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~~~~All Hail Eccentricity~~~~

The priestess seemed to process the impromptu name for a moment. I don't even know where I discovered the name. It merely appeared in my had. My thoughts on my new alias subsided as I noticed the woman grasp the folds of her robe as she curtsied, "You have my thanks, Rune."

"It's nothing," I responded, scratching my head. I wasn't accustomed to the gesture so I didn't really know how to answer. Suppose that's what happens when you're a 'country bumpkin', "happened to be a good warm up is all."

I mentally scolded myself for the rough tone I gave. Sounded like an asshole looking for some damsel rather than asking for no thanks. Way to go, idiot. Tucking my daggers back on my hips, I stretched, "But since it's gone, I'll be mo-"

"Aren't you going to treat your wrist?" the woman asked. She noticed? It was swollen but not fully discolored. Furthermore, she was hidden away during the fight. How did-A jolt of pain from my injured tendon brought me back from questioning. Delicate fingers traced the perimeter of my quickly bruising wrist, "Please allow me to at lest do this much."

Her hand rested on mine. A light emitted an aura of gold over the area. I could feel my ligaments moving back into place and I bit back any throbs accompanying it. When the glow died, my wrist felt a little sore but otherwise unbroken. To test this I made circular motions. When I glanced back towards the priestess, she reported, "It is all I could do."

"This is fine," I told her. That was when her moglin companion appeared from the folds of her dress, "Ya sures? That earth elemental seemed to slam you around hard. But you were amazing, taking it down with just one hit!"

The moglin moved towards me, trying to give some sort of praise. Uncomfortable with all this thanks, I sidestepped the approaching moglin. Rather than accepting the compliment, I commented, "And I think it's for things like that that I don't think this forest is the place for a little moglin and a priestess."

"Hey!" the moglin called. The priestess called, "No, Twilly, he is correct, but I assure you," she directed her words to me, "we shall navigate without much difficulty anymore."

Though neither they nor I could see the face I made, I'm fairly certain it was clouded with doubt. They couldn't even fight off an elemental and that was one of the simpler beings to encounter. I had cause for said doubt.

Grey eyes stared towards me. It sounded cliché but with that gaze, I felt as if she could see through me. As if my being was laid bare. That…that was terrifying in feeling as there were things about myself I rather keep obscured. She smiled gently as she acknowledged my discomfort. In a melodic tone she said, "You have a kind heart, Rune. Thank you for your concern but we really will be fine."

"Observe," The woman raised a hand to the sky. From her hand a ball of golden light formed before shooting out. It launched itself into the heavens. Then it burst into a shower of golden streaks. What? I wondered the purpose of her light how as my sights fell back on her. A smile tugged on her lips. Suddenly, the gust picked up. It was far too sudden and strange to be mother nature. A shadow blacked out the sun. A cloud? No, clouds don't come close…and aren't red…and…scaly….?!

The thing landed before the priestess. While her expression and my external demeanor remained unchanged, in my head I was screaming, HUGE BLOODY DRAGON! Just the size of the beast was intimidating! It was easily over 5 houses tall and its teeth sharper than the finest of blades. The dragon's head neared both of us, I instinctively drew my daggers-completely pathetic in comparison to my opponent, but hey, better than nothing. It laid next to the woman in white and growled in a tongue unfamiliar to me. Surprisingly, she responded in the same language before said, "Come along, Twilly. And to you, Rune, once more I thank you and am in your debt. May we meet again."

She couldn't see it but astonishment was stuck on my face. Who wouldn't? She just beckoned to a dragon that could've devoured her! Hell, she was riding said dragon. I could only watch dumbly as she settled on to its back and the beast ascending into the sky. I stared until they were little more than a speck. Then I wondered, If she could do that in the first place, why'd she come down here?

Since no answer would fall from the sky and the person-in-question disappeared, I stored away the query. Another mystery for another day. For now, it was time to unravel the mystery of traveling to Falconreach. I was told there were two ways to reach the town from here: To cross a bridge near a place known as Oaklore Keep or to navigate a haunted forest where a knight's crypt lie. Oaklore Keep, as I gathered, was my safest bet since the knights there were friendly and helpful to adventurers such as myself. Yet, Oaklore was much further north and it wasn't as direct as the forest. So what did I choose? The forest of course, few bones and spooky noises couldn't be that scary. Walking along the greenery, I went northeast until I noticed the vitality of the plant life fade. Soon I entered barren path with only rotten trees and slimy trails.

So this was the haunted forest…

~~~~All Hail Eccentricity~~~~

(Third Person POV)

"Nothing outta the ordinary," Twilly commented, "besides elementals, everything was normal. Are yas sures that something was down there, Lady Celestia?"

A solemn expression remained on the silver-haired lady's face, "I am certain, Twilly. That spike of darkness was unmissable."

The priestess, being as powerful as she was, didn't miss the sudden appearance of an overwhelming evil. However, the anomaly was the darkness vanishing as quickly as it had appeared. She wondered if it was a beacon or some sort of sign. Or possibly sowing something…? While she mused within her thoughts, Twilly commented, "Rune didn't seem to notice anything unusual."

"That would be because of him being a rogue, not a mage," Lady Celestia pointed out. It was normally the magically adept that would notice such a change in the air, meaning magic users. Yet, she held her doubts about the ability of the mysterious rogue, especially after his display with the earth elemental. She then shook her head, probably over thinking the entire matter. Although, Lady Celestia wondered if the rogue had seen or heard anything unusual. From his body language, she detected that she and Twilly were the first strange sighting he noticed all day.

It was truly peculiar, the priestess was certain of the presence of evil. One that the she found unsettling and would visit Warlic later to discuss the matter. Since now…she had a meeting with a fated adventurer.

~~~~All Hail Eccentricity~~~~

(Rune's POV)

Whirling before my opponent, my blades sliced into the Deadwood's already cracked borough. Splinters flew like confetti as the eerie lighting within the monster faded. It tumbled backward, revealing its rotting insides. I huffed, trying to catch my breath, "There's an awful lot of you all in here."

I frowned as I noticed the tears forming on the lower part of my pants, "Why do they go for the legs? Are they trees or cats?"

Maybe I shouldn't complain since there are monsters that could be worse. As if some deity wanted to prove me right, I felt a sting pierce through my cloak and strike me in the back. The hit knocked me off balance and I toppled harshly onto the dirt…and was this slime…? A shadow came over me. It flitted like a hummingbird left and right. It's one large eye staring at me. For a moment I was stunned not out of fear but fascination. What kind of monster…? Essentially it was a hybrid of a bat and an eyeball. A flying eyeball!

Its iris began to glow a bright red and spread across the entire pupil. Instinctively I rolled to the left. A stream of red shot out of its eye and darted into the dark-colored woods. Okay, a flying eyeball that shoots beams out of its eye. The creature started charging again, but this time I was ready. My blade went to slash it from the sides however it weaved around my dagger and fired at my hand. I dropped my dagger before lashing out of instinct. It let out a squeal while I retreated behind a tree.

Crafty bug, I thought as I hid from the eyeball's sights. Listening for the beating of its wings, I waited. It wasn't moving too far off. In fact, it seemed like it was flying in circles. Not that I was complaining but I am just behind the tree, all it had to do was fly around the other side. That was a telltale sign it wasn't particularly bright. If that was the case…crouching, I reached for a rock. My eyes glanced over to where my abandoned dagger lie. Taking a breath for courage, I tossed the rock to the left while I darted to the right. Diving into a roll I grabbed my dagger and noticed the eyeball went in the direction of the rock I threw. Its back turned. Now. I went in, blades whirling and struck four times-just in case it tries to be crafty again. The creature's eye seemed to pop out of its socket before dropping lifeless on the floor.

I sighed as flicked the ooze on my blade on the ground. A noxious green stain splatted on the dirt before a darkened spot appeared next to it. Then another. Then another. My head turned upward and wet splotches landed on my head. Rain? I held out my hand and waited for water to land on my hand to reaffirm what it was. And it was definitely water. Meaning, I was definitely about to soaked.

Pulling the cowl of my cloak further on my head, I prepared for make a dash for shelter. With the agility that rogues were known for, I ran as the sky darkened. The pitter patter of rain became deep plops as it beat down on my cloak. Droplets smacked my face as I sprinted. Rain formed veil, making it difficult to see. Well, more so for the monsters lurking around here, rather than me. I could sprint past Doomwoods and slimes with them none the wiser. At least I was spared the fight where I'd be blind.

The odds of finding a place to hide from the pouring rain were slim to none. Setting up shop out here would be not only dangerous but also pretty secluded. Then again, this was Lore. I heard many tales of hermits retreating to rugged areas where the abundance of monsters would deter 'visitors'. Yet, I hoped I could find something. A tree that wasn't dead or sentient. Ruins of a former shrine. Even a crypt would suffice.

Again, as if some 'humorous' god could hear my pleas, shine a ray of hope. Actually, it was more of lightning highlighting the structure. It was rather large, the off supported by long pillars. The entrance leading to the structure appeared like a miniature replica of the actual building. How the entire thing was built, I could tell it was a tomb. Though if I didn't recognize it before, I'm sure the smell of decay would've tipped me off. But hey, beggars can't be choosers…well, they could-I could-but where'd that get me?


That didn't sound good. Rolling forward, I avoided the slam of a hammer. A crater formed where I sat. My eyes looked towards my attacker. Rather than a peeved crypt keeper, I stared into the eye sockets of a skeleton. A toothless smile graced its face, "So another adventurer intrudes on my grave. Pity for you, lad, I'm having a bad day, today."

You and me both.

~~~~All Hail Eccentricity~~~~

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