Tails of the Templar: Part 1, Voice of the Khala

Chapter 3: Interference

Time: Tassadar's brief return to Aiur

"Kadar, will you comply?" the templar says once more.

Kadar sighs as he notices the sleek-armored zealots and dragoons begin to surround him. Kadar slides his right foot back, lowering his center of mass at the same time, and positions himself into a fighting stance: one arm extended forward, the other back, as if to strike, and aiming straight at the hunter.

"As I've said already, I need to get to Tassadar." As he says this, two blue psi blades appear out of his gauntlets.

"You have been warned." Says the templar as the dragoons begin charging their phase disruptors and Zealots get into their battle stances as well.

For what feels like an eternity the two forces stand still as stone, no sound but the humming of psionic energy and phase disruptors and the rushing of feet as Khalai run to get of the way.

"Enough waiting, get him!" Furiously screams the hunter as he charges at Kadar.

And with that, all Hell breaks loose. Kadar jumps in the air, at the same time detaching his cape for better mobility. In doing so he dodges the hunter's wild strike, which at the same time was graceful. Unable to stop his own momentum, the hunter collides straight into the cloth and tumbles to the ground. While still in the air, Kadar ducks from a blast from a Dragoon as well as dodging another. When he lands, the Zealots that surround him, each one in the gleaming gold armor of Aiur, immediately set upon him. Kadar parries the first set of strikes with ease, but refuses to attack back, only using his psi blades for defensive purposes. As two Zealots attack at once, he jumps back and then rolls to dodge a blast from a Dragoon.

"Brothers!" yells Kadar at his fellow templar. "You must stop what you are doing! You are throwing all that Khas faught for as if it were common trash!"

The hunter rips the cloth off of him and charges into the fray, psi blades humming with his rage.

"You little…!" Mentally screams the hunter as he nearly cuts Kadar's nerve cords clean off his head.

Time: Five Minutes Earlier

Rathul walks into the Stargate, realizing that he had arrived before Kadar.

"I guess that I have to get the Scout then."

He sees that security had not increased, yet. He walks over to one of the scouts, seeing that some kalai were working on the engine. Calmly, he walked over and asked a simply question. "Hail to you kalai, how does this scout fair?"

One of the khalai stares at Rathul for a bit, a little confused by his look, but responded. "We just finished working on the engine's maintenance, so it is ready to fly at any time, why templar?"

Rathul simply walked over to the kalai who had responded, and replied. "I require it for my own services, is that alright?"

The khlai hesitated, but only slightly and nodded his head in submission, motioning for his aides to depart with him. The khlai took their equipment and left Rathul alone with the Scout. Rathul ran a hand across the golden hull of the ship, admiring the craftsmanship of the curving nose and sharp wings. Using his thoughts alone, the ship's door opened to his left, a walkway extending as well, and he walked through the seven foot tall doorway.

Walking towards the control panel, the controls come to life, energy humming from the bluish khadarin crystals, each diamond shaped energy source hovering inside the ports that they are placed in, and psionic energies. As this happened the screen, just above the consol, flickered and Rathul realized that a live feed was coming from Tassadar. Using but a thought, he activated the feed.

"There is no time to waste on formalities." Tassadar's "voice" as crstal clear as if he were in the Scout itself. "Kadar, you and Rathul must get aboard now. We are out of time, I fear that any more delay will only increase the chance of this terran female's doom."

With that the feed ends, and the screen fades to the window, which is facing towards the Stargate's entrance. What Rathul saw through the window made him mentally sigh with the heaviness of concrete. "The young always mess things up."

With that he activated the ships thrusters and prepared for some very dangerous maneuvers.

Time: Present Time

As the fight continues Kadar is barely able to keep himself safe from harm, each strike feeling heavier and more dangerous as time wares on. As Kadar dodges a stike, another Zealot's thrust grazes his left arm. Ignoring the pain, he continues to block and dodge for his life. Then, off in the distance, one of the Scouts begins to lift off. The fighting slows as some look to see what is going on, and then Kadar is hit with a mental message directed just at him.

"Kadar, you must escape this ambush now, I've just received a message from Tassadar saying we are out of time."

Kadar silently nods and realizes that the consequences were dire enough to have to harm his fellow protoss. The hunter and the templar both notice Kadar shifting positions in order to head for the scout that had just risen.

"You will not escape!" Yells the hunter as both he and the templar strike down at Kadar.

The two blows are barely blocked by Kadar, his arms screaming in agony from the pressure being put down on them after their almost constant use.

"You force my hand." Says Kadar to both the hunter and the templar with the icy sting of icicles through flesh.

Then, before all the fighter's eyes, psionic energy begins to slowly drain from Kadar's blades, begin transferred instead to his palms, as two swirling masses of psionic energy appear. Both the hunter's and the templar's eyes grow wide at what they behold. Soon only Kadar's gauntlets are holding off the psi blades that were the only things standing in his way of escape. Then, in a blur of movement, Kadar pushes the blades away from him and jumps into the air, bringing his palms together at the same time creating a large sphere of swirling energy, only being contained by Kadar's will alone.

"No!" Screams the hunter as Kadar falls from the air, smashing the ground with the ball of pure psychic energy.

A wave of energy explodes from the impact zone sending dragoons and zealots flying several yards, either into the ground or a scout that is sitting at rest in the Stargate. Kadar stands in the crater, energy wisps still trailing from his hands, with sorrow in his eyes. As Rathul pilots the scout over to pick up Kadar, Kadar dawns his cloak and jumps into the scout.

The Scout picks up speed as it heads for the Ganthrithor. Kadar, sitting quietly, is blocking all his thoughts from Rathul. Rathul tilts his head so he can see Kadar and sends him waves of comfort. Kadar looks unmoved, but Rathul knows better.

"Kadar, you had no choice but to harm your fellow protoss, the situation demanded it, none were seriously injured, just simply knocked out."

Kadar this time let agitation flow from his mind. "Ever since Khas, protoss have not harmed fellow protoss, and you expect me to just shrug off the fact that I just broke that sacred pact?"

Rathul shifted uncomfortably but said nothing in return. Kadar noticed this and his curiosity got the better of him. "Rathul, are you not telling me something?"

Rathul seems to about to say something when the Ganthrithor comes into view. "We have arrived."

Kadar sighs; realizing that he may never know what Rathul was going to tell him when he heard the strange templar's mental voice once again. "All will be revealed in time, I may not be able to tell you what you desire to know, but there is one who will."


Rathul was about to say something when Tassadar's voice entered both of their minds. "Welcome back my fellow templar, we are going to warp in three, two, one…"

And with that, the Ganthrithor left Aiur.

Time: Tassadar's departure from Aiur

Location: Stargate outside of Antioch

On Aiur, the hunter got on his feet with the help of the templar and surveyed the damage caused by Kadar's abrupt exit. "Any major injuries?"


The hunter pulled out a communication pad and an image of Aldaris appears. The hunter attempts to speak but is cut off by Aldaris.

"We know what happened. You will wait here until further orders are given, understood?"

"Crystal." Agitation lacing every letter.

"Report back anything unusual that you find." With this the communicator turns off.

The templar looks at the hunter and sees that the hunter is planning something.

"What are you thinking?"

"We know where they went, correct?"


"We are going to follow them." Pleasure obvious in his mental voice.

"You are going to disobey the Conclave!" the templar's shock obvious at such a suggestion.

"And what are you going to do to stop me?"

The templar's psi blades come out and he goes into a battle stance. "I will fight you if you intend to follow through on this line of thought."

The hunter's mental chuckle chills the templar to the bone. "You said there were no major injuries correct?" The hunter circling around the templar.

"Yes, what are you getting at?" The templar getting a little more worried.

"You might want to change that report…" With that the templar's world went black.