The doctor's tell me that I am going to be released today so I get dressed and wait for my parents to pick me up. I haven't seen Austin since yesterday, and I'm getting nervous. My parents had a talk with Austin's parents, and I don't know where Austin was. I figure since I wasn't included in the conversation, neither was he, even though it was concerning him. My parents wanted to talk to the Moon's first and then ask Austin what he thinks of it.

I wait patiently, standing on my crutches, getting used to them. I stare out the window, and watch all of the different things that happen out there. Ambulances come back and forth a lot, and so do a lot of older people. I hate it here and it's not somewhere I'd love to be back at.

The door opens and I'm surprised to see Austin. He's wearing his usual ripped faded jeans and a red shirt and black vest. He's starting to seem more like himself, except for the same black and blue bruises lingering on his neck.

He walks over to me and hugs me. I hug him back, but with some difficulty; trying to balance my crutches to one side so they aren't in the way.

"I can't believe the change in your father." He whispers.

I realize that this must mean they talked with Austin, and they asked him, "What's going to happen?" I ask him, making him face me.

"You're going to have an extra person in your house." He says with a smile.

If I could, I'd jump up and down, but I can't. So I just smile big and hug him again, "That's awesome!" I squeal. Then I kiss him on the cheek lightly.

"Yeah, I'm moving in today." He says happily. I nod, "Perfect timing." I say.


Austin's POV:

I never thought of my father as a dangerous man, but after what he did to me, I'll never think of him the same way.

When Ally's parents asked me to move in, I was quite shocked I must say. I actually at first thought it was a joke, but their faces were so serious, that I figured it must be true. Now of course, they gave me rules, which were defiantly expected.

The main rule, Ally and I are not allowed to sleep in the bed, or room, which I also expected. They also asked if I could look for a job in a couple months, to get me back on my feet and help them feed me, which I was gladly to accept. They deserve it after all, inviting me into their home like that.

There were other rules, but none of them too important. My mother was upset with my decision to leave, but I know deep down she understood. She was far from happy with my father, but I know she'd never leave him; she'll always be there for him.

She says he's going to get help, he's going to go to a therapist, and that's all good and such, but the thing that really gets me is, he hasn't even apologized to me. That's the thing that hurts the most.

The fact that Mr. Dawson could forget about the bad things he thought about me, and take me in, says a lot about his character. Now, here I thought he was the bad guy. I mean, I knew my father was the bad guy too, but I never thought of him to be the really bad guy.

I start unpacking my things in the guest room, and I'm happy I do get my own room. I would have been fine with the couch, but this is great. Ally's sitting on my bed watching me, crutches lying next to her. I feel bad about it, I shouldn't have left her at all, but if I hadn't, we might have both been stuck in there, and both of us could be dead right now.

Ally's mother is making dinner, and we're all going to have our first dinner together. I'm sort of nervous, but I don't really know why. I guess I'm just still getting used to being wanted.

Mrs. Dawson calls us down for dinner and I help Ally down the stairs. We sit next to each other, with her parents across from us. We have chicken, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw, with biscuits. It was a very delicious meal. I haven't had a home cooked meal since before we left for the cabin. We lived on ramen when we were there.

"This is delicious Mrs. Dawson." I tell her.

She smiles, "Thank you. Take more if you'd like, there's plenty."

After dinner, Ally and I go up to her room to watch a movie, while her parents go for their nightly walk. Ally lies on her bed while I put the movie in. After I set it up, I sit down next to her. She sits on my lap and starts kissing me, hard, passionately.

I pull her away from me, catching my breath, I laugh at her, "Ally, what're you doing?" I ask her.

"Kissing you, which I've been dying to do all day." She says, and then tries to kiss me again.

"What about your parents?" I ask her.

"They're on a walk." She says.

"But what if they come back?" I ask.

"They're walks are always about an hour and a half, and they bring my dog to the river, we're fine." She assures me.

And with that, we start to kiss. We don't stop, and she rolls on top of me, and before I know it, we're lying on her bed, kissing hard. Her breathing in tense's and the room seems to get 50 degrees warmer. She starts unbuttoning my shirt, "Ally, we can't." I tell her.

"Why." She moans.

"Because, if your parents come back and find us, I'll ruin everything, and so soon." I say.

She sighs and rolls over, and stares at the T.V. screen, "You're right, I'm sorry." She says.

"It's okay." I assure her.

Ally's POV:

Austin has been here for over a week now, and things are going so good. My leg is starting to feel better, and I am actually getting used to walking on the crutches. My father is really nice to Austin; I haven't decided if it makes me happy, or freaks me out. I think Austin considers him a father figure now, because he still hasn't, and won't, talk to his own father.

He tried calling him the other day, but Austin hung up on him. He does not forgive him for what he's done, but I don't blame him. His mother calls him every night, and I'm glad their relationship will remain the same.

Having Austin live with us is different, and not in a bad way. I really enjoy it, and my parents do too. He's such a sweet heart, and helps my mother out around the house, since I'm not actually able to right now. He's already looking for a job, even though my parents told him not to worry about it until he's settled in. He's starting to make his room more like his own, putting stuff up on the wall and bringing more things from his house in there, when he knows that his father is at therapy.

I talked with his mother the other night, and his dad is doing a little better. I know that he feels terrible about what he's done. His mother told me he gets upset about it every day, and even is awoken with nightmares at night. I can't say that I don't feel bad for him, because a part of me does. His mother assured me that in time, things will be back to normal. But I think that time, is going to be a while.

Tonight, Austin even made dinner. It was his own recipe for pizza, and my father absolutely loved it and made sure Austin would make it again. It was really good, and I'm afraid my mother might make him cook more often.

Austin's POV:

I've been with Ally and her family for months now, and I have to say, it's the best. Her parents have totally taken me in and accepted me. I still haven't spoken much to my own father, and I'm fine with that. I visit my mother as often as I can.

I have a job, at a local sporting goods store, it's a really good paying job and I'm happy to help out the Dawson family.

Ally and I are stronger than ever, and I know I'm going to be with her forever. I plan on proposing to her one day, and I know her father will accept it. Her leg is doing better too, and the scars from our past are healing.

I know that this is where I belong, where I've been meant to be. I guess some things just have to go bad, in order for them to get better.


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