Chapter 6

As an amateur at making tea, all the boys had decided to help me, as well as Holly. It was fun and a 'hell lot of a' laugh! But…we did manage to break 6 of my mums expensive china tea cups. I'd have to deal with that later.

They were so sweet to Holly although she was being super annoying like a fly that just WOULD NOT go away.

We all took a sip of our tea and spat it out when realizing that it was salt not sugar. We made another batch and most of the boys had already finished drinking it. Holly, like I guessed hated the tea but pretended to drink it all up then tipped it into the cat bowl when she thought no one was looking.

After most of us were done, Louis was teaching Holly some (crazy) but funny dance moves. "Then you go 123 Flick, 123 Flick, 123 Flick-NOW pat the dog and screw the light bulb, keep it going woop woop-STOP! Now sprinkler." It was so cute. Niall had started raiding our fridge. Harry joined him, until he saw our cat, Stylinson (named by Holly of course) and stared playing with him. Liam had just got a phone call from Danielle and went out onto our terrace to talk to her in private. That just left Zayn and I sitting here still sipping our tea.

"So…" I smiled awkwardly not taking my eyes off my cup.

"Enjoying your first tea?"

"Yeah, pretty good." I lied.

I actually dreaded its bitter taste. I wanted him to turn around so I could tip it into the cat bowl, (Holly style) but I had a feeling that his eyes were fixed on me.

I don't know why it's so awkward between us. I really do like Zayn, but we hardly have anything to talk about.

I looked up at him and yes, he was still staring at me. I could tell he was trying really hard to think of something to say. I looked away quickly and to hide my nerves I stuffed a whole biscuit into my mouth…a little too quickly.

I realised the cookie was too big to fit into inside my mouth. Zayn laughed. I didn't know whether I should've keep chewing (like a pig) or spat it out. I started laughing at the imagination, of how silly I guessed I looked right now. Suddenly a bit of the cookie got stuck in my throat and my laughter turned into choking.

Zayn also stopped laughing and his eyes grew bigger.

"She's choking," "do something!" exclaimed Niall, over from the fridge.

"I-wha-I-don-um…" replied Zayn.

Sighing Niall put down the packet of chips and a sandwich and grabbed a glass of water. He lifted me up off the chair then put his arms around my stomach. Then he squeezed hard into my abdomen. Which hurled the cookie up my throat. The biscuit shot out my mouth and landed right into Zayn's tea.

His arms were still around me and I wished I could stay like this forever. I would never let him go.

Reality stabbed me and I started coughing. Niall released his arms and stared patting my back then handed me the glass of water to drink.

I gradually stopped coughing and after my third glass of water, then returned back to normal.

"Thankyou," I looked deep into Niall eyes through my watery ones "you saved my life…"

"Meh. It was nothing." His irish accent was so adorable!

He went straight back to devouring our fridge. I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful features…and the way he stuffed that left over potato salad in his mouth. It was disgusting but heavenly.

Zayn cleared his throat trying to get back my attention, but my eyes were locked.

"Are you alright?"

After a while I realised he was talking to me.

"Oh yeah I'm good now."

"Thanks to me!" added Niall through a mouthful of potatoes and mayonnaise.

Zayn snarled silently at him but I grinned.

"Sorry about that." I said as I looked at the mush floating around in his teacup.

"Oh that's alright…" he said pushing it away from him with a single finger. He kept a smile on his face.

And again there was silence. If only there was a way I could escape from this seat.

Liam came back inside with a tear down his cheek. Louis and Holly's dance party had ended but they were still gigging at an inside joke. Louis came over to greet Liam and patted his back.

"Don't worry buddy, the tour will be over soon, before you know it, and you can see Dani again." He said in a jolly voice. He can obviously relate to Liam since he also had a girlfriend back in London.

"I know…thanks Lou" Liam forced a smile.

"AWWWWW! Lilo!" My sister shouted noticing the bro-mance named after them.

They both laughed. Liam looked at the clock.

"It almost, five O'clock! Be best get going if we want to make the concert in time. Paul texted and called me five times already, he has no idea where the hell we are!" Their manager was probably NOT pleased.

"Come on pig face," Louis called Niall as he quickly crammed the rest of the salad in.

"and up you get, pussy boy!" Harry was scratching Stylinsons tummy and gave him one last pat before he got up.

"NO! You cant leave!" screamed Holly.

"It was so nice meeting you but-" Holly's heartbroken expression stopped Liam from finishing his sentence.

"….well…maybe…I guess, it wouldn't be a problem, if both of you come to our show with us tonight." Holly's face brightened up at this.

"but isn't the show is sold out?" said Harry.

"They can both wait backstage and watch from the control room. It would be a great opportunity for Holly and (y/n) to see what really goes on behind the scenes." Liam explains.

"…and you think Paul will let us?" said Louis.

"I'm sure we can get it past him." Replied Zayn.

"Aw! It was so nice of you guys to offer but I don't know. My mum wouldn't be pleased-"

"-shut UP! She will never even know. She's on vacation remember. Yes, yes, YES times infinity we will come!" Holly made up her mind for both of us.

"Yes, now don't be a party pooper!" Louis nudged me with a cheeky grin.


Louis hi-5ed Holly. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Fine but we aren't staying long. We have to be back by eleven sharp because-"

"Yeah, yeah" Louis didn't want to hear the rest of my sentence.

We decided to take two separate cars because we all couldn't fit in the bargain rental car the boys hired for a week. The reason why they chose it was the heavily tinted windows plus the extremely low price.

"Ok why don't half of us go with (y/n) and rest go with Louis." suggested Liam then referred to me to pick.

"I'll take…Holly and eeny, meeny, miny, moe," I made sure the 'Mo' landed on Niall. "Niall!"

"No…we can fit five. Zayn you go with (y/n)" said Harry with a wink towards Zayn.

I hid the slight feeling of disappointment.