Well, I'm doing yet another fanfiction that I shouldn't be doing. Heh, c'est la vie. I couldn't resist trying my hand in the DragonFable section. There's just so much you can do with the story…you know? Anyway! I do not own DragonFable. It's probably for the best, I'd make some of the names and lines so much cheesier.

~~~~All Hail Eccentricity~~~~


Just die! Die!


The final scream jolted me awake. Heartbeats thudded in rhythm with the headache that followed such a vivid nightmare. Rubbing my eyes, I began to feel the consequence of my 'bed' for the night—a rather old tree with a stiff trunk. My senses gradually returned as I noted the dying heat of cinders and embers that were the previous night's fire. Further out was the horizon painted with a palette of warm oranges and pinks.

I was grateful towards daybreak…It always seemed to be the one thing that always rescued me from the darkness. Within the blackness lie the faces warped with hatred and fear that sprouted curses. Memories of sorrow intertwined with the bittersweet fragments of life also hid themselves amongst the unknown. Always…they threatened to drown me within their depths. Sometimes I nearly succumb. Yet, it was always the first hints of the next day that saved me from the night's haunting.

A shiver runs through me as the chilliness of the morning settled. The dew on my pants did not help as I shook off the stiffness from sleep. I pulled my boots up before refastening the dark red cloak I wore. It flapped in the wind for a moment before covering my black clothing. Burying the fire pit and collecting my twin daggers, I left no trace that anyone had been there.

I trained my eyes towards my destination, a structure that seemed to be reaching for the skies. A large bird stood proudly atop the tower with its wings spread. Falconreach. It was a place to get a fresh start for wanderers or vagabonds such me. I could only hope my past or my reputation hadn't followed me here. All I wanted was a blank slate—a chance to move forward.

Suddenly, leaves rustled, alerting me that I wasn't alone. I drew my hood so that my eyes and most of my face were obscured. Using my daggers, I scaled the tree and waited. Below sounded like rocks banging against each other, moving swiftly.

"C'mon priestess!" the sound was a bit high-pitched. Panting came closer until it was underneath my perch. There I saw the owner of the voice: a red moglin wielding a tiny staff. Besides him was the vision of regality. It was a woman garbed in pure white trimmed with gold. Silvery locks could be seen from underneath the hood she wore. A black colored box lay in her arms as she looked which direction to go.

What's got them worked up? I wondered as I leaned closer. The answer came soon after as the source of the rattling rock sound approached. It was a beast composed entirely of stone with blue eyes and a stone in the middle of its head. Never in my life had I seen that thing. What was it? It gave a gravelly roar (that was a horrible pun) as it cornered the lady and the creature.

The moglin, bravely (or stupidly), put himself between his companion and their assailant, "Don't worry priestess, I won't let him hurt you!"

Good luck with that, I mused as I prepared to simply flee via the trees. However…I was stopped as that person's words rang in my head,

"Doesn't everyone need to be helped sometime?"

Mentally, I groaned. I felt that I would soon regret my actions, cursing that person's hero complex. It had to be contagious as I geared my mind towards how to deal with the rock monster coming towards the defenseless lady and moglin. I crouched with my daggers in each hand waiting until the creature was directly below me. It gave another screech as I jumped onto it.

My arms were wrapped around its exterior, one my daggers going for its neck…then I realized there was no neck. It initially was stunned by the sudden assault but it regained its senses as its hardened skin grabbed my wrists. The strength difference between us became clear as he lifted me like a rag and tossed me effortlessly.


Bark and wood was knocked into the air was I smacked into the tree over 30 feet away. My daggers flew from my hands. The impact left me breathless as I landed gracelessly on the ground. I tried pushing myself off the ground when my right wrist throbbed. It looked a grotesque blue and purple. Probably broken.

Looking up, I noticed that the giant hunk of rock approaching, his path leaving tracks in the earth. It towered over me, its arms raised to batter my body further. As the bouldering arms swung down, I rolled to the left to grab onto the hilt of one of my blade. I thrust it into its arm. A cry of pain let me know I was successful…but my dagger wouldn't budge. Deciding to abandon it, I dodge rolled around the hunk of rock as its free arm tried swatting at me. The other dagger was still another 6 feet away from me with my opponent right behind. I dove for it. As the coolness of weapon was in my hands, I felt a pull on my leg.

This thing just doesn't give up. It pulled me closer while I scrambled for a plan. My eyes fell on the dagger embedded in the rocky exterior. Maybe…I could chisel it. With my free leg, I stomped at the hilt to dig the blade deeper. It wasn't the sharpest weapon I've had but it had to do. The creature lifted me upside down and screeched in my face. Then it was spinning me around.

I ignored my dizziness to concentrate on the lodged dagger.


What the hell are you made of? Steel?


Dammit, break! Crumble! Something!


Ugh, I'm getting sick!


The breaking rock sounded like branches snapping. I smirked in satisfaction as the rock's arm broke off. My victory was short lived as I flew back. I forgot that the arm was holding me up…I groaned, "Ow…I will be feeling that in the morning. Oh wait, it's still morning."

Looming above me was that gargantuan. Though its eyes were like blank gems, I could sense this thing was displeased with me. With its remaining arm, it lunged towards my vulnerable body. I forced my feet up to roll backwards as the punch landed on the ground. The earth trembled. Chunks of rock darted upward, scratching my exposed skin and reaching into my hood and hitting me in the head. Spikes of soil and dirt were forming as fast I could manage with one good hand.

I had to cede that my skill for this class still lacking. If I still committed myself to my magic studies, I would've already reduced this elemental to dust. This fight had already gone on too long and I idled enough time. Though I wanted to keep this ability stashed away—I was starting over after all—I figured that just this once couldn't hurt. As my eyes stared at the earth elemental, I made my decision.

I would end this with this next blow.

At this point it was me and the beast squaring off, measuring the other's ability. Between us was the battle-scarred ground. Its stony face (dear Night Angels, not again) bore into the shadow where my face should've been. Something about the elemental radiated arrogance. I was defenseless, my daggers were scattered too far for me to reach and I was injured. But, I must've surprised it with either stupidity or boldness as I made strides towards it. Jumping onto a long earthy spike, I pushed myself off it to launch towards it. My hands were extended as I muttered an incantation. As I neared its belly, gales picked up around my hands. They formed a large tendril that drilled into the elemental. It couldn't even shriek before its body burst into boulders and dirt.

Using my wind-covered hands, I thrust myself onto my feet. I brushed off as much dust as I could manage. Then I inspected myself to see the damage. Besides some bumps and cuts, there was no real damage. A throb then reminded me of my broken wrist. What a way to start the day. I sighed, preparing to collect my daggers when both were presented to me.

Before me must've been a picture of beauty. The lady—priestess, I reminded myself—offered my weapons, her gray eyes staring in my direction. Her hood was removed, allowing her silver-whit locks to cascade to her hips. Her face showed maternal gentleness with wizened eyes framed in them, "I thank you, good rogue, for saving us."

I nodded as I took my blades. I turned to leave when she called, "May I know the name of my savior?"

Hm…that was a good question. I vowed that I'd cast my name along with my magic. I was a mage no more so that identity shouldn't be used. Finally, I responded, "My name is…Rune."