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It's summer now, and I'm lying on a blanket at Tompkins Square Park, a few blocks from my apartment building, thoroughly enjoying the sun. It's the first time in months that I have nothing to do and it feels great. My life has been in a tailspin ever since I submitted my documentary for the Tribeca Film Festival at the end of October.

Unfortunately for Edward, I spent the first few weeks after sending in my submission, over-thinking and analyzing everything. I thought the editing was tight, and the final version made Renee cry, which I figured was a good thing, but I was anxious anyways. This was my first film; my baby, so to speak. I had rushed my way through it in the end and I just couldn't help but feel like it was not my best work. Edward faced the brunt of my anxiety and regardless of how much he tried to reassure me, I was a bitch about it, and it resulted in our first fight.

We didn't speak for almost a week.

I bit the bullet and showed up at his apartment late one night crying my eyes out because I couldn't handle the stress of everything. Once again, because he's awesome like that, Edward reassured me that my fears were completely unfounded. Not that our friends and family knew anything about film, but everyone who watched the final edit of the documentary loved it. Edward reminded me of this before he pulled me into his bedroom to make love to me, making me forget why we were fighting in the first place.

Christmas and New Year's passed with no major drama. Alice broke up with Jasper shortly before Thanksgiving, and no one was particularly heartbroken. Well, unless you count Jasper who was apparently completely blindsided. Alice kept herself busy by opting to go back to school full-time, like her parents wanted, and bar-hopping with Rosalie. In hindsight, Alice would have made a much better roommate for Rosalie, but it was nice that the two of them got along so well. Our girls nights were awesome, to say the least.

After the film was submitted, I got bored rather easily, so I worked part-time at the diner again, and some days I even helped Edward on the food truck. I had been steadily dropping hints since we returned from Washington that he should open a restaurant and even offered to help finance it with some of the money left over from my dad's insurance policy, but it seemed like Edward was never listening.

That was until Valentines' rolled around and Edward took me to an abandoned store front close to NYU. Inside, Emmett was dressed as a waiter and he seated us at the lone table in the bare room, which had candlelight and very fancy cutlery.

"What in the hell is going on?" I asked, as confused as fuck, as I took a seat in the chair Emmett held out for me.

"It's Valentine's Day. Can't I do something nice for my girl?" Edward questioned as I surveyed the room once more and gave him a halfhearted smile.

"You already got me a bracelet, made me breakfast in bed and um… rocked my world, all before nine a.m., so tell me… what's going on?" Yes, Edward was romantic at heart, and this could have been a grand gesture to sweep me off my feet even more, not that it was needed, but something just felt off.

Edward glanced up at Emmett, who placed a menu in front of each of us, and when I looked down, I was shocked. Like, choking on air and trying not to cry, shocked. It read 'Cullen Bros' Grill'. I flipped it open and there was a menu, not unlike what they served currently on the food truck, but it was all fancier and with side dishes and shit. It looked awesome.

"Emmett and I bought this place a few weeks ago," Edward said with a grin so huge you would have thought I had just given him a blow job or something. "My parents helped, as silent investors, but we'll be renovating over the next month and a half, with an expected opening date of mid-April. What do you think?"

Edward's happiness was contagious and I couldn't help but jump onto his lap and wrap myself around him for a huge hug. "I thought you weren't listening when I was dropping hints," I admitted sheepishly.

"I actually began to think of it a bit more seriously after you submitted your film. I figured if you could follow your dreams, so should I." I kissed Edward firmly against his lips and tightened his hold on me and began kissing the hell out of me, until Emmett cleared his throat behind us.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Do you think you can give us some privacy?" I asked as I moved my hand against Edward's chest, hopefully making it obvious to Emmett that I really wanted some private time with my man.

"Um no… this is a family restaurant. I won't let you two hooligans defile it," Emmett laughed as I rolled my eyes.

"It's an empty space actually…"

"Regardless, it will be a restaurant soon and there is no way I will allow you to sully it with your sex."

"Fuck off, Emmett," Edward declared as Emmett's boyfriend, Paul, yes… Paul the mover, walked out from the back of the space with some drinks for us. He set them down and then winked salaciously at Emmett as he silently made his way to the back. The wink was caught by Edward, too. "Oh, so you two want to break-in the place too, huh?" Edward laughed as Emmett pretended to seem shocked. "First rule of Cullen Bros'… no fucking in the restaurant."

Thankfully, that rule didn't last long and in early March when I went to visit Edward while he was working late in the restaurant, trying to get it ready, we fucked like rabbits on a desk in the back office. There were papers and blueprints all over the floor and my hands were clutching tightly to the back edge of the desk as Edward had me bent over while he fucked me good and deep. I was moaning and about to cum when my phone vibrated on the desktop and I looked to see a new email from the film festival.

"Oh my god, oh my god," I panted in both excitement and pleasure as Edward gripped my hips harder and continued on. "Edward… no… baby…"

"What's wrong?" Edward asked as he stilled behind me and I held up my phone for him. His eyes went wide and he looked both frustrated that he was buried inside me, and we weren't fucking, and eager to open the email. "Just do it."

"Thanks, Nike."

Anxiously, I opened the email and was thrilled to see that my movie was confirmed as an entry for the film festival. I turned around and literally jumped onto Edward, thrilled that I was going to be in the festival. Needless to say, the phone was ignored a little while longer, while Edward slipped inside me and continued to have his wicked way with me on his desk.

In April, things took a turn for the wild. Edward's restaurant opened on April 1st to rave reviews. Though we knew it was tough to keep a restaurant afloat in the current economy, Edward and Emmett busted their asses to get everything done and make the restaurant thrive.

The food truck was still in commission, with Emmett still behind the wheel and a new chef, Brady, at the stovetop. Edward had trained Brady himself and though he was due to become the head chef at the restaurant, Emmett convinced him to put Brady in the truck. Edward then trained Paul, Emmett's mover boyfriend who had just finished culinary school, to be his sous-chef. They all worked well together and because the food truck was still drawing crowds, they were able to tell them about the restaurant too, which helped the restaurant draw crowds.

The third week in April brought me and Edward out to the Film Festival. My film was shown on a Sunday night to glowing reviews and I really couldn't believe it. Even when I won the prize for best documentary director, I was floored. Then, when IFC Films picked up the rights to the movie for another tidy sum and began negotiations for another documentary series on veterans that I was trying to see, I still couldn't understand what the hell was becoming of my life.

Of course now, as I wait for Edward to join me, I know that my life has become exactly what I wanted.

I'm a filmmaker.

Sure, I'm not Sofia Coppola or Steven Spielberg, but I'm on my way. Even if become the next Lena Dunham, I'll be thrilled. Without the book deal though, I have no idea what I would write about.

I'm a best friend.

Alice and Rosalie have truly become the sisters I've always wished I had, and I wouldn't trade them for anything, except maybe a really awesome editing system, but probably not even then.

I'm a daughter; not a sister.

Renee and I have repaired our relationship more than I ever thought we could. She's still dating Alistair and he's been a really calming influence, something I never thought possible. We have dinner together every other Friday night at Cullen Bros' Grill, and sometimes Edward or Alistair join us, but most of the time it's just us shooting the shit and trying to figure out our lives. She was so proud of me when my documentary won that she gave Edward and I a vacation to France for a week. We haven't gone yet, but we're making plans.

I'm also about to be a wife.

Sure enough, I see a familiar mop of bronze hair approach me. He's dressed like perfection in a crisp grey linen suit and a crooked smile. When he sees me in my white, knee length silk and Chantilly lace dress, I know I've made the right decision.

"You look…."

"Nervous?" I question, because yeah, I am filled with anxiety. Though we love our family and friends, neither of us wanted some big wedding. Instead, we're getting hitched at City Hall and honeymooning in France. Thanks, Renee! When we get back, we're having a dinner for everyone at the restaurant to share our news.

"You look beautiful," Edward remarks simply, as he grabs the blanket I was sitting on and tosses it over his arm. "Are you ready for this?"

I grasp his hand firmly in mine and follow his eyes to where the cab is waiting to take us downtown. It's been a crazy year and if anyone had asked me last year when I graduated from college if I thought I would be a sought after documentary filmmaker, I would have bet them a million dollars that it would never happen. I'm glad I never had the chance to make that foolish bet.

Then again, if someone had asked me a year ago my feelings on getting married, I would have said I was ambivalent. Then I met Edward and he completely swept me off my feet. I'm ready to start this next phase of my life with him.

"Yeah. I've never been more ready. I love you."

"I love you more, soon to be Mrs. Isabella Cullen."

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