I Do Not Own Bones or Jurassic Park

I got this idea when, watching Jurassic Park III, and simultaneously looking the movie up on IMDB, I found out the character Billy's last name was Brennan.


Temperance Brennan looked up from the body she was examining as her name was called. She found a blond haired man in a business suit standing besides Dr. Saroyan.

"Yes?" she asked.

"I'll just leave you two," Cam said, moving away, Leaving Temperance and the man alone on the platform.

The man held out his hand. "I'm glad too meet yo Dr. Brennan. I'm Ben Neil, from the State Department."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Neil," Temperance said, taking off her gloves before holding out her hand to shake Ben's hand. "But why are you here? I doubt the State Department is interested in her," she gestured to the remains on her exam table.

"And you'd be right," Neil said sadly. "I'm here about your brother."

Temperance sighed and moved to sit down in a rolling chair. "What's Russ done this time?"

"Your other brother," Neil clarified. "William."

Temperance looked up at the man sharply. William, or Billy as he was often called, was the youngest of the three of them. They had, sadly, been separated when they entered the Foster system. But after she had gotten out, she had gotten him out. Last she knew, he was in Montana working as as assistant at dig sight with his paleontology professor Dr. Allen Grant.

"Why would the State Department be interested in Billy?" she asked.

Neil sighed. "A couple days ago, your brother, along with several other people, including Dr. Allen Grant, went down to Costa Rica, specifically to Isla Sorna."

Temperance felt her breath catch. Isla Sorna had become world famous after what was dubbed "The San Diego Incident," as the only place in the world, aside from Isla Nubar, to have living breathing dinosaurs. It was also a very dangerous place and access was forbidden by the Costa Rican government. If Billy had gone there...

"The Costa Rican government will not be filling charges on your brother, as it appears both he and Dr. Grant were hoodwinked into going to the island. But while there, your brother was severely injured. He's in an intensive care unit down in San Jose, but the doctors say he'll live."

Temperance sighed in relief that her brother was alive. "Can you tell me what hospital?"

"I can have the information e-mailed to you by tonight," Neil informed her.

"I would appreciate it," Temperance said wearily. "Have you contacted our brother Russ yet?"

Neil shook his head. "Not yet, you were closer when we received word to pass the message on, I was going to see him after you."

"No need, I'll tell him myself."


A few days later, Temperance was walking into a Costa Rican hospital. When she arrived at her brother's room, she found him talking to an older man she recognized as Dr. Allen Grant.

"Tempe," Billy said with a smile, noticing her, causing Grant to turn around to face her.

She leveled a glare at her brother. "You have a lot of explaining to do Billy, and it had better be good." Turning to Grant she greeted. "Dr. Grant I presume."

Grant nodded and smiled as he stood to shake her hand. "You must be Temperance, Billy's told me a lot about you."


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