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Chapter 7 – What's happening?

A few hours later Camille pulled up outside the school to pick up Crosby and Sarah, she didn't have to wait very long before Crosby came out and walked over to the car. Once he was seated in the car, Camille turned to him:

"So, where's Sarah?" Camille asked and looked at Crosby,

" Uhm.. I don't know actually, I haven't seen her since this morning" Crosby replied and looked back at his mom.

"Okay, well I guess she'll be here soon" Camille answers and looks towards the school. Camille and Crosby waits for Sarah for 20 minutes, and when Camille is about to give up, thinking that Sarah might forgot that they were going to do errands or that she went home with a friend, she suddenly spots her walking out of the school. Camille watches her daughter as she slowly makes her way to the car with her shoulders slumped back and her eyes on the ground. When Sarah reaches the car, she slowly looks up and opens the door and climbs in.

"Hi sweetie, we thought you forgot about the errands" Camille said and smiled at her daughter.

"no I didn't, we just finished late, Mr. Stark forgot about the time" Sarah replied and looked at her mom as she buckled her seatbelt.

"okay then, let's go" Camille says as she starts the car and drives away towards the store.

At the store they are walking around picking up several items that they need for home, Crosby is very excited about some things that happened at school and can't stop talking, Sarah on the other hand is unusually quiet, lost in her own thoughts, still reflecting about the weekend. Camille noticed that something was bothering her daughter and got a bit concerned:

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Camille asked and looked at her daughter; Sarah was lost in her own thoughts though and didn't hear her that her mom was talking to her. Camille put a hand on Sarah's shoulder which made her jump a little bit:

"Oh geeze mom, you scared me" Sarah exclaimed and turned around

"I'm sorry honey but you didn't hear me when I was talking to you" Camille said and looked straight into her daughter's bright blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry mom" Sarah apologized and started to turn around but Camille stopped her.

"Want to tell me what's bothering you?" Camille asked and smiled encouraging at her oldest daughter.

"No it's fine, really it's nothing" Sarah dismissed.

"Sarah, come on, I know you and I can tell that's something bothering you" Camille pleaded.

"Okay fine, I was just thinking about everything that happened this past week, everything is completely screwed up, and I just hate it" Sarah said in frustration with tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Aaaw honey, I know, come here" Camille said and gave her daughter a hug; they stayed like that for some minutes until Sarah had calmed down a little.

"So what do you say we buy some ice-cream and talk a little more at home?" Camille asked and looked at Sarah who started to smile.

"Sure, sounds great" Sarah said and walked over to the freezers to pick up the ice – cream.

30 minutes later Camille pulled into the driveway of their home and turned off the engine, all three off them got out of the car and got inside to out all the groceries away. When the task was finished Camille started on the dinner, and Crosby and Sarah went upstairs to start their homework. After a little while the front door swung open and Adam and Julia came leaping home.

"Hi, mom we're home!" they both exclaimed at the same time and gave their mother a hug.

"Hi you two, how was practice?" Camille asked and hugged her children back.

"It was great! It was pretty easy today, ooh and do you know I'm competing in a swim meet next week and it's pretty big" Julia exclaimed happily.

" Wow, honey that's really really great" Camille said and smiled at her daughter, she then turned to her oldest son.

"And how about you Adam? Was your baseball practice good?"

"Yes, it was good, we're going to the finals" Adam said and smiled a very similar smile to the one that Julia had smiled when she told her mom about the swim meet.

"Wow! I'm so happy for both of you" Camille said and smiled once again. "Could go and get your siblings? Dinner is ready?" Camille asked.

"Sure, mom, no problem" they said and ran upstairs.

15 minutes later the whole family was seated at the dinner table enjoying a well cooked dinner.
"This is fantastic" Camille Zeek said and smiled at his wife.

"Thank you" she said and smiled back at him.

"Yes, mom it's really good" Julia, Crosby, Adam and Sarah all assured her.

"Thanks, I'm glad you like it" she said as they continued eating. A comfortable silence fell over the table, only interrupted a few times with talk about school, sports, TV shows etc.

After dinner Camille and Zeek was cleaning up in the kitchen while the kids were upstairs. Sarah sat in her room and had just finished her homework. Bored out of her mind she glanced at the book lying on her bedside table; it was the book that she was currently obsessed with "The sound and the fury". Sarah slowly got up from her chair at the desk and went over to her bed and picked up the book and started to read it. After a while she started to feel very ill and rushed to the bathroom, she just made it to the toilet before she started to throw up. As she stood there with her head over the table she could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and towards the bathroom. A few seconds later the bathroom door opened and Camille peeked her head inside. Camille was a bit shocked by the sight that hit her, she had heard some strange sounds from the bathroom upstairs and had went up to check if everything was alright, she hadn't expected to find Sarah bent over the toilet throwing up. Camille shut the door again to give Sarah a minute to freshen up. After a few minutes she hears the toilet flush and then the tap being turned on and off.

Sarah slowly makes her way to the door, knowing that her mother is outside waiting for her; she opens the door and stares at Camille.

"Sarah, honey, how are you?" Camille asked with a very concerned voice.

"I'm fine mom, I just felt a little bit ill" Sarah answers and looks at her mom.

"Oh okay, maybe you got the flu or something, I think it's best that you stay home from school tomorrow if that would be the case so you don't infect other people and so you can get some rest" Camille says and looks at her daughter who actually does look a bit sick.

"Okay, thank you mom" Sarah says and gives Camille a hug before she goes back to her room.

"Of course sweetie, you're welcome" Camille says as she watches Sarah go back to her room. When Sarah has shut her door Camille turns around to go back downstairs, but she stops when she sees three very curios kids peeking their heads out from their rooms.

"Mom…. What's wrong with Sarah?" Julia her youngest asks and looks at Camille.

"Nothing sweetheart she probably caught the flu" Camille says and looks back at all the three of them.

"Ah okay" Julia says and goes back into her room. Adam and Crosby just nods and also goes back inside their room as Camille goes downstairs.

Later that night when everyone is sleeping Sarah wakes up and feels very ill again. She runs to the bathroom and repeats the things she did that afternoon. When she's done and is about to leave the bathroom something in the bathroom cabinet catches her eye. She stops and stares at the box with leftover pregnancy tests since Camille was having Julia. Standing there Sarah thinks about what her teacher had told them about pregnancy in class that day. Slowly Sarah picks the box up and stares at it.

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