The way to a witch's heart

A/N: I'm back. Here is the first chapter/ prologue of the sequel to "True Love's Kiss". Thank you again for all of your support.

After pondering for a while I decided not to follow the show. It's possible that I'm going to include a few of the main facts and events but I don't want to make Elena look like a complete b*tch. As for the other facts: Stefan didn't leave with Klaus – the Kiss did cure Damon, Stefan didn't return to his ripper days, Stefan and Elena are going strong and are happy together, Caroline and Tyler are a couple, Jeremy broke up with Bonnie because she 'wasted her time looking for a non-existing cure for someone she couldn't stand'. If something else is confusing, just tell me.

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So, now enjoy the first chapter of: The Way to a Witch's Heart

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Chapter 1:

A week had passed since Damon put the witch on top of his 'to do'-list. That the little witch didn't know anything about it yet didn't disturb the vampire. The most important person (Damon himself) was privy to it and that was all that mattered at the moment.

No one else needed to know and Bonnie would find out soon enough – he would make sure of it. She does know that she's my 'true love', so she shouldn't be all that surprised. However, he experienced himself how stubborn his little witch could be. Those mind tricks she loved to play on him did hurt quite a bit.

The last few days Damon had used every excuse he could think of to be around Bonnie every chance he got. At first, she didn't behave any different to the time before – a bit icy and short towards him but nothing new. Then, she was pissed and even started to yell at him in the middle of a street. Now, she didn't react to him at all. It seemed as if she came to terms with the fact that they crossed paths continually. If the witch suspected anything she kept quiet.

Stefan was a different case. He was the only one who seemed to be curious about Damon's behavior – or not. He always wanted to know where I went, what I did and who. If he weren't my brother I would think he had the hots for me. Since Damon's recovery it got worse. Now, his brother asked him about every little detail of his life and even how Bonnie was doing. Why should he know? He and the witch weren't friends before. It all changed when he'd laid there dying. However, Stefan's new sparked interest seemed strange.

Nevertheless, Damon had no clue how to make Bonnie his. And more importantly how to tell those teenage horn dogs to keep their eyes by themselves. Opposed to the witch, Damon saw all those glances those little boys sent her way – even if she didn't.

Until now, those high school jocks kept their distance to the witch but Damon wasn't so sure it would stay that way. After they saw that some younger boy had chances with her there was nothing to deter them anymore. Furthermore, her biggest concurrences were out of her way. Elena and Caroline were in committed relationships. There was no one she had to back off for.

This afternoon Damon pretended to take a walk and to pass Bonnie's home coincidentally – sadly, it wasn't the first afternoon he stooped so low.

History did have the tendency of repeating itself.

Damon Salvatore was the definition of a 'fool in love' – the woman didn't matter for his behavior. One thing, however, Damon did know: he found the right girl this time – and it wasn't just because he decided to trust the magic.

Bonnie knew who she was. She didn't need any of the silly little games Katherine loved to play. That bitch had a thing for brothers – or more like: for separating brothers. The vampire loved to watch the final showdown when brothers who'd used to be close fought over her. Those silly little boys she could wrap around her finger. They'd done anything for her – and that bitch got off on that power.

The most important thing for the young Bennett witch was her family – it didn't matter if blood related or per friendship. The witch would do anything to protect the ones she loved. That trait was one of the things Damon had always admired about the girl. Even back in the days when her powers hadn't been powerful she stood up to a guy who was older and taller than her. Most other people were intimidated by Damon but Bonnie hadn't backed off and had defended Caroline.

Bonnie wouldn't stand between brothers. And she wouldn't play all innocent being with one brother and lusting after the other. Even though Elena wasn't like Katherine she played with both brothers. She was like a bouncy ball bouncing from one brother to the other and claiming to love Stefan. Damon didn't doubt that she loved his brother but he didn't believe her behavior fair to him and his brother. She was his brother's love and he would do anything for her – he even offered his life for hers and that of her family. It wasn't fair to Damon either. After Elena knew the story of Katherine, what she'd done to both of them and Damon's devotion to her. Hell, even her best friend's grams died because of what Katherine had done. But the Gilbert girl couldn't pick a guy and keep another one around. And it wasn't the first time she did that either. The summer after her parents' deaths she chose Stefan but tried to keep Matt around. She had a tendency of stringing boys along.

His Bonnie wouldn't do such a thing. She would decide whom she wanted to be with and broke it off with the other one – no fooling around whatsoever. She would make up her mind before she pursuit one person.

He admired and detested that quality. How was he supposed to win a girl with such strong believes over? She knew who he was and the things she knew were enough for her to dislike him. He'd killed her grandmother, her confidant. He didn't know how she should be able to forgive him – ever. Hell, over 150 years after his mother's death and he wasn't over it yet.

How in the fucking world was he supposed to convince her?

Right now, Damon was passing the witch's house for the third time. It was pathetic. But he couldn't do anything against it. One time he'd forced himself to walk away. After a few hours in the Grill and then in the woods hunting he found himself alone in the Boarding House. Pictures of Bonnie had been passing in front of his eyes – Bonnie laughing, Bonnie smiling, Bonnie nervous, Bonnie surprised, Bonnie biting her lip, Bonnie crying. Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. It had been driving him insane.

However, alcohol hadn't been the solution this time. With every sip his longing had become more prominent until he'd found himself perched upon a tree next to Bonnie's room watching his little witch. After that he'd given up on pretending. When he wanted to see her he would.

All of his pondering, however, didn't help him. The vampire still had no clue how to make Bonnie his.

"Damon!" Suddenly, he heard his name being screamed. First, he froze in shock. Had she seen him moving up and down her street? Then he put his poker face on and turned into Bonnie's direction.

"What's going on? Are you following me?" The vampire smirked. Yeah Damon, that's probably the right way to convince her. Keep on annoying her. – Arrgh. She'll never want you.

"Because that's likely. Just because I saved your life – once again might I add – doesn't mean that I like you or that I'm now obsessed with you." The witch rolled her eyes. For once, she was glad for a vampire trait. Even from this distance Damon could clearly see her eyes.

"See, I told you so." The vampire didn't know how to suppress his snarky remarks. After all those years there wasn't any chance to be like – god forbid – Stefan.

Within seconds Damon stood in front of Bonnie invading the girl's personal space. Bonnie did visibly not feel comfortable but the man couldn't help himself. Her hair just smelled soo damn good.

"So, what we'll do about it?" Damon's voice dropped making his voice seductive as he whispered into Bonnie's ear.

A shudder went down the girl's back even though the rest of her body was rigid. The witch hated to admit it but Damon had an effect on her. Damn, he was hot. And after the whole ordeal of him almost dying and the 'True Love's Kiss' – I still can't believe that's true, it sounds like something out of a bad movie – the romantic in her started to ponder the what ifs. Finding one's true love through a kiss? Wasn't it the dream of every girl to find her 'one' in a dramatic way? And wasn't it also the dream of every girl to be sure about her 'one'?

However, that was the problem. It was Damon Salvatore she was thinking about. Someone who ruined her life and did everything he could to aggravate her. They'd never gotten along when the situations hadn't called for it. But when it did you two managed to work together. You even trusted him more than anyone else of your friends at the 60ies dance. He was the one who knew what was going on and he didn't leave you behind on the ground at the school. He took care of you. Why had her life turned out to be so complicated?

For a few seconds all they did was to stare into each others eyes. Then Damon leaned into Bonnie and inched closer to her lips. Right before their lips met a car came around the corner and shook Bonnie out of her trance. Shocked she took a few steps back. What was she about to do? This couldn't be true. Damon Salvatore of all people! Her frenemy! (Why did she listen to Caroline and all her gossip? What person uses 'frenemy'?)

"Damon, leave me alone." Bonnie had a grip on herself again. One glance in her eyes told Damon better to back off for now. The little witch wasn't joking anymore. With an internal sigh he put some distance between them.

"See you soon, Judgey. You know you can't keep your distance." The vampire winked at her and then he was gone.

Bonnie didn't know what to do or what do think. Ever since that night Bonnie couldn't leave the thought of 'what if' alone. On one hand she didn't want Damon to be her one – her worst enemy until few months ago when Klaus emerged. He was obsessive, sarcastic, put himself and Elena above everything else and challenged her on every single occasion. On the other hand he was sarcastic, he challenged her on every occasion, he protected and defended what he loved – no matter what he had to do for it. And they got along as far as they could get along. The witch didn't know how to feel about him anymore. Most of the characteristics that annoyed her about the vampire also resembled the things she found attractive about him.

Bonnie couldn't help herself but to imagine how'd it be to be Damon's love. To be the one he would do anything for to protect and defend her. Her best friends had boyfriends most of the time – they never went for a long time without guys by their sides. And now, Elena had Stefan and Caroline had Tyler. Both of their boyfriends were privy to – and even part of – the supernatural world.

On bad days the teenage witch couldn't help but wonder how'd it be to have someone there to support her. Someone who was strong and could take on everything that went on. Even though Jeremy had tried his best it was obvious that he, too, was still a teenager. He had to find himself before he could be the shoulder to cry on for someone whose life was as messed up as hers.

Though all of his flaws – and Bonnie didn't want and couldn't deny those – she knew Damon had the possibility to be that shoulder. In his arms she could feel save – the 60ies dance showed her so.

And Damon following her didn't help one bit. She tried to ignore him and to scream at him but he didn't care. So now she just went on as if nothing was out of the ordinary. However, when he was prancing along her street a few times a day she got furious. How was she supposed to think clearly with him being a steady reminder of that night and the magic she (Was it really her and not Elena?) performed.

Determined not to fall for Damon's games Bonnie made up her mind. She didn't want to risk her sanity and would stay clear off Damon. If the magic and the stories were true they would both realize it soon enough. No need to ponder the possibilities. However, the stunt Damon pulled that afternoon wouldn't get her to fall for him. It told her why she fought him that often.