portal together with Raven.

They hadn't moved forwards for some time now, baiting him to make the first move. The Beast lowered himself, ready to take off and barrel through any in his path. He took his right foot and stamped it in front of him. The act of war.

Instead of charging at him as he expected, Beastboy was stunned to see them softly padding forwards. Hundreds of dogs all marching towards him, but not in a straight line. He saw many of the Hellhounds walking into each other. Instead of stopping when the bodies touched, the fur began to meld and the bodies meshed together.

What was once two fierce hounds became a greater creature with two heads attached to a bigger body. He looked across the field and saw dozens of these animals padding towards them. Some had two heads, others more. His eyes couldn't keep up with the numerous monsters continuously growing larger.

It was then he remembered his attempt to mimic Cerberus. When he tried to take the form of the three-headed dog, he was smaller and less dangerous than he hoped. There were many accounts of Cerberus. Some described it as having between one to three heads, while other accounts numbered it as over fifty.

All of these accounts were true. When threatened, the Hellhounds could meld into a bigger and stronger creature. And if a combination of three Hellhounds could pacify the entire circle of Gluttony, what horrors would befall them if these hundreds became a single entity?

A monstrous creation appeared before them. A single creature with the power of all of Hell behind it. A mass of fangs and flurry, instant death to anything that dared to challenge it.

Against something so massive and powerful, neither Beastboy nor Raven could hope to survive. They hat to work together to power through it. The empath grasped his fur tighter, both telling him that she was ready and that she was just as scared as he was.

He left deep gashes in the ice from where he took off. The Beast sprinted directly towards the monster with such speed and power as he had never used before. Raven used the powers at her command to create a shield. Black energy surrounded them as they quickly closed the distance to the portal with the strength of the shield directly linked to her willpower.

The cold Cocytial lake only hindered the couple while the lump of snarling fur moved impossibly fast. Razor sharp fangs were the only thing that were on the surface of the monster, using them to move across the ice with lightning speed.

As the two moved towards each other, Beastboy saw a gaping mouth on top of the creature moving down to crush them . He took no notice of it and continued his frontal assault, increasing his speed far beyond what he felt comfortable with.

As the jaws closed in on them , Beastboy dug his heels into the ground and jumped left, making the jaws close in on empty ice.

Almost instantly, more jaws tried to grab them as they sprinted along the side of the creature. The fangs impacted the ice like clockwork but the distance was getting closer. Beastboy could feel the impacts of the fangs almost nipping at his heels so he brought his legs together and used his tightly knit muscles to jump high into the air.

A large clawed paw appeared beneath the many fur and fangs, swatting them out of the sky. It bypassed the shield and struck Beastboy in the side, stunning them both and propelling them away with immense power.

The two of them flew into the distance with incredible force, sailing though the cold air and speeding towards the ice. Beastboy knew what was coming, so he curled up into a ball and whirled around so that his back would get the brunt of the hit.

Raven was jarred by how unexpected it was, her will shaken by the sheer force of the attack. She didn't know if she could summon her shield again.

Then she heard something. Her head was close to his chest and she could feel a steady rhythm right beside her. A heartbeat. A strong heartbeat. His heartbeat.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sound. With it, she was able to calm herself and bolster her willpower once more.

Beastboy got back up and quickly checked over his charge. She felt calm and safe, all that he needed to know. The monster started towards them again so he dashed back in the direction of the portal. Raven summoned up the shield again, but it looked thicker and darker this time.

As he dashed to avoid the monster, he lost sight of it. A dangerous thing, to lose something so big. The mildest description of what he was up against was like the size of a football field and the power of both teams charging from the same side.

Out of nowhere, they were surrounded by a blanket of darkness. A blanket with fangs and claws.

The monster had jumped into the air as the Beast did, but at a much greater height and crashed down on them. They could see flashes of white through the black shield, light reflecting from the calcium on a thousand fangs and in the whites of a thousand eyes.

They bounced off of Ravens reinforced shield with little effect but it was clear that their defenses wouldn't last for long.

The Beast had to keep as low to the ground as it could, removing a hand from shielding Raven and using it to help move away from the massive horror.

Sharp fangs dug away at the shield, each one trying to break through the shield. Beastboy thought the assault would never end, trying desperately to get out of the monsters grasp.

The ice was gouged out on all sides around the shield, making it harder to move quickly under the massive hulk. Beastboy could feel the jaws of fate closing around them, both literally and metaphorically but he wouldn't let it. He let out a loud roar and added a burst of speed, solely trying to get back into the open where they had a chance.

Massive claws plunged into the ice in front of them but the Beast paid it no mind. He burst right through it, forcing the paw out of the way and into the open once again.

They jumped through the air, sailing far above where the ground should have been. As they landed, the ice was slanted enough to carry them along a circular path. Beastboy heard an ungodly roar from behind him, crying out in anguish and loss. He looked back to see that it had stopped in its tracks, unwilling to follow them down into the sinkhole they found themselves in.

It howled with anger and rage that it couldn't stop those that tried to escape Hell. It could do nothing as their prey slid away.

Beastboy looked around, trying to see where the ice was taking them. His eyes widened in shock.

A maelstrom frozen into the ice at the most extreme point the vortex could get. Both Beastboy and Raven tumbling uncontrollably around the edge.

They circled closer to the center and the wind blew furiously. They grew fiercer as they neared the eye, sweeping Beastboy off of his feet. Raven rumbled out of his grasp and both of them flew around the circumference of the whirlpool.

The coldness of the ice and the speed it blew at froze the very air around it, making a nimbus of hail that tore through them.

In an effort to shield Raven as best he could, he used a combination of strength and willpower to push himself closer to her. They were going at such a speed that he was gaining only small leaps at a time.

The demoness saw what he was trying to do and tried herself, but made no greater attempts than Beastboy to draw themselves together again.

She grew angrier at her failure, the rage showing on her face.

The Fury.

Four violet eyes erupted on her face and her face contorted with Fury. Arms shot forwards and black energy leapt from her fingertips, flying towards him.

Tendrils of energy reached and surrounded him with the sole purpose of bring him back to her. He slid across the ice faster than ever before and into the waiting arms of the one he sacrificed so much for.

They joined their bodies together, arms wound tightly around themselves and legs interlocked, doing everything humanly possible to stay together. With everything that happened in the past few days and with everything they went through in what seemed to be their entire lives, the only thing they desired was just to be.

Be together.

Be happy.

Be everything, forevermore.

The path to the eye ended abruptly and both demon and human fell into the abyss.


Surrounded by blackness.

Hurtling towards something unknown.

An energy enveloped them, but they didn't care. They were together now and nothing else mattered.

Not even life.




Starfire held her head in her arms. She had been like this for several hours now, trying to sort out the many thoughts racing through her head. Even before the changeling departed, she knew that it could be weeks or even months before he returned, assuming that he even made it to Raven and back.

She couldn't even begin to pretend what he could go through or what trials he had to face to reach the end of his journey.

The last hour had been debating what to do with herself. Would she go back to the bunker for the duration, fly back to Tamaran, or set the shop close to here?

She had just about made up her mind when she heard a thump behind her. She turned to see two figures on the grass, one green and the other pale as moonlight. Happiness entered her heart as she recognized the figures, rushing towards them with enviable vigor.

"Friends Beastboy and Raven! You have returned! Oh joyous events, my happiness is limitless! You are home!"

Beastboy breathed for the first time in what felt like ages, a multitude of scents hitting him. Dead wood, old stone, and new shampoo, all at once. The sun was sunken in the sky, a clear sign of dusk and the coming of night.

Night, a novel concept. He had just spent a number of days traversing a plane that never had any form of solar rotation only to return to the exact point he left and to find that only a few hours had passed.

Before he could react, he was tackled by a flying crimson blur. Starfire hovered from her happiness at their union and Beastboy poured his relief into the hug. Relief that they were back home and with Raven by their side.

Raven rose up and saw her friends embrace. She could see the warmth shared between the two, both of the Titans being the most emotional people she knew, but something was wrong. She saw the emotions being poured out but couldn't feel them.

She put a hand to her chest and exhaled in disbelief. "I... I'm human." She muttered in disbelief. The revelation was stunning and she could barely comprehend it. She had taken her powers for granted, born and lived with them for every moment of every day. That they were gone was unsettling.

Starfire broke away from Beastboy and rushed over to Raven. As she felt arms surrounding her, she felt truly happy to be reunited with her old friends but her problem nagged at the back of her head. It would take a long time, if ever, to get used to being human.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She was at the entrance to Hell once again, the gates looming over her again. She opened her mouth to breathe only to notice that her teeth felt bigger than usual.

She brought a hand up to her face to brush a strand of hair aside, only to see that her skin was a deep crimson and her hair a pure white. Her body felt different too, more powerful. A quick check over herself brought a smile to herself. Her demonic half was no longer just a half. There wasn't a single part of humanity holding back the power of Hell.

With four golden eyes, she looked over to the collapsed figure beside her. It was another demon from the aura of it but the green skin made her think otherwise. Whatever he was, he would have to follow her or die.

She snapped her fingers, making the figure rise over her. He was slightly hunched over, heavily muscular and feral in nature. A low growl came from him and sharpened claws tightened into solid fists.

Garfield was surprised to find himself in full control of his body. The feeling was almost ethereal. Usually he had to wait for his host to be asleep or unconscious for hi, to take control. He looked down at his hands. His fingers were longer and thicker than he was used to, arms and shoulders covered in a fine green fur. Not quite human, but with all the capability and power of one.

Raven looked at the monster and grinned. He wouldn't harm her. She walked towards the gates with a brisk pace. "Come Garfield. We have an afterlife to rule." She commanded.

The green creature followed her towards the gates, eager to serve his new mistress to the ends of the worlds.