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Everyone froze for a second, watching Voldemort's body hit the ground with a sickening crack. Then reality hit, and it was as if nothing had happened. The battle resumed, fights breaking out everywhere. People from both sides dropped like flies, the floor becoming slick with their blood.

Tucked away in a corner of the Great Hall, an exhausted Hermione was taking advantage of the blood-soaked stone. She fired a tripping jinx and a stunner in quick succession. Her opponent dropped and she watched him fall, so absorbed in his demise that she didn't notice that he'd had time to cast one last spell.

The jet of blue light hit her hard in the exact place her time-turner hung. She had been handed it by Professor McGonagall in the courtyard only an hour ago, when Hagrid was seen carrying what was thought to be Harry's dead body. The metal of the time-turner was growing hotter by the second and glowed the same blue as the spell. Cursing, Hermione yanked the chain away from her skin. She studied it, dangling the end in front of her eyes. They widened when the tiny hourglass began to spin rapidly on its own. A fiery pain raced through her bones before she collapsed. Halfway to the floor, Hermione Granger vanished.