On a bored day, a girl name Rin, that's me, sitting in front of her computer doing nothing

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Uhhh…a bunch of idiot… where is the clever one? I scan and then I found someone

neruNe online

That's unusual… Should I chat with her? …. Better not.

lennybanana: Hey~ Rinny~

Why is this idiot chatting with me again?

Rin+Orange: What the hell do you want?

lennybanana: Just want to chat with you,honey~

Urgh… this playboy… tell me how the hell he became my childhood friend.

Rin+Orange: Stop calling me that, I hate you playboy

lennybanana: Aww…. I love you too Rinny

Rin+Orange: Can I kill you? Now?

lennybanana: If you want to go on a date with me. You may

Rin+Orange: Go away please…

icecream/addict joined the chatroom

icecream/addict: Awww~ look at the two couple fighting.,.~

Rin+Orange: Tell me why am I attracting idiots only?

DivaQueenMiku joined the chatroom

DivaQueenMiku: Wahhh~ Let's fight too, Kaito~

lennybanana: Hey! This is only for me and Rinny! Get lost, but Miku is invited. Welcome princess~

icecream/addict: Woi! Flit your own girl!

Rin+Orange: The hell… Is this web site's for couples?

lennybanana: Than am I your partner?

Rin+Orange: Go to hell, now.

DivaQueenMiku: Kyaaa! What a lovely couple~

Rin+Orange: Go away….

Leek3Mikuo joined the chatroom

Leek3Mikuo: Hahaha! Let's make a triangle love, I'm stealing Rinny too

lennybanana: Fuck off Mikuo, Rin's mine.

Leek3Mikuo: Or should you say 'one of your princess'?

Icecream/addict: Don't worry Kuo! I'm on your side! You're going down, playboy!

DivaQueenMiku: Then I'm on Len's side

Icecream/addict: Miku! That's cruel!

DivaQueenMiku: What? 2 verses 2. It's fair!

lennybanana: Thanks for the support , my queen

Rin+Orange: I'm sick of you guys ignoring me…

lennybanana: Should I stop by and stay by your side all night?

Leek3Mikuo: I'm going too~

Rin+Orange: The hell… I'll flatten you guys with my road roller

Leek3Mikuo: Wow, you bought one?

lennybanana: Let's take a ride on it together then, honey~

Rin+Orange: I didn't buy it, I steal it

DivaQueenMiku: Don't joke Rinny~ XC

Icecream/addict: Miku! I'll be there when Rinny went in to jail!

lennybanana: Not when her prince is here!

Leek3Mikuo: Not when I'm here for her!

DivaQueenMiku: Kyaa~ Rinny! Lucky to be you with your cute face and flat chest!

Rin+Orange: The hell… Sucks to be me. Fuck for you guys..

Gumilicious joined the chatroom

Gumilicious: Hahaha~ A love fight? Count me in! I'm in Kuo's side then!

lennybanana: Hey~ Princess, you should be in my side!


Rin+Orange:…. I'm out of this hell…

Rin+Orange is offline

Those idiots… Why the hell are they doing this fight again? Then, I heard a buzz beside me. A message!


To: Rinny~

From: LenTheJerk

Hey princess, why you go when you're the main character there?

When did I give him my new phone number? That stalker…



From: Rinny~

How the hell did you get my phone number?


To: Rinny~

From: LenTheJerk

Do you remember that my mom's a vice principle?


To: LenTheJerk

From: Rinny

Stop stalking me

Than... 5 minutes later,... What took him so long? ... Wa-Wait! This is not what you think! I'm not in love with him! Sorry! Kill you if you think like that...


To: Rinny

From: LenTheJerk

How can I stop when I'm in love with you?

That playboy... he really is stalking me...


To: LenTheJerk

From: Rinny

You really are stalking me... Can I kill you ? I really want you dead


To: Rinny

From: LenTheJerk

Can you grant my last wish before you kill me?


To: LenTheJerk

From: Rinny

What shota?=.=


To: Rinny

From: LenTheJerk

Do you love me?

Wait... What! Do I love him... Yes I do.. I mean as childhood like... Urghhhh! I'm blushing like hell! I fell on the floor and I roll and roll and roll myself on the floor. This is not cool! This is not funny!

" Don't roll on the floor! It's dirty!" a voice suddenly appear. A figure with blonde hair tied in a ponyta- wait..

" Le-Len?" I blush and quickly get up from the floor.

" Yo princess"

" Don't 'yo' to me! Why the hell and how the hell did you get in to my-" I stop when I remember a person in my mind... " Don't tell me Miku she.."

" Yup, she stole your house key and gave it to me"

" The hell... Get out..." I push him out my room

" Hey! I still didn't get my answer!"

" Yeah Yeah, just go and confess to another random girl. But please, not me" I try to hide my blush. Closing the door and leaving Len outside my room. I slip down and sit on the floor, still red.

" Hey... Rin..?" he knock the door

" What, shota?"

" I love you"

" Don't flirt with me. You know I hate playboys"

" No, I'm serious" then, my heart's beating faster and faster.

" Yeah! Yeah! I'm sick of that words again" I try to act cool

" No, I'm serious. We're both teenagers now, and I don't think you're that dense, Rin."

" Of course I'm not" I pout

" Then, you know the answer very clear. Did you ever think why I stay by your side till now?" came to think back, I'm an unsocial person when I was a kid. I push every person that wants to be my friend... Except for that guy.. He keeps on coming and coming back to me.

" ..."



"...Rin? did you fainted?"

" ...No, I died"

" Pftt, are you soooooo happy that you died?"

" No, I"m so in frighten that I died"

" Hahaha, Rin, stop being a hard headed person and confess to me" he knock the door playfully.

" Shu-Shut up!" I blush again. That shota...

" Than I'll take it as a ' I love you too Lenny honey!' then!"

" The...The..hell.."

" Okay, This Saturday at the theme park we use to go"

" Huh?"

" Aww~ Don't blush, Rinny-chii~ We're going on a date!"

" As if!"

" Okay, I'll bang the door now!"

" For what? W-wait, what?" then, bang, the door bang open and he left a crack on my orange door... that guy..

" My door!"

He grin at me and pull me on my hand. Making our lips to met. We...kiss... KISS? Then, he push me back and grin again.. I could feel blood's flowing in my cheeks

" See you there Rinny! Or..."

" ...?"

" Or I'll rape you if you don't come" he grin again and disappear. What? Rape?

Are we officially dating? ...




We are dating couples now... right?