Ok, here's the next one in the present and I've played around with the dates which you'll notice in a few chapters.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter was not having a good week. Getting back from the Tri-Wizard Tournament was all fine and dandy, but the Durlsey's have been ruthless in their crusade for having the most fashionable, cleanest, and best looking house and lawn in the neighborhood. It was the day before his birthday and he was exhausted to the bone. Mowing, weeding, re-shingling the roof, cleaning the windows, sides, trimming the hedges, waxing and polishing the car, were just some of the chores Harry had to do.

Grumbling, Harry pulled out the last visible weed he could find. Standing and brushing off, Harry quietly snuck in the back door while tip toeing around his Aunt to get to his room. He closed his bedroom door and sank down on his mattress.

Picking up a small mirror, he stared at his reflection. People say he only has his mother's eyes and nothing else. His father stared back back through the mirror, almost mocking him. Dropping the mirror to the floor, he ran a hand through his scruffy hair that stuck up everywhere.

Picking up a book, Harry started reading it, not caring it was full of children stories, and lost himself in it. Harry had a flash, he saw a woman with dark eyes, holding him and cooing. Frowning, Harry almost dropped the book. His mother had green eyes but, there was something familiar, something, intimate, about them. Brushing it off, he went back to his book.

Losing himself again, Harry didn't notice that it was now dark and owls were sweeping in. Hedwig gave an annoyed hoot, startling Harry. Looking at his clock, it read 12:19. He's been fifteen for nineteen minutes already. Taking the parcel from Hedwig, she gave his ear a nip of annoyance while he was untying the package.

"Yes, I'm sorry for ignoring you Hedwig." Harry started undoing the parcel when another owl came.

"That's Siruis, Ron and Hermione now. Are they at the same place?" Harry said to himself. Considering the fact, he ripped open the letters and was disappointed that they only said happy birthday and that they wish they could come and get him.

"Some friends!" Harry scoffed. He didn't bother opening the packages and went to sleep.


Rapping. Harry tried tuning out the sound, but was slowly losing patience. Groaning, he turned over and swung his legs over the bed and was on auto pilot while dressing.

"I'm coming," Harry said annoyed. Slipping the cast offs that were Dudley's, Harry opened the door and was staring at his Aunt Petunia's face.

"Well, get started on breakfast! Then we have a list of chores to be done for today."

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry replied duly. That was how his days went. Get up, fix the Dursley's breakfast, get doing the outside chores, make lunch, do indoor chores, make supper, do dishes then go to bed.

This system went on for almost two weeks. Harry was lying on his bed after being woken up by a nightmare.

"Almost the 11th, I wounder if my friends will bust me out?" 11:59. 'Maybe try going back to sleep?' 5…4…3…2…1…Pain ripped through Harry's body. The Crucio was nothing like this. His inside felt like it was on fire and pain was raking at his body. The pain lessened and Harry was left on his bed panting. Looking over at his alarm clock, it read 12:20. 'Didn't think it was that long,' he thought. Staring at the birthday packages he has yet to unwrap, he placed them under his floor board and went back to sleep.


Aunt Petunia was at Harry's door again. Sighing, he dutifully got up and dressed.

"I'm coming." Harry opened the door, fully expecting to be yelled at. Instead, he found his Aunt gaping at him.

"What happened to you?" she asked, in a very rare moment of compassion.

"I don't know. What are you talking about?"

"You've changed. Your face, hair, everything!" Harry looked at her curiously.

"Can I sneak out today to find out?" At least Harry would be gone. He's been trying all summer.

"Fine. Be back to make supper though. I guess we'll have sandwiches for lunch. Now, get breakfast done then you can leave, and don't burn anything!"

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry trudged down the stairs and started making breakfast for his relatives.

An hour later, the whole house shook as Dudley came thundering down the stairs. He sat down between two chairs (or Gutzilla as Harry would sometimes call him), because one would break from his weight. Harry placed a small mountain of food in front of Dudley who wouldn't notice Harry steal a small portion onto his plate and started inhaling it. Before his Aunt and Uncle came down, Harry was already washing his dishes when he heard thundering coming down the stair when his Uncle appeared to a pile of food.

Harry escaped outside into the coolness of the air, knowing that it'll get very hot in a few hours. Double checking that he had money, Harry snuck around to Mongolis Cresent to one of the alleys and cautiously put his arm up and wave his wand. Stepping back, the violet knight bus appeared.

"Welcome to the knight bus. Emer-"

"Diagon Alley," Harry interrupted. He wanted to get out of there after having a feeling that he was being watched. Climbing on, the bus took off with a bang. Harry grabbed onto a pole while trying not to fall everywhere. The bus had three stops before Harry so he would brace himself before smashing into the pole. After what seemed like an eternity, Harry made it to his stop, Diagon Alley. Getting off, Harry looked around at everything. It still seemed so bright and cheerful.

Worried that he would be recognized, Harry quickly slipped into the Leaky Cauldron and made his way to the bathroom where he stared at the mirror. He yelled in shock at what he saw. He looked nothing like Harry Potter. The only reminder was the lightning bolt scar. Happy with that, he did a fast walk up to Gringotts and went up to on of the tellers.

"Harry James Potter wishing to see his account." The goblin looked up and beckoned another goblin forward. Following the goblin, Harry saw armour lining the walls and gold door frames instead of wood. They came to a door and the goblin knocked.

"Come in." The goblin swung the door open and ushered Harry inside.


"Mr. Potter, I wouldn't of thought you would recognize me."

"How could I forget the first Goblin who showed me my vault?"

"It's rare, that a wizard would remember a Goblin's name, let alone recognize them on sight."

"Good thing I'm not like other wizards."

"Indeed. Now, I presume you came for a reason?"

"Yes, is it possible to get an inheritance after your fifteenth birthday?"

"No. When did this happen?"

"Around 12:10 this morning which is why it confused me because my birthday was almost two weeks ago."

"Well Mr. Potter, we can do a parental scan and see what the problem is. Now, I will need seven drops of blood on this parchment."

"What is it with Goblins and blood?" Harry took the dagger and pricked his finger, counting out seven drops of blood. The parchment stared glowing and Griphook snatched it when the glow subdued. His eyes grew wide when he addressed Harry, who was getting antsy.

"Here's your problem. Your birthday is today."

"That's impossible! I was born at the end of July."

"Here, see for yourself." Griphook handed Harry his results making Harry break out into hysterics.

Good, bad?