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Unbound Legend is my story and plot, as well as some of the new classes added.

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Tales of the World Unbound Legend
Chapter 1: Meeting

Two figures ran through the landscape in the crimson sunset as explosions were being set off right behind them. The male with long light blue hair, wore a shirt and boots that was the same color as his hair, tanned fingerless gloves, and white pants. He quickly led his partner away from the city gates and dodged inbound explosives.

"Kanonno, keep on running!" the male shouted as he came to a stop and turned around with his left arm stretched out; in an instant a bow appeared in his left hand with a flash of light and a few arrows appeared in his right hand. Knocking the arrows onto the bow, he pulled back the string with all of his might before releasing them into the distance. Wherever the arrows landed, an explosion followed, giving the two enough time to make their getaway. Turning his back to the explosions, the male followed after the female called Kanonno and the two quickly disappeared to their hidden escape route.

After an hour of constant running, the two finally came to a stop in the middle of the Forest of the World or whatever was left of it. It was once a forest full of trees that towered over 500 meters and at the center of this forest was an ancient tree called the World Tree. Now all that remained of this forest are the stumps that were once the ancient trees.

"Dammit, who would have expected our mission to go terribly?" the male shouted as he sat on the nearest stump and looked up towards the darkening sky. "Kanonno, are you alright? You didn't get hurt from those explosions have you?"

The female known as Kanonno was sitting on a stump in front of the male, she had short pink hair that had a black hair band with a black rose, wore a white dress with black sleeves with white fore arm gloves and a yellow shoulder cloth, as well as black leggings with her leather boots.

"I'm alright Chester. Sorry for worrying you," Kanonno answered back as she smiled forcibly back at him and sighed silently to herself. This mission would have been a cake walk for them, but she messed up terribly during the most crucial moment of the mission. "Um… you're not mad at me?"

The male named Chester looked towards Kanonno with a confused look on his face for a brief moment before realizing what Kanonno meant. "Ah, you mean about being found out," he spoke without a single ounce of animosity, "Everyone makes mistakes Kanonno, so don't get so caught up with a single mistake."

"Bu-" Kanonno started before Chester brought up his hand indicating her to become silent for the moment. Doing so, she heard a light flapping noise in the dark and stood up from where she stood. "You don't think they followed us all the way here, do you?" she asked in a quiet voice as her right hand flashed dimly and a great sword appeared in her hand.

"I don't know, but let's keep our guard up at all costs," Chester replied in a hushed tone as his left hand did the same and his bow appeared along with an arrow being knocked onto the string. Pulling back the string, he brought his left arm up and aimed into the dark, even with this little amount of light, Chester did not have a problem with his accuracy since he grew accustomed to hunting at night.

"Ugh… where can I find some people to help me?" a shrill voice complained in the dark as the fluttering noise continued to grow closer and a dim light started to appear in the dark. "I've been wandering about this place for ages and I have no idea where the world tree is!"

"World Tree… Chester, wasn't the World Tree cut down centuries ago?" Kanonno asked quietly as she lowered her weapon ever so slight and dropped it out of her hands. The weapon collided with the ground, giving a dull thud and causing Chester to release the arrow which shot past the dim light.

"What the heck was that?" the voice shouted in a panicky state and flew towards the other direction the arrow was shot from.

"Shit! Kanonno, we have to catch whatever that thing was and make sure it doesn't relay any information to the enemy!" Chester shouted before running after that light that grew smaller the further it got.

"R-right Chester, I'm right behind you!" Kanonno shouted and quickly picked up her weapon before chasing after Chester, who was already disappeared within the darkness. Now it was her second time screwing something up, once with the mission with Chester and now this. "Just what else can go wrong?" she asked herself and tried to find the light source, but realized that she was now completely lost in the dark. "Oh great, now I'm lost and I have no idea where Chester is…"

... … … my … …

"I-is somebody there?" Kanonno asked to the darkness as she turned around with her weapon drawn out and kept it close to her. Looking around, she lowered her weapon when she realized that there wasn't anyone else besides her around the general area. "I must be hearing things…" she told herself and withdrew her weapon.

… … hear … …?

Turning around again, Kanonno started to panic and squealed when the wind blew her direction. As the wind stopped, she started to calm herself once again before hearing the voice again.

Can … … … voice…

Becoming scared, she brought out both arms and a bright flash of light emitted from her hands before her great sword appeared in her hands. "Who are you?" Kanonno shouted in a frightened tone and cracked her voice shouting, "Show yourself and face me!"

You … hear …?

"Of course I can hear you! Now show your face you coward!" she shouted back to the darkness and readied herself to whatever was going to appear.

The … … … born …

"What are you going on about?"

Time … … out … … world … … no longer … … with mana…

"What do you mean by all of that? I can't understand you at all!" Kanonno shouted again before a hand grabbed hold of her shoulder and she shrieked. "Wah, don't hurt me!"

"Why would I do that to you Kanonno?" a familiar voice asked as Kanonno turned around and saw Chester standing behind her. "Who were you talking to anyways? And why do you seem so happy to see me?"

Tears were dripping down Kanonno's face as she looked at Chester with her tear filled eyes before jumping on Chester, wrapping her arms around his neck. Of course, this surprised Chester since Kanonno has never done something like this, but he thought a bit about how she was out in the dark by herself.

It must have freaked her out a lot being all alone, especially in the remnants of the forest at night time, Chester thought to himself as he let Kanonno cry on his clothes.

"Chester, I was so scared!" she shouted as warmth from Chester's body started to seep to her cold body. "I thought I was going to be all alone out here!"

"Hey, don't worry. I'm here now and there's nothing to worry about," he whispered to Kanonno in a quiet voice as he patted her head. This was one of the moments Chester wished would have been prolonged, but a muffled noise coming from his back caused Kanonno to stop crying and look at the bag he was hold onto. "Don't mind any attention to the squirming bag, it's nothing important," he told Kanonno as he tried to pat her head again, but the bag shouted.

"It is important! Let me out of this bag! I don't want to suffocate in this claustrophobic thing!" the shrill voice shouted and pleaded as the bag continued to squirm about. "I have to get to the World Tree and ask for its help!"

"The World Tree doesn't exist anymore," Chester replied sounding annoyed as if he had repeated the phrase countless times. "It's been destroyed along with this forest over centuries ago. So no matter what you say, the World Tree doesn't exist any longer and that just tells me that you're part of the enemy."

The squirming from the bag and pleading stopped when it heard Chester's reply. For a few seconds, there was nothing said or heard from the bag until it started to flutter around violently and stronger than before.

"Like I'm going to believe something like that!" the bag shouted as it tore from all the squirming. A white cat like creature popped out of the hole in the bag and flew to Chester's face. "Just take me to where the World Tree is! I don't have much time and so does this world!"

"I don't care what you say!" Chester shouted in return before taking hold of the creature's head. Struggling with all of its might, nothing could be done when Chester had the upper hand.

"Chester, you don't have to treat it like that!" Kanonno shouted as she struggled to remove Chester's grip on the creature. "Besides, you never know what will happen later and stop treating it like an enemy!"

Chester looked at Kanonno with angry eyes, though in a few moments, he had calmed down and released the creature. Fluttering over to the nearest stump, the creature landed on its hind leg and looked up to Chester, giving him its fiercest gaze.

"It would have been better for you to just ask instead of making an assumption! I've only come here to find the World Tree and this is how I'm treated!" the creature shouted in a shrill voice. It was hard for both Kanonno and Chester to tell whether it was angry or anything else. "So, are you going to tell me where the World Tree is?"

Kanonno looked at Chester uncomfortably and all she got from him was a nod. Being acknowledged, she looked at the creature again and got on both knees before it. She was going to tell it the bad news about the World Tree.

"The World Tree… you are standing on what remains of it now…" she quietly told it and pointed at the stump below it. The creature looked down to the stump and flew off before observing it carefully. The stump's diameter was much bigger than any other stumps around the area. Before any question was asked, Kanonno answered the unspoken questions. "It's been in that state for centuries…"

Chester said nothing as he looked down to the ground with a grave expression on his face. Kanonno was looking at the remains of the World Tree with nostalgia and put her hands together as if she was going to say a prayer. The creature continued to stay airborne, but was losing altitude as the news came to him harder and harder.

"Then… there's nothing that can be done…" it whimpered quietly as it landed on the ground and was on all fours, "This world… every world… is doomed… I couldn't even ask for the World Tree to send a descender…" Tears begun to form in the eyes of the creature as it was filled with despair, "I came all the way here to warn this world! All for nothing! Everything is lost and I couldn't even do anything to help!" it shouted in anguish.

"What do you mean that 'this world' is doomed? Explain," Chester stated as his attention was caught by the creatures despairing words. Moving closer, he reached down to pick up the creature before a small light appeared at the center of the World Tree stump. "What the hell? Kanonno, get behind me."

Standing up, Kanonno obeyed and stood behind Chester as he summoned his weapon from his hands and aimed at the light. The creature noticed the light and looked up to only be astonished by the small light that grew bigger with each passing second.

"Come here, you can get hurt from there!" Kanonno shouted as she had her arms opened up and the creature flew over to her. In her arms, it started to tremble as did she when the light grew brighter and stronger. Soon enough, it was blinding the three and something appeared from the light.

A silhouette of a person appeared in the light and in a loud bang, the light vanished. In instincts, Chester shielded Kanonno and Kanonno did the same to for the creature.

Quickly… take him and leave. Time is of the essence.

Opening her eyes, Kanonno looked over to the stump and saw someone cladded in only cloth lying down on the stump. The voice she heard before was much clearer now, but she didn't move from the spot since of fear of the person lying on the stump being an enemy or worse, a hybrid.

"That's… that's a descender!" the creature shouted before flying over to the stump in haste. As soon as it was gone from Kanonno's arms, a loud roar was heard from the area and a large beast came crawling out of the ground.

"Get back over here now!" Chester shouted as he shot an arrow straight towards the beast. The arrow sailed right into the arm of the beast, but did not stop it from its charge, "Dammit. There's no stopping that thing! K-Kanonno, get back here! It's too dangerous!"

Kanonno ran forward and took the creature in her arms, but the beast charged forward and was to close for her to dodge. Bracing herself, she knew that there was no chance of her surviving if that thing hit her, but there wasn't any chance of survival anyways.

"Somebody save us!" the creature shouted in a loud panic. It braced itself in Kanonno's arms as she was thinking the same thing as the creature.

Somebody… anybody… please save us!