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Chapter 5 – returning home

A few hours after the fight Sarah found herself in the yard outside her parents' house. She stood for a while, just staring at the house until she finally decided to get it over with. With shaky legs she walked towards the door, when she reached it she put down her bags and rang the bell. She could hear her family arguing inside about who was going to open the door, after a little while she heard someone coming towards the door and she took some deep breaths to prepare herself for however it was that was going to open the door. Slowly the door swung open and Camille peeked outside, when she saw Sarah standing there she got a bit shocked, but then she slowly started to smile.

" Hi there" Camille said and smiled at Sarah

"Hi, uhm I had a fight with Seth, and didn't know anywhere else to go.." Sarah started but trailed off and started to smile at her mother

" It's fine, welcome home Sarah, we've missed you" Camille answered and stepped outside to give her daughter a hug. They hugged tightly for a few minutes and then slowly let each other out of their grips.

" come on, we better get inside" Camille said and picked up Sarah's bags as she gestured for Sarah to follow her inside.

When they came inside Sarah could hear that the rest of her family was in the living room watching television and playing boardgames. Camille put down Sarah's bags on the stairs and started towards the living room, with Sarah slowly following.

"Hey who was that at the door?" Zeek yelled and turned around in his chair to look at his lovely wife.

"It was someone that I think you will be very happy to see" Camille said and stepped aside so Sarah could walk in the room. When Zeek saw Sarah stepping in the room he smiled and stood up

"Hi there, Sarah bear" he said and gave her a hug. When Adam, Crosby and Julia heard Sarah's name being mentioned they all paused and looked up from their board game,

" Sarah you're home!" Julia shrieked and ran over to her giving her a big hug that almost knocked them over in the process. Adam and Crosby slowly got up from the table and both gave her a hug too. When they had all finished hugging her, Camille turned her,

"did you have anything to eat at Seth's place or you came her right away?" she asked a little bit concerned

" no, I didn't eat anything there, in fact we were away the whole day and we didn't even make it to the door before we had the fight" Sarah explained

" oh, then you must be starved, come one I have some leftovers from the pizza we had tonight" Camille answered and guided here to the kitchen, Sarah happily dug in and when she was finished she put her plate in the dishwasher, she then said goodnight to her parents before she went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Just as she was going to climb into bed she heard a knock on the door

"Come in!" she yelled and sat down on her bed, the door slowly opened and Adam walked in

"Hi!" he said as he closed the door after him

"Hey" Sarah answered while she looked curiously at him

"do you mind?" Adam said as he gestured to the bed she was currently sitting at

"No, take a seat" Sarah answered and patted the space next to her, Adam went over and sat down beside her.

"So, you're home again huh"? Adam said and looked at his sister

"Yeah, I am" Sarah said and looked down at the floor

"So what happened, after you took off I mean, I heard something about a fight" Adam said and scooted a bit closer to his sister

Suddenly Sarah looked up, her blue eyes starting to fill with tears

"Adam I'm so sorry that I took off and that I didn't listen to you, that was such a stupid thing to do, I'm really sorry" Sarah said as a few tears ran down her cheek


It's okey, don't worry, besides it's not the first time it happened" Adam said with a small laugh and Sarah actually laughed a little herself, they shared another hug before Sarah told him about the parties she and Seth had went to and how she had gotten tired of it and that they had had a fight outside his door and how she had realized that it was for the best to go home again. When she was finished they sat in silence for a few minutes, at last Adam got up from the bed

"Well, I'm glad you're home again, goodnight" he said as he turned and walked towards the door,

"So am I, goodnight Adam" Sarah replied with a smile, Adam smiled at her in return before he opened the door and disappeared to his own room.

The next morning Sarah woke up early, she glanced at her clock and saw that it was 06.30 am, it was Monday but everyone was free from school. Sarah stayed in bed for a while trying to go back to sleep but she gave up after 30 minutes and walked down to the kitchen. When she reached the kitchen she noticed that her dad was sitting by the table, reading his paper while gulping down the coffee, when he heard someone come into the kitchen he slowly looked up

- "oh hey, what are you doing up so early? You're free from school today you know" he said and gave her a smile.

-"Yeah, I know dad, I just couldn't sleep anymore" Sarah answered with a large smile as she sat down in the chair next to Zeek. They sat in silence for a while, Zeek finishing reading his paper and Sarah gathering her thoughts. When Zeek had read the whole paper he folded it and put it down in front of him.

-"dad, I just wanted to say how sorry I am about everything, the whole thing with not coming home after the party, lying about not smoking anymore, screaming at you and mom and taking off with Seth. It was so stupid and although I didn't realize it at the moment, I can see it now, I'm really sorry that I hurt yours and mum's feeling and that I made you worried when I just left with Seth" Sarah said and looked pleadingly at her dad.

- "Don't worry Sarah, it's in the past now, it wasn't one of our greatest moments but we, your mum and I forgive you, we always knew that you would come at last, it was only a matter of time when you would show up again, and as for the other stuff you apologized for it's okey too, we've realized that it wasn't veru successful to scream at you, next time it happens, if it happens we'll try to talk about it calmly, okey?" Zeek answered and hugged his loved daughter.

-"Okey that sounds good" Sarah answered and buried her face in her father's shoulder,

-"just promise we one thing, could you at least try to cut down a little bit on the cigarettes? Please?"

- Sure, I will" Sarah answered and let go of her dad.

- "so, what do you want for pancakes? Want me to whip up some pancakes for you?" Zeek said and started walking to the fridge,

- "Pancakes sounds great dad" Sarah answered.

- "Okey, pancakes it is then!" Zeek exclaimed and started doing the batter.

When Zeek was done with frying the pancakes he got out two plates from the cabinet, and some sugar and syrup and placed it on the table in front of Sarah. He then went to get two glasses and some milk, and then he joined his daughter at the table. Together father and daughter shared a pleasant breakfast while the rest of the house was still sleeping.