Author's Note

This is meant as a mental exercise, inspired in the wake of reading the first novel of the Twilight series. I believe the universe presented by Ms. Stephenie Meyer holds some potential, and it might have been a better book if some changes had been made to the heroine. I have heard many terms attributed to Isabella Swan (some of them not at all nice), and I think that with a few tweaks to herself and the so-called vampires that inhabit the Twilight world, what currently stands as a bland, melodramatic attempt at paranormal romance may instead make a thrilling horror story. I'm not sure where this story will go, but writing by the seat of my pants should be fun. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Yes, this is sort of a fix fic. Yes, this is a horror story. So, if you don't like reading vampire fiction where the vampires are not angsty, bishonen sex gods but rather undead monsters that feed on the blood of the living, or if you are Team Edward in general, I recommend you read a different Twilight fic. You have been warned.