Tales of the World Unbound Legend
Chapter 2: Descender

Somebody… anybody… please save us!

"Watch out!" Chester shouted as he started to dash towards the monster even though he, himself knew that he wouldn't be able to reach Kanonno in time.

Reaching his arms out, Chester imagined what was happening next. The beast would swing its arm and send Kanonno flying, breaking every bone in her body from collision. And there would be nothing he could do to stop it. Closing his eyes shut, he couldn't bring himself to see that happen.

Hearing something swing, he thought that Kanonno had met her early end, but instead of a loud splattering noise, something like a thudding noise rang through him. Opening his eyes, Chester saw someone standing in front of Kanonno with his arm outstretched and holding back the beast. Reaching into his pocket, Chester pulled out a small shard and threw it into the air.

"Lighten up the area! Shard of the sun!" he shouted before the small shard started to give off an artificial sunlight that started to reveal the area. Much to his surprise, the beast that was attacking them had the body of a man and a head of a bull. "A 2X Hybrid Minotaur class… Kanonno, get over here now! There's no way we're going to be able to beat that thing!"

Kanonno remained where she was as the hybrid continued to huff as it tried to push through the person keeping it at bay. The creature was looking at the person as well, but realized that nothing would happen as long as the two of them remained near the Minotaur and the person.

"Come on, we need to get out of here. Otherwise we're only going to be in the way," the creature spoke as it flew out of Kanonno's arms and took her shoulder before shoving her away. Turning its head back to the person, it knew that the male or female holding the hybrid back was this world's descender.

Kanonno looked back to the person again and watched as they got further away from him. She didn't know if the person was a girl or even a guy, but for some reason… she could tell that the person was male. Reaching Chester, he took hold of her arm and used himself as a shield just in case if anything bad were to happen.

… … …

Nothing was spoken as the descender sent the Minotaur a ways back. Keeping his arm outstretched, the descender readied to charge as the Minotaur hollered in rage and started to surround itself with a strange aura causing everything around it to catch fire.

"This is bad… there's no way that person is going to survive an attack like that!" Chester said as he pulled back another arrow and aimed it right at the hybrid. "Kanonno, get as far away from here as possible. I'm going to give that guy some back up."

Kanonno looked at Chester with shock since he would never toss out an idea that reckless. If it were someone else, then yes, but never Chester. Before she could say anything, the white creature flew before Chester's arrow and got in the way of the shot.

"You don't have to do anything!" it shouted at him and looked at Chester with a determined look on its face, "Just watch. The descender will stop that hybrid or whatever you call that thing. It's here to save us from danger and I'm sure that it can take almost about anything!"

"Get out of the way! I am not going to risk… wait, did you just call that person a 'descender'?" Chester asked as his arrow moved away from the creature and aimed to the back of the so called descender, "Then he's the bigger threat!"

"What? No, he's not a threat! He's here to save us from that thing!" the creature retaliated and dove in front of the arrow again. "If it wasn't for him, then both the girl and I would already be dead!"

Considering this, Chester lowered his arrow and looked at the descender with suspicion. It wasn't something that this so called descender was, but what the past ones were. Kanonno seemed to have a frightened thought about it as well, but mustering her courage, she didn't show any of it to Chester or the creature.

A loud bellow rang through the area as the Minotaur started its rampaging charge towards the descender, bringing a bellowing fire in its wake. The descender on the other hand, did not take a single step back, instead took a step forward and raised his right arm up. Red markings begun to appear on the descenders arm and getting a firm footing, he reeled his arm back and clenched his hand into a fist. As the Minotaur got closer, the flames surrounding it began to intensify and as it reached the descender it gathered up all the flames surrounding it onto its horn. Aiming the flaming horn at the descender, who did not move from the spot instead he stopped the flaming horn with his left hand and smashed his marked fist right on the skull of the hybrid.

A loud crushing noise rang throughout the area and a roar of pain came forth from the Minotaur. It roared once more as the Minotaur raised its arms into the air and took grasp of its head. The area started to lose its lighting from the broken sun shards that started to shimmer at its fading radiance. Chester took a close look at the Minotaur and saw that it was bleeding out of its head, hands soaked with blood and the eyes rolling into the back of its head. The body of the Minotaur just suddenly caught fire and the entire body began to appear more greyish color before disintegrating into countless shards.

"No way… there is no way that the Minotaur was beaten… by one person…" Chester muttered in disbelief as he looked towards the descender and saw the right hand was dripping with blood, "Just who is that person?"

"I told you! That person is the descender of this world!" the creature shouted before flying over to greet the not so newly born descender, "Hey there! My name is Mormo! Thanks for saving all of us from that monster!"

The descender looked at the creature called Mormo and tilted his head. It was obvious that there was no ill intent from it and the other two didn't move at all. Chester stayed where he was with his bow still out and an arrow in his hand while Kanonno stood next to Chester, eyeing the descender.

"Though I was wondering, what was that monster anyways? There was nothing like that back where I came from," Mormo stated as he put his arm up to his chin and pondered for the answer. Realizing something, he remembered something that Chester said, "So what is this 'hybrid' you called that thing?"

Chester looked at Mormo and stayed silent for a brief amount of time before he let in a deep breath. Kanonno looked over to Chester, but looked away to see that the person Mormo was calling a descender was over at the pile of crystal shards which was once the Minotaur. Watching the descender squat down and beginning to look through the pile of shards, she took a glance back to Chester as he began his explanation about hybrids to Mormo.

Walking over to the descender, Kanonno squatted down next to him before she found something in her mind to speak about with him. At the moment, there was nothing coming to her since she didn't know what to say to someone who saved her life from death. Trying to find something to say, she noticed that the descender found something within the pile of shards on the ground.

"So that's basically what hybrids are," Chester finished stating to Mormo, "Is there anything else you would need to know?"

"Yeah, why has the World Tree been cut down?" Mormo's voice asked and Kanonno stood up from where she was squatting to explain.

"The World Tree has been chopped down centuries ago… Tsuneo, the first king of Chrysalis, declared that the World Tree was a dangerous entity that would one day destroy the world," Kanonno explained as she looked at Mormo, who wore an expression of disbelief on his face.

"B-but that's ridiculous! Why would he do such a thing? Doesn't he know that the World Tree provides the planet with mana?" Mormo asked as he looked at Chester and Kanonno as if they knew what he was talking about, but the looks upon their faces told him that they didn't know anything of the sort.

"The World Tree supplies the planet with mana? What do you mean?" Chester asked as if it was the first time he has ever heard of the World Tree supplying mana, "I remember that the reason why the World Tree was cut down in the first place was because it was the origin of where all the Hybrids."

"B-but that can't be! The World Tree wouldn't do something like that!" Mormo shouted in response as he looked angrily at Chester, "There's just no way that would ever happen! Besides, a descender was born before all of our eyes and would you still believe that?"

"No one would believe because only the three of us here saw it," Kanonno answered as she looked at Mormo with sympathetic eyes, "And you already know what hybrids are, but we can't be to-"

"That's beside the point; we just need to make sure that the descender is- uwah!" Mormo shouted as he felt someone take a hold of him and starting flipping around, "I don't like being spun around! Whoa, somebody stop whoever is doing this!"

Chuckling, Kanonno went over to the descender, who had his grip on Mormo and spinning the poor creature around. Taking Mormo away from the descender, Chester walked over to them as well and looked at Kanonno.

"We'll have to head back to the guild and give our report on our mission… Also… we should bring these guys along," he stated as Kanonno gave a nod, "Mormo was it. Can you try talking to the descender and see if he has any problems with going to the guild?"

"You can ask him yourself can't you?" Mormo responded as he looked at the descender that was looking around the area again, "Although… seeing how he's acting… I can already think that he doesn't understand what we are talking about…"

Chester observed the descender and had to agree with Mormo since the descender was kneeling on the ground, poking whatever was on the ground with a broken shard. Kanonno was observing the descender as he was poking something on the ground.

"We should take him to the guild then as fast as possible. Who knows what could happen to him if we leave him here with Mormo," Kanonno stated as she looked over to Chester, "Besides, I'm sure that Raine would be more than happy to teach him, wouldn't she?"

"That she would, but we'll have to explain to Kratos why we've brought a person and his pet with him to the guild base," Chester stated as he put his hand behind his head, "Guess we have to go with them being prisoners from the capital."

Kanonno nodded and so did Mormo, but soon realized that he was called the pet and was about to shout something back to Chester before being grabbed once again by the descender, who started to spin him around in circles.

"S-somebody stop him! I'm getting sick!" Mormo plead as the spinning did not stop until Kanonno had to intervene and stop the descender from spinning Mormo around like a toy top. Being unhanded, Mormo flew about for a few moments as he made woozy movements and came to a stop, "That was not enjoyable at all…"

"We could tell, but let's take you to the guild base. It's quite a long time there," Kanonno told Mormo as she patted his head and Chester took the descender by the shoulder, "Be sure not to push him to far Chester."

"Alright, I'll keep that in mind," Chester replied as he gently pushed the descender along the remnants of the forest, "Don't know if you can understand me, but it's a long trip. So try not to get too far behind alright?"

The descender tilted his head to the side as he watched Chester walk forward, Kanonno following behind him and Mormo flying besides her. Without much thought, or even any thought at all, the descender followed after the three out of the Forest of the World.