Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid was the last two at the bar they both been knocking one drink after another and now Spencer was seeing two Derek Morgan "I think I've had enough, when I start seeing one of you again I know I'm okay." Spencer said banging his head against the bar, Morgan laughed

"We better get you home pretty boy." He smiled as he stood up from the door a little less drunk that his friend, enough that he can only see one Spencer and can walk "I think we need a cab." He smiled picked up the dunking man, Morgan has got Reid to come out and chill for a few hours stop thinking and relax have some fun and Reid did just that and now he is in a state where he will do something he could regret,

"Do you know that I have a rare gene that could get me pregnant I mean I never tested it out to find out if it works or not, buuuuuuuuut if that is the case Morgan it mean I can't have kids the normal way." He giggled as he held onto his large muscular friend; Morgan looked at him and raised an eye brow

"Really wow full of surprises you are." He grinned "So if this is the case you can have sex with a woman and they would never end up pregnant if you can."

"Yep, that is what I was told." He said, and then Morgan said something that in his normal state of mind would have maybe thought it not said it

"How about we put this rare gene to the test?"

"W…What?" Reid giggled looking up to him; Morgan licked his lips as he looked at the small thing doctor next to him

"What do you think?" he gave him a smirk.

They got to Spencer home and as soon as Morgan was thought the front door he had pinned Spencer to the wall as the two started kissing each other lungs out "T…This a bad idea."

"Yep." Morgan said as he kissed his neck sucking on his flesh under his ear making Doctor shudder "However the thought of you underneath me as I pound my cock into fill you with my seed and just the very idea of you being pregnant with my child well it just making me hard." By now Reid was a quivering mess as Morgan had his hand down the young man's trousers and is stoking him as he nipped his neck, all he could do know is nod and moan letters. Spencer was lifted up and carried into the bed room as they attacked their lips as Reid ground his hips into Morgan's feeling the man's large organ push against his making him whimper, then he was thrown onto the bed with an humph, he lay there looking up at Derek as he smiled at him his cheek flushed his shirt open and hung down his shoulder the moon that came thought the window light up Spencer's pale skin, Morgan snap and pulled Reid's trousers off in one quick movement and his boxers as well as he attack his skin with his mouths

"Mor…Morgan ah not so rough." Morgan heard him but his brain wasn't picking up the message as he moved down the thin body to the half hard cock of Spencer's and took him into his mouth "GRAAAAAAAAH!" Reid cried out bucking his hips, a growl from Morgan hand him pin his hips to the bed as the large man bobbed his head up and down, Spencer could feel himself get close he was panting and moaning loudly he was begging Morgan to let him cum and just as he felt coming the large agents pulled away from him "W…Why?" Reid whimpered "I was so close." He gasps as Morgan moved to the bath room and came back with bottle of bath oils.

Coating his fingers and the pushed one "Urrrh it feels wired." He whimpered

"I know it will get better." Morgan smiled as he kissed his hips pushing Reid's legs further apart and started moving his finger in and out of the thigh hole making him whimper, another finger was added making the young man wince at the slight pain as he felt the fingers wiggle about inside of him until he found those nerves inside of him that made Reid scream in pleasure

"AGAIN!" He begged Morgan chuckled as he pushed third finger in and started making his soon to be lover (and soon to be mother of their future child) *cough cough wink wink* as the moved against the fingers inside of him again he was getting close when the finger was pulled out of him, he moan in anger at the man's teasing but when he felt his legs getting pulled back and something big and think touch his entrance he whimpered and then screamed as the whole of Morgan's cock pushed all the way in, tears spilled down Reid's cheeks Morgan leaned down and wiped his cheeks

"Shhhh its okay it will get better baby." He whispered as he kissed him pushing their tongues as the Morgan started pull out and thrust in getting a little whimpers out of Reid and soon getting moans and then to screams as positions changed and as they fucked into wee small hours of the morning.

After that night both Morgan and Reid agree to carry on as normal and forget all about it which worked until Reid become ill, sitting in the pen working at though some paper work when he started to feel dizzy "Hey Pretty boy are you okay you look a little pale?" He asked

"Ummm yeah fine excuse me." He got up and walked to the FBI loos and threw up down the toilets, the door open behind him

"Fine my arse Reid your sick?"

"I will be fine in a minute." He said as he threw up some more

"Pretty boy this is enough you're sick we need to get you to the doctors." He grabbed Reid's arm and pulled him up and Reid snapped his arm back

"I'm not sick Derek." He hissed, Morgan looked at him a little shocked that he called him Derek "I'm not sick." He said quietly almost child like

"S…Spencer?" He asked, Reid looked down at the floor

"I told you about my rare gene." Morgan thought for a moment

"Yeah I remember something about it… why?"

"Morgan I'm pregnant now do you remember the gene." Reid said with tears in his eyes, he walked past the stun Morgan and headed towards his desk when Garcia saw the tears down his face, she grabbed him before someone saw him and pulled him into her offices "Garcia what are you doing?" Reid sniffed

"Spill your gut sweet cheeks."