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Chapter 1. – Sarah Braverman did it again.

Sarah and Seth was walking home hand in hand, they were on their way home from one of Seth's friends John party. From the beginning they were supposed to go and watch a movie but when John called and invited them to the party, they figured that it would be more fun to go to the party. Since it was Thursday and a school night they decided to not get to carried away but that only lasted for 15 minutes, and soon the drinks were flying everywhere, so here they were now walking home from the party hand in hand.

They reached Seth's apartment and stumbled inside once they found the key:

- "So when did your mum said you had to be home"? Seth asked.

- "At 11", Sarah said with a big laugh as they both knew that the clock was way passed 11.

- "Well maybe I should get you home now then, so you don't get in trouble".

-"Hey I'm already in trouble and my mum said that she wasn't going to wait up since its Thursday. I think it's better if I stay here tonight and besides its much more fun", Sarah answered before she leaned in and gave Seth a kiss. When they broke apart they smiled at each other before they leaned into another kiss and made their way to Seth's bedroom.

The next morning Camille was standing in the kitchen making breakfast for her family while Zeek was sitting at the table reading his newspaper. When she was finished Camille went over to the staircase to let her kids know that it was time to eat:

- "Adam, Sarah, Crosby, Julia, breakfast is done, come down and eat" she yelled.

It didn't took long before Adam, the oldest child came rushing down the stairs followed by the younger brother Crosby (he was the third child in the family after Adam and Sarah) and Julia who was the youngest of the four siblings. They all took their seats at the table and greeted their father as he put the newspaper down, and Camille came over with the porridge. The only one who was missing at the table was Sarah.

- "Sarah come down and eat your breakfast or you are going to be late for schoo"l Camille yelled up the stairs.

When she got no answer she turned to Adam.

-"Can you please go and get your sister"? Camille asked and went over to the coffeemaker to get some coffee.

Adam nodded and went upstairs to find Sarah. He walked to her door and knocked slightly, he waited for some minutes and when he didn't get any answer he knocked again, again he waited but got no answer,so he decided to open the door. He peeked inside Sarah's room and noticed that she wasn't there.

- "Mum she's not here" Adam yelled.

- "What do you mean she's not there"? Camille asked in a worried tone, "she was supposed to come home at 11 last night, are you sure she's not upstairs in the bathroom or something"?

- "Yes mum I'm sure, I've checked everywhere". Adam answered and shook his head; this was just so typical Sarah to disappear without leaving any sign or telling anyone where she was.

It didn't take long before Camille was hurrying up the stairs, she walked over to Adam who was standing in the doorway to Sarah's room and looked inside herself, she saw that Sarah's bed was untouched since she had made it yesterday morning.

- "Okey well she obviously isn't here and didn't come home last night like I told her to" Camille said with an angry and worried voice

- "Mum I'm sure she's okey, you know how Sarah is", Adam said to his mum

- "Yeah sweety I know, I just wish that at least sometimes she could come home when I told her to, well there's not much we can do here, come downstairs and finish your breakfast".

Camille and Adam went down backstairs to the family in the kitchen.

- "Where's Sarah"?, Zeek, Julia and Crosby said at once.

- "She's not here" Camille answered and took her seat at the table.

- "Oh", Zeek said with a disapproving look on his face, Julia and Crosby just stared down at their cereals. It was silent at the the table for 5 minutes before Zeek rushed over to the phone.

- "What are you doing?" Camille asked

- "I'm going to call her, what do you think I'm doing, we can't just sit here and pretend like it's okey for Sarah not to be here and that we are completely fine with her not coming home when she's supposed to".

- "I know Zeek but let's just forget about it for now and finish our breakfast the kids need to get to school soon".

- "I know Camille; they can finish their breakfast while I make a quick call".

- "Okey make one quick call" Camille said and turned around to her toast.

Zeek took up the phone and dialed Sarah's number, he listened to the tone before Sarah's voicemail came on:

Hey this is Sarah, I can't talk to you right now, I'm probably busy doing something important or something very fun or as some people I know should call it: Something very stupid. Anyway leave your message after the beep.

Zeek hung up the phone and went back to the table.

- "She didn't answer, let's finish breakfast" he said and smiled at Adam, Crosby, Julia and Camille.

Sarah woke up and slowly sat up in the bed, she turned around and looked at the clock, it was 7.30 am.

- "Oh my god, Seth wake up" she screamed and shook Seth.

- "What"? He asked with an annoyed voice.

- "It's 7.30, and it's Friday today, that means school which start at 8.00, hurry up".

- "Oh shit is it 7.30? I start work at 8.30 and I have to drop you off at school he said and bolted from the bed, here's your shirt he said and throwed it to her".

The next 15 minutes was hectic as they ran around Seth's apartment to get ready. When the finally were ready they went outside to Seth's motorcycle.

- "Do you have everything you need"? Seth asked Sarah

- "Yes I do, let's go, I can't be late to school, I'm already in enough trouble for not coming home last night". Sarah answered.

- "Okey then, here we go" Seth said and gave Sarah a quick kiss before they drove off.

Adam, Crosby and Julia were walking towards the school building after Camille had dropped them off.

- "So where do you think Sarah is"? Julia asked

-"Honestly, I don't know Jules, she could be anywhere" Adam answered.

- "I know but she shouldn't"….

Julia got cut off when they heard a high sound from a motorcycle that came rushing pass them. They watched as the motorcycle stopped with a shriek right before it hit the stairs. They saw a girl jump off the bike and take off her helmet, she shook her head to let her long curly black hair fall down her back. It didn't take long before Adam, Julia and Crosby realized that it was their sister who had been missing that morning. They watched as Sarah stumbled towards the guy who had been driving the bike, who they assumed was Seth. When Sarah reached Seth she suddenly fell to the ground, Seth immediately jumped off the bike to help her up, but when he reached the ground he fell too, for some minutes they both lay there laughing before standing up again. Seth handed Sarah her book bag and pulled out a small package from his pocket.

- "Here they're yours" he said with a smile.

- "Thank you" Sarah said and kissed him before he jumped on the bike again and drove off.

When Seth was gone Sarah put on her sunglasses because she had such a terrible headache from the hung over, and took out a cigarette from the package Seth had given her. When she had lit the cigarette she turned around and saw her siblings standing a few feet away staring at her. Oh Crap! She thought, and then she stood there waiting for Adam, Crosby and Julia who was slowly walking towards her. Adam looked very angry but also a bit worried, Julia and Crosby just looked curios.

- "What the hell do you think you're doing"? Adam screamed when he was right in front of her.

- "Uhm going to school" Sarah answered and started to turn around.

- "No I mean this" Adam said and took her cigarette.

- "Hey,give that back" Sarah said angrily

- "No way, I thought you told mum that you had stopped smoking".

- "I have, well I did or I was going to, just give me the damn cigarette it helps for the terrible headache".

- "Headache? So you're hung over? Oh that's great Sarah. First you don't come home as you are supposed to".

- "Well the clock was too much and I didn't want to wake you all up".

- "Doesn't matter, then you're not even coming home for breakfast and you don't even answer your phone when dad tries to call you. And then you show up at school on Seth's motorcycle, that you're not even allowed to ride and to top it all off you still smoke although you told mum that you had quit and you're hung over. It must have been a pretty good movie", Adam continued.

Sarah just stared at him before she said:

- "You don't need to tell me what I've done, I know exactly what I've done and how much trouble I'm in, but I'm not going to talk to you about it. See you after school" she said and started to walk towards the school.

- "Well I guess we're just going to talk about it in the car on our way home after school" Adam said.

- "I'm not going be in the car, I'm taking the bus, I don't want to be there when you're going to tell mum about this". And with those words she walked away and left Adam, Crosby and Julia outside staring after her.

- "Wow that was quite a fight" Crosby said and looked at Adam.

- "Yeah, come on we don't want to be late for class", he said and walked towards school with Crosby and Julia following him.