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Set after Emilee's grandfather has given Joey back to Albert and it's all about the journey they take together home.

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Chapter 1

Albert's POV

He's back. After everything we've both been through I finally have my Joey back.

I found him again in the war and then he got taken away from me to be sold and then he got returned again. I feel bad for Emilee's grandfather, the war has taken everything from him but I'm glad he returned Joey to me because with me is where he belongs.

So now we all get to return home but I just wish my best friend Andrew could be here and go home too, he came so close to surviving and going home but just that one gassing in the trench we were in stole his life. I feel slightly guilty that I survived it and just have big red marks below my eyes that will eventually fade and many others died, no-one deserves that.

Were waiting to get on the boat where me and Joey are going to have to be separated but I will be going to see him as much as possible down in the lower parts of the ship where the horses are kept. The only thing that's keeping me going is the fact I know that when the boat docks in England we will both be able to return home to Devon and the farm where we both belong. Even if that does mean doing work on the farm again, but we went to the war and we're both going home so I think everything will be ok.

I just can't wait to see mum and dad again, they're going to be so shocked I found Joey because they told me I never would and that he was probably dead and that even if he was still alive my chances were a million to one of finding him.

But they were wrong.

Joey's POV

So me and Albert get to return home now. I know we've both had a rough journey in this war but now I'm beginning to think that it was all worth it. I finally get to go back to my normal life of living on the farm and ploughing the fields with Albert.

The only bad thing about going back is the long journey on the ship where me and Albert have to be separated again even though he will be coming to see me, I hope anyway but I know that when we get back we can be together just how we used to be.

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