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A/N: After reading several Finnick stories, this idea popped into my head.

Finnick Odair: Zumba Instructor

"Well, we have to think of how to get the rebel forces in shape quickly." Boggs said. He was in Command with the rebel Victors and D13 military leaders two weeks before they were supposed to go to the Capital.

"They run around with weapons. Those are pretty heavy." Beetee remarked.

"Well, people are starting to get bored with training." Johanna pointed out. "They feel like they're never going to get in shape enough to get to the Capital."

"Ok - so we need some sort of exercise routine that will boost morale." Boggs thought out loud.

"Tug of War?" Peeta suggested timidly.

"Peeta - these are former Hunger Games Victors you're training." Katniss pointed out. "If someone thinks someone else cheated, they could strangle someone with the rope."

"Oh... yeah..." Peeta said sheepishly.

"Good point, my dear Catnip." Gale said. The boy with the Bread delivered a swift kick to Gale's shins under the table. "Umm... who will be leading said exercises?"

"Finnick." Annie said grinning. "He knocked me up on our wedding night, so he can't go to the Capital." Finnick blushed. "If any of you guys try and dispute me, I'll scream in your ears for hours on end!" Ok. No one wanted to argue with crazy Mrs. Odair.

"Um... so, who's heard of Zumba?" Finnick asked the group.

The stereo was blasting upbeat hip-hop music as Finnick adjusted his microphone he wore around his head. He attached the battery pack to his "shorts" which were a fishing net wrapped strategically around his hips. The other victors and soldiers-in-training stood in several lines facing him. "Alright people! Let's get this party started!"

"I hope you tied your net tight enough for this, Finnick!" Johanna quipped.

"Why? Is this... distracting?" Finnick asked thrusting his hips around. "Ok - right travel!" He said as none other than LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It began playing. "Don't worry if you can't wiggle like me yet - you're strengthening your core!" Everyone laughed as they did some hip and torso shaking before doing a quick 'salsa' while waving their arms. Soon everyone was getting warm and sweaty. "Shake your hips, guys!"

The hour passed quickly. Even the most fit trainees were sweaty after stomping their feet, waving their arms, pumping and shaking their torsos, and swinging their hips and shoulders. "How we doing over here?" Finnick asked dancing through the sweaty bouncing crowd.

"WOOO!" The back of the room cheered.

"And over here?" Finnick danced diagonally to the front corner of the room.


"And let's let Boggs hear us in Command if you want to do this again!" Finnick cheered back at his Instructor position.

"WOOOO HOOO!" Everyone cheered. They were dancing to the song Sexy and I Know It for the third time.

"Ok, fellow Victors, you know the line, say it with me!"

"I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!" They all cheered in unison while dancing with their hands in the air.

Yes, Finnick Odair as a Zumba Instructor would satisfy the rebellion's needs perfectly.