DISCLAIMER: Anything you recognise belongs to JKR.

A collection of drabbles written for the Alphabet Challenge on HPFC. These are spanning the Marauder Era, which I am defining as Bellatrix Black-Regulus Black, and I'm going to try and cover at least a dozen different characters.


Alpha male. He is an alpha male, calm, confident, suave. So why was it that every time that pretty red-head walked past he lost all ability to speak coherently or walk in a straight line? Sirius was still laughing at him for walking into a pillar two days ago because he had been staring at the way her cloak spilled across her back instead of the path in front of him. Thank Merlin she hadn't been looking back at him.

His Quidditch fame had brought him female admirers aplenty, and every word he said to them had them sighing and fluttering their eyelids. What was so different about Evans, who barely acknowledged his presence, read a book through their last inter-house match where he scored thirteen goals and had even turned down a date to Hogsmeade in front of half the school. Too busy studying, she had said, even though OWLs weren't until next year. He just couldn't understand what her problem was.