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Tales of the World Unbound Legend
Chapter 3: Ailily and Break

"So, these two were found at the Forest of the World and you decided to bring them here since they had nowhere else to go?" a female voice asked as Chester nodded in confirmation and Kanonno did the same, "I see no issue with this, but Kratos will be informed about the subject more. Now then, can you two tell me your names?"

"Right, my name is Mormo, it's nice to meet you," Mormo stated as he raised his arm up in greeting, "This here is… Uh…"

Stopping himself, Mormo looked at the descender with a curious look on his face as he tried to think of a name for him. A silver haired woman around her mid-twenties looked at Mormo from behind her desk and the descender as the pause for his name became longer and longer.

"Is there something the matter Mormo?" she asked as Mormo shook his head, "If so, then what is his name?"

"Well… to tell the truth, we don't know…" Chester answered as he stepped up besides the descender and put his hand on his shoulder, "We met him at the Forest of the World as well, but it looks like he doesn't know how to speak."

"Oh, I see. Well, have you tried to see if he knew how to write?" she asked as she looked at Chester and Kanonno. From the looks on their faces, she was able to tell that they didn't think about checking if the descender could write, "It seems like we'll figure something out. Here's some paper to write upon and a pen."

Handing the said things to the descender, he looked down to what was now in his hands and looked back up to the silver haired woman. The female gave him a kind smile and the descender shifted his gaze to the paper in his hand. Clenching the paper, the descender brought the pen up and wrote something on it. Finishing whatever he wrote, the descender handed the paper back to the woman and Mormo looked at the paper before looking confused.

"Hm… what an interesting name you have, Regulus-kun," the woman replied as she looked at the descender and received a blank stare in return.

"Um… Raine, we were wondering if you could help get him with his speech," Chester asked as Kanonno nodded in agreement with him and as well as Mormo, "After all, since you are a teacher and everything."

The silver haired women or more known as Raine shook her head as she stepped out from behind her desk and crossed her arms. She was in thought as her orange jacket and cloak both followed behind her.

"It would be interesting to help Regulus-kun learn how to speak again, but I am busy with guild business and helping out the sick," Raine replied as she looked at Chester and Kanonno before looking at Mormo and Regulus, "For the time being, why don't you ask Genis for help? I'm sure that this would be a nice learning experience for him."

Chester looked at Raine as she told him that they should ask for Genis to help. Nodding his head, he wasn't surprised when he heard Raine tell him that it would be a good learning experience for Genis as well.

"I see no problem with that. No issues with asking Raine's younger brother for help?" Chester asked as Mormo shook his head, "Alright then, lets head to where Genis is. I'm guessing he'll be where he usually is."

Kanonno took hold of Regulus' arm as she pointed to the door. Chester glared over to Regulus as his eyes looked at Kanonno who was leading the descender away with Mormo chasing after them.

"Dammit… Kanonno is getting too close to that guy," Chester stated as he ruffled the back of his head and sat down on a chair before a heavy breath was released, "I mean, what does she intend to do in order to help him?"

"She's only doing what she thinks is right. And I'm sure you should be worrying about something else Chester," a masculine voice spoke with a strict tone before a man wearing all blue clothes walked in, "One of our Ad Libitum patrols reported a hybrid coming this way. Tell all Ad Libitum members to be on stand-by. We must protect this town."

"Yes sir!" Chester replied in a snap as he got up from his seat and ran out the door.

The sound of the door closing was all that was heard as the man in blue walked over to the side of the wall and crossed his arms. Raine had been going through some papers behind her desk as she lifted up her head and turned to the man.

"Should we help them Kratos?" Raine asked the leader of Ad Libitum.

"We'll keep an eye on the progress and intervene in the hybrid is too strong for them to handle," Kratos replied back as he closed his eyes and looked in a meditating state.

"A hybrid… creatures made from the old descender before the World Tree had been taken down for being the source…" Raine stated silently as she silently placed the papers down and looked out the window on her right, watching the leaves blow in the wind at the sleeping town of Ailily.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Ah, there he is," Kanonno stated as she lead Regulus and Mormo towards a silver haired child-like teen male, who was helping some kids with something, "What are you doing?"

The male looked up towards Kanonno and pointed at the kids. The kids in suit had a piece of paper in their hands and a series of questions.

"I'm helping them do their homework," the male replied as he noticed two others behind Kanonno and he smiled, "Are these two new to Ailily?"

"Yup, the flying cat like creature is Mormo and this one right here is Regulus. Guys this here is Genis, he is Raine's little brother," Kanonno introduced as Mormo waved his front paw at Genis.

"Nice to meet you," Mormo stated as he flew over to Regulus and pointed at him, "Sorry if Regulus doesn't say hi, he doesn't understand how to speak yet."

"He doesn't know how to talk?" Genis asked as he looked at Regulus with a worried expression before the teen male poked the silver haired male on the forehead, "I can tell he's definitely suffering from something at least."

Regulus continued to poke Genis on the forehead before stopping abruptly and turning his head to the east. Of course, this action was interesting in itself before he started to sniff the air and seemed to have caught something in the air.

"What's wrong Regulus?" Mormo asked before the descender ran off to the east and practically left two people surrounded by kids in the dust.

"Um… what was that?" Genis asked before Chester came running to him and patted his shoulder, "Chester, is something the matter?"

"A hybrid has been spotted coming towards Ailily, we need to get civilians to safety and gather whoever is ready to fight off it off," Chester spoke in a rushed voice as he looked at Kanonno and Mormo, not spotting the descender, "What happened to the other guy?"

Kanonno flinched a bit as Mormo avoided eye contact before Genis spoke out for them.

"He went off to the east, I think he knows where the hybrid is coming from," he spoke, a bit unsure of what the descender was actually planning to do.

"You didn't try to stop him from going off?!" Chester shouted as the kids surrounding them turned their heads to him and he put his hands on his temples, "Man, this is not good. He's not even a guild member yet and he's trying to stop another hybrid by himself?"

Before anything else was spoken, a roar was heard directly east of the town and Chester as well as everyone else that was with him turned their heads to the east. A rumbling noise was heard as the ground started to crack open and a giant Chimera appeared from the ground. All the kids that were there began to scream and scramble out of the area, but were soon stopped when the Chimera's tail cut them off.

Chester's right hand shone a light hew color before a bow appeared in his hands. Genis' did the same and he summoned a hammer n' ball weapon before he started an incantation. Kanonno on the other hand was leading the kids to safety as Mormo did the same.

"Kanonno, get the kids to safety and get everyone in the guild to help with taking down the hybrid!" Chester shouted as he shot a set of arrows to the Chimera and jumped out of the way as the snake tail tried to bite at him.

"Got it!" Kanonno shouted in response as she lead the kids away and Mormo was tossing little pieces of rubble at the Chimera, "Mormo, try to find Regulus. We're going to need some more help."

"Alright, I'll try to find him as fast as possible," Mormo answered before dropping all of the rubble and flew off to the east.