A/n - Hey guys, this is a idea I've had for a while. Basically, The Doctor met Martha first and she ended up in the parallel world, with Rose being second companion of the 10th Doctor. It will start from The Stolen Earth and if I get enough response, continue on hopefully into the specials and then 11th era. Message me if you have any questions, enjoy. :)

"No but she said it was all worlds. Every world. She said the the darkness is coming, even here."

"Who was she?"

"I dunno."

"What did she look like?"

"She was... dark skinned."

"What was her name?"

"I don't know."

"Donna, what was her name?"

"But she told me... to warn you. She said two words."

"What two words, what were they, what did she say?"

"Arch Angel."

Martha Jones walked through the streets, her black hair blowing slightly from the explosions and fires around her. She held a big black gun on a strap around her as cars drove past at a manic speed and a drunk man staggered towards her.

"End of the world darlin'." He slurred. "End of the stinkin' world!"

"Careful on that booze mate." She chuckled before as he staggered off. She looked round the streets, her city, her home, being destroyed as she noticed a little boy of about the age of 12, curled up beside a wheelie bin, blood trickling down his face. She made her way quickly over to him, her doctor instincts kicking in. She pushed his brown spikey fringe out of the way, remembering The Doctor's hair, and eyed up the gash on his head. "It's ok." She said calmly, smiling firmly at him. "I'm a doctor."

"It's the end, isn't it?" The boy whispered, leaving Martha slightly stunned before jumping up and pushing her out the way, starting to jog down the street.

"Don't!" Martha shouted to him, getting up and turning round. "It's not safe!"

"It's not safe anywhere!" The boy shouted back before running quicker down a alleyway. Martha sighed to herself before the boy stuck his head round a corner again. "If you're a doctor, then help, if not, find someone who can!" He said before dissapearing round the corner again.

"I've got a party tonight. It's my brother's twenty-first. My mother's going to be really ... really.." Martha breathed as she and John Smith looked out onto the moon.

"Typical humans." The man with short black hair, wearing a black leather jacket and purple jumper rudely commented. "Apes, the lot of you, all of this going on in the universe, and all you care about is telly, booze, parties and chips!"

"OI!" Martha exclaimed, looking at the man. "I'm training to be a doctor, doesn't that say something? I'm getting up and helping people, unlike half of Earth."

"Want to go back in?" The man asked, noticing her concern.

"No way. I mean, we could die any minute, but all the same - it's beautiful."

"You think?"

"How many people want to go to the moon? And here we are!"

"You're no oridnary ape." He remarked smugly.

"What do you think happened?" Martha asked, ignoring his comment.

"What do you think?"

"Extraterrestrial. It's got to be. I know that sounds MAD but-"

"It is."

"What is?"


"Oh shutup." She scoffed. "I promise you, Mr Smith, we will find a way out. If we can travel to the moon, then we can travel back. There's got to be a way."

"It's not Smith, that's not my real name."

"Who are you, then?"

"I'm the Doctor."

"Me too, if I can pass my exams. What is it, then, Doctor Smith?"

"Just the Doctor."

"How do you mean, just the Doctor?"

"Just... the Doctor."

"What, people call you 'the Doctor'?"


"Well, I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, you've got to earn that title."

"I have, in over every time zone and planet going." The Doctor said, picking up a stone and throwing it out into the atmosphere.

"If that's like a bubble sealing us in, that means this is the only air we've got. What happens when it runs out?"

"How many people in this hospital?"

"I don't know, a thousand?"

"One thousand people. Suffocating. Good job you got me, compressed vascular system, gives me longer to find out what's going on and sort it out."

"Why would anyone do that?"

"Oh great." The man remarked as two ships landed on the moons surface and the Judoon marched out.

"Aliens. That's aliens. Real, proper aliens."

"Just what I need, Judoon being thick and walking in!" He muttered, walking back into the hospital before shouting back: "Come on Martha Jones!"

Martha smiled slightly at her memory of first meeting The Doctor before looking up at the planets in the sky, remembering the good days were long gone. She carried on walking through the streets, remembering she had to find The Doctor.

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