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'Did you send the dogs to their beds?'

'Yeah, Daisy didn't want to at first, but she went right out when she hit the pillow,' Itachi said, crawling in bed next to Deidara with only a pair of boxers on. He snuggled up against the blonde and put his nose in the soft blond hair.

He loved his new life and how everything had turned out. Deidara had made it through his heart failure, but had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks still. His wound recovered slowly, but the scar it left wasn't that bad. It looked like a little star now and it suited Deidara. He was Itachi's star in the dark nights. Deidara had been very self-conscious about the scar, but Itachi loved it and kissed it whenever he could.

When Deidara finally got out of the hospital, Itachi immediately moved out of his parent's home. They now lived in the blonde's little boring apartment, but after Itachi gave it some personality, he really felt home. They were saving up for a bigger house, somewhere in the fields, maybe close to Yahiko. Itachi liked the peace it brought and he wanted to do more with the dogs. He had been training a lot with Yahiko and could now teach the little pups to do simple tricks. He was getting there slowly, but he didn't need to be as experienced as Yahiko or Deidara, he just wanted to do stuff with the pups. He was thinking about becoming a breeder.

Deidara was picking up his old job again, but was switching to a less dangerous side of being a bodyguard. Not because he wanted to, but because Itachi had yelled at him when he even tried bringing it up. The blonde didn't really mind. He was ready for a more calm life. The things he has been through were enough for him.

'Are you feeling me up?' Deidara asked through a smile as a hand continued to caress his leg, going higher with each stroke.

Itachi bucked his hips up against the blonde's ass, letting Deidara know exactly what he was doing. 'Maybe,' he answered to the question, his lips softly kissing the blonde's neck. He sucked on the tanned skin, marking the blonde as his own.

'If you're going to feel me up, you should go a little higher,' Deidara said teasingly. With that said, the hand went higher and cupped the blonde's hardening length. Itachi gave it a firm rub, gaining a moan from Deidara. He could feel himself getting harder too, his erection pressed between the two butt cheeks.

Itachi started to kiss a little higher, humming approvingly when Deidara lifted his chin. He pressed his hand against Deidara's chest and pushed the blonde on his back, immediately crawling on top of him himself. His mouth went up from Deidara's jaw, to his cheek, ending at the other's luscious lips. His tongue slid against Deidara's teeth, asking for entrance. When the blonde granted him entrance, he moaned, letting his tongue slide in immediately. Their tongues clashed inside Deidara's mouth, wrestling each other. The blonde tried taking control, but Itachi wouldn't let him. This was the only place he was in control, the bedroom.

A smirk found his lips when Deidara let out an annoyed sigh. He didn't like the fact that he wasn't in control, but Itachi was still the bigger one and well, he still had a little more experience than the blonde. Although he was working on that fact. It was only a matter of time before he had Deidara in that hot little outfit he bought a few days ago. His cock started to throb only if he thought about it.

He growled then, the vision still fresh in his mouth and started attacking Deidara's neck. Red spots were everywhere and he would get yelled at for that later. He didn't care though, because this just was the right thing to do right now.

Deidara was on a high. Soft moans kept escaping him as Itachi's mouth found the most sensitive spots. The tongue drawing circles around his nipple, making him buck up into the raven's hips. He wanted more of that touch. How he could have ever denied himself this. Sex was one of the best things he had done together with Itachi and he loved the raven for it. Yeah, somehow he had began to love Itachi and said person wouldn't let it go. Always teasing him about it. He should just be happy that Deidara actually had feelings for him, the bastard.

Fingers slipped under the waistband of his boxers and the tips softly touched the head of his cock. Deidara moaned, thinking Itachi was a real bastard getting him turned on first and then barely touch him. He would take his revenge and tease him right back.

Deidara's own fingers found Itachi's boxers and started pulling them off, in the end forcing them off with his feet. It looked silly, but at least he got the job done. Itachi's half lidded eyes looked up at him. 'Couldn't wait any longer, huh?' he asked with a smirk.

'I can never wait. Just prep me already,' Deidara whined, pulling his own boxers down and throwing them to the side. Foreplay was so overrated. He just wanted everything right here and right now and Itachi better not deny him that.

Laughing Itachi got off him and leaned over to the nightstand where the lube was. He grabbed the tube and when he turned around he was met with a lovely small tanned ass sticking in the air. Deidara had gotten down on all fours and wriggled his ass a bit to turn Itachi on further. He knew it worked and Itachi knew that Deidara knew it worked. The sight was drool worthy.

His hand went towards the luscious cheek and squeezed it softly. Deidara turned his head and their eyes met. No words needed to be said. They couldn't wait any longer, both of them. Itachi lubed up his fingers, moaning when he thought about what was about to come. His first finger ran over Deidara's butt crack, making the blonde shiver. He slowly encircled the edges of the puckered hole. He felt his finger being pulled in, so slowly he let it glide inside of the blonde.

Deidara moaned, already liking the way he was being filled up. He couldn't wait until something bigger was in there. The finger started to slide in and out of him, but Itachi couldn't prep him enough like this, so soon the second finger joined in. First they started to scissor him, trying to stretch his walls, but after that he just thrust them in for the blonde's pleasure. Deidara kept moaning and moaning, his hips now moving along with Itachi's pace. Soon Itachi didn't need to move his fingers at all.

Itachi didn't even bother with the third finger. The way Deidara was already enjoying himself made him almost come right there. The luscious lips parted, blue eyes closed and the red cheeks. It was all such a turn on. He grabbed the little tube again and lubed his hard cock up. He groaned due to sudden attention he got and he really needed to feel that warm heat now.

He turned towards Deidara again, but the ass was missing now. He frowned as Deidara's face came closer and closer to his own. The blonde kissed him softly and pushed him down on the bed. So the blonde was going to ride him. He really did teach Deidara right. He smirked up at the blonde and usually he would get a blushing face back, but not this time. Deidara smirked right back. What was the boy up to?

Deidara placed his hips above Itachi's cock and lined him up, the head pressing against the blonde's prepared hole. He locked eyes with the raven and when Itachi thought Deidara was never going to move and he let his breath go, the blonde slid down in one go. They both moaned loudly, Itachi grabbing Deidara's hips and squeezing them hard, probably leaving bruises for him to get yelled in the morning.

They both held still now, trying to catch their breaths. Then Deidara placed his hands on Itachi's chest and lifted himself up as a test. This went alright, but the hands on his hips kept him down. It did feel good to do this himself for once. He should place his hands somewhere else. He picked the hands of his hips and placed them on the bed, his own hands keeping them down. He was now leaning back a bit and he could see the black eyes sliding down from his face to the place where they were connected.

Again the blonde lifted his hips up and Itachi's mouth went open in a moan, his eyes still fixed on his own cock. He couldn't pull away. The way he could see himself sliding in and out of Deidara. The hole was opening up for him, so he could enter properly. Deidara let himself fall down on Itachi's cock and moaned loud himself now, but he was doing this to tease Itachi, not for his own pleasure, not yet.

Deidara kept up the slow pace, because he knew Itachi hated it. The hands under his own were trembling and Itachi was growling once in a while. He wanted more attention and so he would get it. Deidara squeezed his walls together, making it feel like he was pushing out Itachi. The raven moaned, throwing his head back in the pillow. He kept squeezing, but was now sliding up and down again. Itachi shivered. He couldn't move anymore. It was such a strange feeling, but also so pleasant. Where the hell did Deidara learn such a trick?

The blonde got a bit tired, so he let his muscles relax again and slid down hard on Itachi's cock. Suddenly a very loud moan came from his mouth and Itachi got a bit worried, but as soon as he wanted to do something, Deidara was lifting himself up again. He kept pushing himself down hard, letting out the same loud moans. Deidara had found his own prostate and didn't even care about Itachi's pleasure anymore. It was all forgotten.

Itachi found his hands released again as Deidara placed his own on the raven's chest. Lifting himself up again and forcing himself down. They way Deidara face looked, a look of pure bliss. It was amazing, his mouth hanging open and a bit of drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth. The blonde wasn't paying attention to him, so Itachi saw this as his change. He threw his arms around the blonde's neck and pulled him down. Deidara's head laid on Itachi's shoulder and he couldn't really move anymore. He wanted to pull back, but he knew what good things were about o come.

Itachi placed his feet on the bed and lifted his hips up a bit. His hands grabbed one ass cheek each. Immediately he set a quick pace, because that was the way he liked it. He pounded into Deidara's ass and the blonde was practically screaming. Itachi hit Deidara's sweet spot with every thrust and the blonde was about to come. He could feel the walls clamp down again, but this time it was preparing him for something.

Suddenly Deidara bit down hard on Itachi's neck and the raven could feel Deidara come on his stomach. He was close himself, the bite driving him over the edge. He pushed in fast a couple of times and then came deep inside of the blonde, riding his orgasm out in the end.

They stayed in each other's arms, trying to catch their breaths. Deidara lifted himself up a bit and looked into Itachi's eyes. 'I love you,' he whispered against the raven's lips.

'I know you do,' Itachi said back, teasing the blonde again.

Deidara let his head fall down in Itachi's neck again. 'Stop doing that,' he said, his words muffled out by Itachi's hair.

Itachi laughed softly and then it grew all silent again. 'I love you too,' he said when he knew Deidara had calmed down again and didn't feel so embarrassed anymore. A pair of arms was wrapped around his neck and he was pulled closer to the blonde. They hugged tightly and fell asleep like that, dreaming about their long life together.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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