Chapter One:

He was like an angel before me, the sweet soft smell of his presence, the soft touch of his hand in mine, his breath strong and warming, up close onto my lips.

It was a feeling I'd never felt before, the feeling on satisfaction I look up at his face expecting the most beautiful features, but all I see is a blur … he draws away from me.

I frown in confusion. He starts running away into a blur of colours. "Wait! Come back. Who are you?" I call out to him. But he gave no reply and just kept running.

The feeling drained then left me. I felt…empty. My heart was no more complete.

Then it happened again, the colours came closer swirling around and around getting brighter and brighter….trying to trap me in its vortex.

Then it hit me *BAM.*

"Ahhhhhhhhrggggggggggg…" I moaned pushing the pillow that my little sister Holly chucked at me, off my head. It felt like a brick had hit me.

My head was pounding. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but that was impossible because of the stupid song "Time to Get Up," by One Direction was blasting from Holly's room.

I kept having that same strange dream every night. What does it mean? I have no idea, but it gets to me every time.

"Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! GET UP YOU LAZY FAT BUM! Get dressed!" I threw the pillow back at her face. "GEEEEEEET UP TIME TO GET UP TO GET UP. Its 12pm! screamed along to the lyrics while jumping on my bed, swishing her sparkling party dress around like crazy blinding my eyes.

Oh darn! Today is that day. I just remembered. The day I will regret for the rest of my life. The day One Direction performs their concert here in America. The concert filled with millions of screaming kids, that I have to take my silly 12 year old obsessive sister to. Crap!

I dragged myself out of bed and pulled my closet door open, I grabbed the first thing I could find; my light sky blue top and simple fitting black skirt.

I quickly did my makeup, pulled my waist length brunette hair out of its ponytail, grabbed my bag and rushed to the front door.

This would be so much more easier if the stadium was closer, but instead it was 3 hours away and my sister wanted to be at the mechanise shop at the exact time it opens. We had to leave right then with extra time to eat dinner before 6pm when the concert starts.

I grabbed my keys and powerwalked to the door. Just before I walked out the door Holly shoot her arm out stopping me from going through.

"woah, woah, woah, woaaaaah" she looked me up and down. "What?" I asked in annoyance. "You're NOT wearing that." "Well why not?" "*Sigh* you're so stupid, you can't go to a concert like that. Wait here." She ran back into my room her blond ponytail bobbing up and down. I rolled my eyes and yelled after her "Hurry up we have to leave NOW!" I said cheaking my watch. "Hang on." she replied.

She ran back trailing something behind her. "Put this on!" Holly shoved a dress right into my face. "Ohhhhh no,"I replied. "Go," "NO way!" "GO!" "no." "GO!" "no," I said shaking my head. "Goooooo," she said in a low slow tone. She wasn't going to give up so there was no point arguing.

I angrily grabbed the dress then went up to my room, bottom of the dress dragging on the floor. After stripping down to my bra and undies I stuffed the dress over me.

I got it a few months ago on my 16th birthday but (knowing me) I dumped in deep in my closet hoping to never see it again. I looked into the mirror-

Well that was the first part of my FanFiction. What did you think? Now its your turn to choose.

What dress do you want to be wearing to the One Direction concert?