"Spencer oh come on I'm sorry… Spencer? Pretty boy?" he called out as there was no sound coming from the bed room apart from sounds of the draws being open and closed "Spen come on babylet me, I am sorry I will never profile again." He called out

"Night Derek." His pregant lover called out,Morgan rested his head against the door and sighed and walked to the sofa, he winced at the thought on sleeping on the leather sofa as he was still but naked, but he was glad for throw and boxers he keeps when Spencer locks him out, he crawled onto the sofa and pulling the blankets and hunkered down to sleep the best he could. Reid woke up looking for Morgan, he remember he made him slee on the sofa, getting up he open the door and walked down the hall to the sleeping man and cilmbed onto the sofa with him

"Spencer?" Derek mumbled

"Nightmare." He mumbled

"Come here." He said pulling him closer to him and pulled the blanket over him and kissed in on the forehead.

A months later a case comes in and it didn't go down when, epically when Spencer was held captive by a nut job with a gun, this was doing nothing for Spencer stress as he sat on the floor his right hand cuffed to the pip in the room, the biting his lip Spencer took his bottle water and while the man's back was turned he poured some of it down his himself and started crying "Shut up kid!" the man growled

"I can't my water's just broke." He cried and then he gave a moan as he held his sides

"Shit shit shit…can't you hold it in?" he asked looking up Spencer gave him a death glare

"I have to have a C section, please you have to let me go." He cried, forcing tears down his cheeks, which wasn't hard for him, the man panic he didn't want to have to deal with this "Please I'm 3 months early." He sobbed, growling the masked man uncuffed Spencer and made him leave the building, giving the swat time to move in, Emily warped her arms around Spencer and helped him over to Morgan who was about to hit some poor cop for not letting him threw,

"You okay Reid? You and tiny Reid?" she asked touching the 6 month bump, Spencer smiled weakly and hugs her

"Thank you." h sob quietly, he then walked over to Morgan who held him tightly

"Baby tells you're not?"Morgan asked seeing the wet patch on the young Doctor's crotch

"No, I...I poured water down my front to get out of there, can we go now I'm sleepy." He mumbled hiding hid face into Morgan's chest,

"Can I have checked out first…please?" Spencer nodded and let Morgan lead him away to the ambulance.

9 months pregnant and two weeks late

Spencer looked down at Morgan, who was sleeping on the sofa once again and whimpered as the pain shot threw his back "Derek?" he called out softly the man gave a snore and turned over facing away from the Reid, Spencer growled and picked up a glass of water that Derek had and he poured it on him, the man woke up gasping


"Derek I need to go to the hospital." He said, wincing as he held his stomach, Morgan jumped up, tripping over the blanket and smacking his face into the floor, getting up Morgan pulled on his jeans and a white shirt and then grab his keys and ran out the door before he ran back in and help Spencer to the car.

The others were called and stood waiting while their young Doctor was having his C section, Hotch was sat there with Jack who was in and out of sleep and curled up on his side next to him, the sounds of clip clopping heals make Rossi say "Ten dollars that's Garcia with something for the baby." he said

"Make it bags and you no." Emily said smiling, just as the bouncy blonde hair woman comes down the hall, each arm loaded with bags, Emily smirked as she reached over and took the 10 form the older man

"Please tell us they are not just for the baby?" Hotch asked looking at her

"What no, I got something's for Henry too and Jack." She said handing a group of bags to JJ "What I don't want my godson getting jealous." She told them as she sat down next to Rossi.

Spencer sat in bed looking down at his baby boy, he smiled as the little hand grabbed around his finger "Look at him." Spencer said his voice tembling, Morgan looked at him and smiled back "He's beautiful." he smiled

"Yes he is." The man said touching the baby boy's hair "We never did talk about names did we?" Reid looked at him and frowned

"Oh." He said as he looked up at Morgan "W…What do you want to call him?" he asked

"Harry." He said


"It's off the top of my head." He said, Spencer nodded and rested his head on Derek's shoulder and closed his eyes

"I like it, Harry Aaron Morgan." He said, Derek looked at him "What if your father of my child I think he needs your last name." Morgan smiled at him and kissed him on the lips as he pulled out a small box from his pocket

"Here, not really sure what to say." he said as he open the box

"D...Derek?" he whimpered

"Marry me?"



"Yes." he smiles as he got a deep heated kiss again, when they pulled part, they rested their foreheads together

"Shall I let the hordes in?"

"No 5 more minutes please just us." The young genius smiled bright by and get baby Harry suck his finger as Morgan watched them.