"The last thing I see is this Marine's ass disappear into the forest with an angry thanator chasing after him," Dr. Augustine said to a laughing group back in the cafeteria at Hell's Gate.

"It's not something you can teach," Jake said to more chuckles from the group.

"For reasons I cannot fathom, the Omaticaya have chosen you as a personal 'sex god' to repopulate the clan, god help us all," Grace said, providing mocking air quotes for the words "sex god" as she said them.

While it was somewhat awkward for Jake to hear someone as respected as Dr. Augustine say that in such a public setting, it was very much the reality of the situation.

As he wheeled himself back to the station that was going to reconnect him with a pair of legs again, Grace was once again drilling Jake on remembering the names of the key members of the tribe. As if he could forget at this point.

Neytiri was all he could think about. Even as Grace was talking to him he couldn't help but reflect upon the night when he met her and the rest of the Omaticaya. How Neytiri explained to him that Eywa had been punishing them.

"All energy is borrowed," Neytiri had told him. "Eywa is telling us we borrowed too much, so she is taking the energy back."

She explained that it had been several years since any Omaticaya woman had been able to produce an 'eveng (the Na'vi word for child). As the male hunters died one by one of circumstances and accidents that could only be described by the tribe as a sign from Eywa, the Omaticaya were increasingly a tribe made up of females, and seemingly infertile females at that.

"Why me?" Jake asked. "How do you know it'll be any different with me knocking y'all up?"

After explaining to an alarmed Neytiri that knocking someone up didn't mean a threat of physical violence and instead meant impregnating them with a 'eveng, she told him of the sign that the atokirina had told. A sign that both she and Moat had interpreted exactly the same, with the same conviction. Jake Sully was the one that could repopulate the clan.

"Are you listening, Marine?"

Grace's strong voice snapped Jake out of his reflection as he climbed into his link station.

"Loud and clear, doctor," Jake muttered, still thinking about the Omaticaya princess.

"Have fun, soldier," Grace said with a chuckle, shaking her head.

The cover of the link station closed as did Jake's eyes as one world disappeared and his eyes adjusted to a new one. A world of so many colors. The greens of the leaves, the browns of the branches and the blues of the sky...or no, the blues of a Na'vi. Right on top of him. Naked.

"Who are you?" Jake said to the Na'vi woman, who quickly jumped up, alarmed by Jake's sudden consciousness.

"Tsap'alute," she said, obviously scared of his reaction.

"She is here to receive 'eveng, Jakesully," said a voice behind him that was unmistakably Moat's, the only one in the tribe to merge together his first and last name every time she spoke to him. He quickly sat up, somewhat embarrassed by the awkwardness of the situation. Sure it was great he was going to be able to have sex with all these Na'vi women, but having an elderly Tsahik sitting cross-legged behind him watching made Jake uncomfortable.

"How many were here while I was asleep?" Jake asked.

"None. We were going to wait until you woke up, but you wouldn't wake," said another familiar voice, as Neytiri hopped down from a branch above. "So we told Ninat that she would be the first to have you, even if you were asleep."

"Jesus, how many people are here watching me?" Jake said reacting to yet another person popping in to the alcove.

"Just us...Is that a problem?" Neytiri asked with what appeared to be very sincere confusion.

"Well, yeah. A little privacy would be nice," Jake said. Neytiri looked to Moat, unsure what to do

"Very well," said Moat and grabbed her daughter by the arm, leading her to the spiral column in the middle of the tree to exit the upper branch of the tree, leaving Jake with the still-nude Ninat.

"Pey!" Ninat said to the exiting women. "Rutxe. Oe txopu. Aynga pänutìng."

"Mawey 'evenge," Moat said back to Ninat.

"What is she saying?" Jake asked.

"She's afraid to be left alone with you," Neytiri intervened with a response. "We wanted to stay to make sure you were to be trusted."

"What, you thought I'd just hit it and quit it?" Jake asked. 'Damnit, why do so many sex phrases sound like threats of violence?' he thought to himself. "I mean, you thought I'd give her 'eveng and just leave?"

"We do not trust sky people. We trust only your tutanyx." Neytiri said gesturing at his loincloth, never once flinching or cowering from what seemed to Jake to be a very awkward conversation.

"Well I'd really rather you weren't here watching over me, princess," Jake said to Neytiri who glared at his use of the word princess.

"If you'd rather I stay, so be it, but one of us will stay here to protect Ninat while you are muntxa," Moat said.

"Muntxa?" Jake asked.

"While you are mated," Neytiri translated, still glaring at Jake for his princess comment.

"Damnit," Jake said, resigning himself to the awkwardness of a situation he thought would be a lot more glorified.

"Well since princess over here looks like she's ready to hurt me, I guess I pick Tsahik," Jake said, explaining his reasoning for the pick, although he wondered to himself if he was actually trying to convince himself that his feelings for Neytiri weren't real.

"Very well, Jake," Neytiri said and jumped through a crevice in the branch. Just like that she was gone and just three remained on the large branch at the top of home tree.

As Moat explained to Ninat why Neytiri left, the nude Na'vi relaxed and was visibly more comfortable with the situation as she approached Jake once again.

For the first time since awakening in his avatar body again, Jake admired the first nude female form of a Na'vi that he had ever seen. While the anatomy was very similar to the human women the Marine had been with back home, he couldn't help but stare in amazement at the dark blue nipples on the well-endowed Ninat.

"Well here we go, I guess," said Jake, trying to forget about the fact that Moat was sitting just behind him observing. He reached out to embrace and kiss the Na'vi he was moments from mating with.

But Ninat did not take the kiss. Instead she grabbed Jake by the shoulders and pushed him to the ground, quickly removing his loincloth to reveal his dark blue member.

"Whoa," Jake said, surprised by the sudden forwardness of the Na'vi that was scared of him just moments earlier.

Quickly she mounted him and split apart her long legs to invite his penis into her.

"That's not going to work, cupcake," Jake said.

Sure enough, Ninat was quickly getting frustrated that his still very flacid member wouldn't enter her.

"Is it broken?" Moat asked.

"What? No, it's not broken," Jake said. "It's just a little tough trying to get hard in a situation like this."

"I don't understand," Moat said. "All our men are ready with strong tuteanyx when it's time for them to mate."

"It doesn't quite work like that where I come from," Jake responded, all while Ninat continued to try to force the flacid cock into her. "We have something called foreplay to get everyone ready to go."

"What is this 'foreplay' that you speak of?" Moat asked.

"Well," Jake said with a chuckle and a bit of a blush. "It can include kissing, licking, grabbing, stroking, you name it."

"Ftang," Moat said to Ninat who climbed off of Jake, still looking at his flacid penis with confusion.

"We will help you with this 'foreplay' to prepare you for mating, Jakesully," Moat said, obviously desperate for Jake's cooperation in the repopulation of the Omaticaya. "Just explain what you want."


'eveng = child

tsap'alute = apology

pey = wait

rutxe = please

oe txopu = I'm scared

aynga pänutìng = You promised

mawae = calm

'evenge = girl

tutanyx = penis

muntxa = mated

ftang = stop