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Ally's POV:

It's the morning of my father's dinner at work, which unfortunately, I'm required to attend according to my parents. It's the anniversary of when the company first opened, 50 years ago. My father has worked there for about 20 years, it's a giant office building and his boss is very fond of him. Let's just say, we look forward to his Christmas bonuses. This year he promises to buy me my dream piano for my room, but he's said that before, too.

I've been to many of my father's company parties, mostly just Christmas ones and an occasional New Year's dinner. Everyone that works there brings their wives or husbands, and their children. There isn't many with kids my age, except for this boy Austin. His father works on the same floor as my father and they've never gotten along. I'm not really sure why though, my father just says "He thinks he runs the place" or something like that. Austin and I talk a little at school, but never outside of it.

I remember three Christmas' ago, I went up to the table with all the delicious desserts (the company always hired the best caterers) and Austin was there too, we both went to grab the last brownie. Our hands touched and we both pulled away embarrassed but then we started to laugh. Austin told me I could have to brownie and then we started talking a little. But then my father noticed and came over and told me to come back to the table immediately. That night when I got home I got a lecture about staying away from the whole Moon family. According to Austin when we got back to school after winter break, his father gave him the same talk. So since then, we've settled for occasional small talk.

I can't say that I'm happy with this arrangement. I've watched Austin grow up into a very attractive 16 year old. I mean, when I met him at the party when we were both 13, I thought he was very cute then, but now, wow. He keeps his very blonde hair long enough to fall into his face and he must be at least over 6 foot now. And believe me, I'm not the only one that notices this. I see plenty of girls all over him at school, or drooling over him while he walks through the hall. School ended for the summer about 3 weeks ago, and I know he was going on a trip to California with his family. I wonder if he'll be there tonight, not that I'll be able to talk to him.

I don't really think it's fair. Just because our father's get along, we can't be friends. I'm not sure how he feels about it though, he's never really said and I guess I didn't want to know the answer. I doubt he even thinks of me or cares, and I don't really care either.

"What are you wearing tonight dear?" My mother asks while walking into my room. I sigh and go over to my closet. I open my door and look through all my dresses. I show her a few and she shakes her head.
"Not dressy enough." She says, or, "Too dressy." I just can't win.

"Maybe I have something for you!" She says happily and leaves my room. Yes my mother is about the size of me, which means I can borrow her clothes… and sadly means she can borrow mine, too. I've lost count on how many times I've had to search through her room for my favorite sweater that she always borrows without asking.

About five minutes later, my mom is back in my room with what looks like 3 different dresses. She lays them out on my bed and points to them, "Pick whichever one you'd like. I approve of all of them."

I look them over, "Thanks mom." I say. She kisses me quickly on the forehead and walks out of my room once again. The dresses are all beautiful, but one catches my eye the most. It's short, but not too short and it's black and all sequins with lacey sleeves. I'm surprised my mother approves of it, but I'm not going to question it. I'm defiantly wearing that one.

Later that night…

My hair is usual curly, more like a slight wave so I decide to really curl it with one of my mom's curling irons. It takes a while for me to do it and half way through I almost regret it. Why am I trying so hard to look nice? I've never really cared about what I look like at any other dinners.

When I'm done getting ready, I walk out of my room and down my stairs where my parents are waiting for me. When they see me my father's expression turns into what looks like shocked or even a little bit of anger. My mother's eyes light up and she lightly claps her hands, "You look gorgeous!" She squeals.

My father clears his throat, "A little too gorgeous." He says.

"Oh Lester, let her dress up for once!" My mother says in my defense. My father doesn't say anything; he turns around grabs the car keys and starts to walk out. My mother and I follow.

The car ride doesn't take too long and I'm starting to get nervous. Maybe I shouldn't have dressed up, maybe it's too much. I should have just put on the same sweater dress from last year and straightened my hair or something. Am I really wearing lip gloss? What has gotten into me?

When we walk in, a man tells us to follow him to our table. I stare at the floor as we walk, afraid of people looking at me. That's when I hear my father's scowl under his breath. I look up at our table, and I see Mr. and Mrs. Moon and Austin sitting there, Austin's eyes are a little wider than usual and I think he even drops his jaw. "We have to share a table with them?" Mr. Moon says.

This is going to be a long night.

Austin's POV:

"Do I really have to go dad? I mean its Friday night; I have friends and a life you know." I whine.

"Austin, you know that you have to go to all of them. Just deal with it. It's one Friday night out of your precious teenage years." My father says.

I hate going to the parties, or dinners, or whatever you want to call them. There so boring and seem to last forever. Plus, I hate just sitting at a table with all of my father's friends that are over 50 and ask me the same questions every year like, "What are your plans after high school?" or, "How old are you now?" or, "What's your name again?" it's just torture. I rather see my friends, since I've been on vacation the past two weeks and haven't been around. The only plus side is I may get to see Ally tonight, even though I won't be able to really say anything to her. My father hates Mr. Dawson, and Mr. Dawson feels the same way about my dad. So they take it out on us and we aren't allowed to talk.

We talk in school sometimes though, where they can't stop us. I've always wanted to hang out with her, just hang out, watch a movie or something, and have a long conversation; she seems so down to earth. But I'm sure she wouldn't want that, in fact I doubt she's even thinking of me right now like I'm thinking of her. There's just something about her. Maybe it's the fact that she's like forbidden. But oh well, there's plenty of girls that I talk to but I just wish me and Ally could be actual friends.

Later that night…

I put on a black dress shirt and roll up the sleeves to my elbow and put on a red tie, and then some black jeans. I refuse to get any more dressed up than this, and my parents have just gotten used to that fact. I leave my hair as it is and put on some good cologne. I rather smell that than the old lady perfume that gives me headaches.

My mother is running around like a crazy woman, yelling something about losing her scarf that she picked out that goes perfectly with her outfit. She's really into 'dressing to impress' and goes crazy every time we go somewhere fancy. I go into the kitchen and grab a glass of water, suddenly nervous to see Ally tonight. I mean I have no reason to be nervous, since it's not like I can screw anything up between us because for one, I can't talk to her, and second there's nothing between us.

My father joins me in the kitchen and gets his own glass but he isn't drinking water, "You're mother is driving me crazy." He says and drinks up his shot of whiskey fast.

"She'll be fine soon. I hope." I say and take my last sip of water.

"Honey I'm ready." My mother says while entering the room.

"Thank goodness." My father says and we leave.

When we arrive my father stops and talks to just about every person, before we can finally get to our table. There are three empty chairs still, which means someone is defiantly joining us. I prepare myself for the awkward questions and headaches that are about to come.

I'm playing with my fork and knife when I hear my father say something. I look up and it's Mr. and Mrs. Dawson walking behind the person who seats us. He's guiding them right to our table. "They better not be…" My father starts. And that's when I see her, my jaw drops, she looks beautiful. I've never seen her dressed like that. Her dress is tight to her skin and all black and sequined. The top of it reveals some cleavage which I've never seen since she always wears things to cover herself up at school. Her hair is more curly than usual and she looks at me for a moment and then walks away. And that's when my father says, "We have to share a table with them?"

This is so going to be a long night.