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Chapter Five- 3's POV

Books. Everywhere.

We had thought the library held all the books in the world, but obviously we were very wrong. Although in comparison to the library this place is really quite small, surely there will be books here that the library's walls do not hold. This, for us, is possibly the most exciting thing in the world!

4 and I had left the others as soon as 2 had said that we were safe to, keen to see what this building had to offer. We'd been walking along one of the huge corridors, occasionally pointing things out to each other in our own little language (which, to others, would seem like a load of clicking and flashing), when something caught our optics. Inside one of the rooms behind the glass windows, stood a bookshelf. Next to it, another. And a third one.

This would be what humans used to call a 'bookshop'.

Having read many of the books in our library, 4 and I know a little about shops. A bookshop, we had gathered, was like a library but, as you do in all shops, you have to buy the books instead of borrowing them. This may have seemed silly if we hadn't read on to find out that you could actually keep the books you'd bought from a bookshop, whereas in a library you have to return them within several weeks. But, since all of the humans are dead, who would you buy the books from now?

We stared at the shop for a few moments longer. Books are like treasure to us; we can never get enough of them and they seem so hard to find in places other than the library. We quickly pulled out of our trance though; there's not enough time in the day to stand around looking in awe at something- you have to seize opportunities like this!

So, we ran towards the shop and managed, with quite a bit of straining, to push open the glass door and walk inside. And here we are now.

The bookshelves stretch almost all the way along the three non-glass walls. They seem to be made of wood, perhaps that of an oak tree. At the end of one wall, with a space behind it for a person to stand in, is what is called a counter. It is where you would go to purchase the items you wanted, if there was anyone to purchase them from. On the shelves are, obviously, books. Hundreds of them. And, like they are in our library, these are sectioned off into collections of different types of book.

One shelf is reserved for books of the genre (a word humans used for types of books) of 'Romance'. These are about humans kissing each other and doing stuff that 7 and 9 occasionally do. They are really not me and 4s' favourite books. Another shelf holds a type called 'Crime and Thriller'. Now, this shelf actually hold two types of books, but these are often sectioned off together. They normally contain a lot of action; like murders or thefts or car chases. Also not our preference of genre. The shelf along from this is labelled 'Horror'. These scare 4 and I; they are stories of ghosts and zombies and things humans called 'monsters'. I suppose the machines fit into that word. Monsters. The next shelf contains 'Non-fiction' books. Basically, they are not stories, and are about real-life things that actually exist in the conscious world. Some of these can be slightly boring, but they are good for learning about the world the humans lived in. Another genre is 'Biographies and Autobiographies'. These are also about real-life, but they are about famous humans. Biographies are just the lives of popular people, told by another person, and Autobiographies are written by the person whose life the book is about. These are also good for learning about humans. There are Mystery books, about people investigating something strange that has happened; these are normally quite complicated but very intriguing. And, last but most definitely not least, are me and 4s' favourite books- children's. They are very simple, but we think that they are the most interesting books of all. They are about children (or even animals!) that go on amazing adventures with pirates and princesses and wizards. We love these books.

But, of course, we really love all books; it's just that we find these to be the most interesting to us. If we could, we would sit here forever to read all of the books in this shop! But we can't, and we're already wasting our time by staring at them.

We can reach the books on the bottom shelves, but they are just small enough for us to climb up to higher ones to find the books we are looking for; if we take turns in standing on each others' shoulders we can just about clamber up.

Then we realise. We don't have to read all of the books here; we could take them back to the library! Surely there is a trolley around here somewhere; we could put some of the books in there and push it back home. It wouldn't be classed as stealing because there are no humans to steal from, so these books are no use to them! Still, we can't take the whole shop with us, so we have to get choosing!

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