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'So you think you can protect my son?' Fugaku looked the boy in front of him up and down. He certainly didn't have the posture for it.

The boy in front of him was barely nineteen years old. He had long blond hair flowing all the way to his back. A part of it was pulled up in a messy ponytail and a bang covered his left eye. His face had some feminine features, like his wide blue eyes and his full pink lips, but his jaw line and his sharp noise said he was very masculine. The rest of his body was skinny and he wasn't too tall either. No muscles on his arms, nor did he have a broad chest. How was this kid ever going to protect his son, Fugaku thought.

'I have some recommendations in my cv. You can also find a newspaper cutting in there, maybe that will persuade you.' The kid had a smug look on his face. His right leg was propped up on the chair and his arm was leaning on it, while he was biting on his thumbnail.

Itachi sat next to his father and hadn't said a thing. Many bodyguards had applied for this position, but none really had something that spoke to him. They were all too old or too tough looking. He couldn't be seen walking around with them, but this one might work.

Fugaku picked up the boys CV and started looking through it. He wasn't about to hire this boy, but he should at least look interested. He needed a good reason to turn down this boy, because he was assuming Itachi wouldn't this time. This one looked like one of his party friends and that was all he cared about. The black letter pants and the grey t-shirt with a silver chain necklace on it sure said it all.

He looked up at the boy again and saw that the blonde was looking down at something. He smiled sweetly at it. Now he remembered the boy had brought in a dog.

'May I ask you about your dog?' Fugaku asked in a businesslike tone.

His blue eyes snapped up again, smile gone from his face. 'I recommend you reading the newspaper cutting first, then we'll talk about my dog.'

This teenager annoyed Fugaku. How dare he talk to him like that. He did not have the right to do so, especially since he's applying for a job working under him. No not even under him, under his son. He had to obey his son and that meant that he also had to obey him.

Itachi softly laid his hand on his father's arm, gaining some if his attention. Fugaku looked to the side and saw the newspaper cutting pushed towards him. It wasn't a big article, but disturbing nonetheless. He looked back up at the blonde with curiosity in his eyes. What did he mean with this message?

'Did this happen to you?' The blonde looked up shocked when he heard the son talk for the first time. He would be the one he had to protect, but he didn't really seem to care.

'Yes and after that I promised myself it would never happen again,' he said, again biting his thumbnail, but no smile present this time.

'How old were you?' Itachi was pursuing this conversation to the blonde's delight.

'I was fifteen when it happened.'

'Why did it happen?' The boy's eyes shot back to Fugaku who had broken the conversation between the two, but glanced right back to Itachi after that. He would tell Itachi personally what had happened.

Deidara put his right leg back on the ground and sat straight in the chair. He cleared his throat and started with his story.

'I was a happy kid, full of energy and always running around. People noticed that and some in the wrong way. One night I was walking back from a friend's house when someone jumped out of the bushes in front of me. He started talking about how much he loved me and I responded with that I didn't love him. He didn't quite get that.' He let his voice trail of and looked back at his dog who was sitting by his feet. She was looking up at him, tongue dangling out of her mouth. Her eyes showed some sort of smile.

'He threatened me that if he couldn't love me, nobody could,' he continued his story. 'I hadn't noticed the knife in his hand and when I did it was already too late. He stabbed me multiple times and finally made a large cut through my chest downwards. He left me lying there, bleeding to death. Thankfully someone found me in time and I made it out alive, but after that I promised myself nothing like that would ever happen to me again.' He looked up at the two men again, smiling at their frightened looks.

'What happened to the man?' Itachi whispered.

An evil glint adorned the blonde's eyes and the smirk said it all. 'A year later he was back again, claiming he still loved me. I was ready for him then and let's say he didn't make it out alive.'

'And the dog?' Fugaku asked, eyes glazed over. It seemed he wouldn't even hear the answer, but the blonde gave it to him anyway.

He petted her soft head and gave her a wide smile. 'Lilly helps me with protecting myself and of course your son if you hire me.'

'I think we've hear enough,' Fugaku said after a moment of silence. Itachi was still looking at the blonde and found him even more interesting than in the beginning. Unfortunately his father was already sending him away.

The blonde looked up with a pouted lip. Of course he wouldn't hire him. How could he even think he had a chance with the Uchihas? He stood up and started walking towards the door, Lilly right beside him. Happily she trotted after him, waiting for any demand he might have.

'Deidara Iwa, you are hired.'

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto