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The Doctor and Martha stepped out of The TARDIS underneath a bridge in the snow. The Doctor grinned, shutting the door before pushing Martha softly, making her stumble in the snow.

Martha narrowed her eyes at him, "Really?"

The Doctor just grinned at her, grabbing her hand and pulling her under the bridge into a busy street market. The stalls were decked with green garlands and ribbons. The scene was filled with hawkers of mistletoe and chestnuts along with carolers that Martha and The Doctor observed as they walked through the market. The Doctor smiled at Martha as he pulled her over towards a young boy covered in soot.

"You there, boy. What day is this?" The Doctor asked.

"Christmas Eve, sir." The boy replied.

"What year?"

"You thick or something?"

"Oi. Just answer the question."

"Year of our Lord 1851, sir."

"Right. Nice year. Bit dull." He shrugged, looking down at Martha.

"Doctor!" A woman's scream came from afar. The Doctor and Martha looked around in shock, trying to find the source of the shout. "Doctor!"

"Who, me?" The Doctor asked Martha. Martha rolled her eyes and pulled The Doctor off.


The two of them ran into an alleyway to find a black woman dressed in period dress, nervously backing away from rattling bolted doors.

"Doctor!" The woman yelped.

"Don't worry, don't worry." The Doctor said, rushing up to her. "Stand back, what have we got here? Ooh." Martha watched with a frown as the doors rattled and a growl came from behind it. "OK, I've got it. Whatever's behind that door, I think you should get out of here."

The woman ignored him, and looked back at the doors in shock, "Doctor!"

"No, he's standing right here." Martha said, pointing at The Doctor. "Hello."

"Don't be so stupid, who are you?" The woman exclaimed.

"I'm The Doctor." The Doctor asked.

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

"Well, there can't be two of ya!" She gapsed as a man with brown hair came running over to them, dressed in period clothing. "Where the hell have you been?" She shouted at the man.

"Don't worry." The man said to The Doctor and Martha before turning to look at the door. "Stand back. What have we got here, then?"

"Hold on, hold on. Who are you?" The Doctor asked.

"I'm the Doctor. Simply the Doctor. The one, the only and the best. Rosita, give me the sonic screwdriver." Rosita quickly handed the second Doctor, too quickly for either The Doctor or Martha see what it was.


"Now quickly, get back to the TARDIS."

"Back to the what?" Martha asked, watching the man wide eyed.

"Stand back, sir. This is a job for a Time Lord."

"Job for a what lord?" The Doctor and Martha asked in unison. Suddenly, the doors burst open to reveal creature with a shaggy, furry body and a metal mask where its face should be.

"Oh, that's different." The Doctor said, reaching into his pocket.

"Oh, that's new." The second Doctor said in agreement as he also reached into his pocket.

"Allons-y." They both shouted, flinging out their sonics, one being the normal, metal and blue, the other being a average wooden one.


"I've been hunting this beast for a good fortnight." The second Doctor said. "Now step back, sir." The creature, a Cybershade, leapt over them and clinged to the wall of the building behind them.

"Some sort of primitive conversion, like they took the brain of a cat or a dog." Martha said, watching the creature curiously.

"Well, talking's all very well." The second Doctor said. "Rosita."

"I'm ready." Rosita nodded, handing the second Doctor a rope which he swung over his head like a lasso.

"Now, watch and learn." The second Doctor released the rope and it circled the Cybershade. "Excellent. Now then, let's pull this timorous beastie down to earth." The Cybershade began to scale the wall, pulling the second Doctor up with him.

"Or not." The Doctor said.

"I might be in a little bit of trouble."

"Nothing changes. I've got you." The Doctor muttered, grabbing hold of the rope before being pulled up the building.

"You idiots!" Rosita and Martha shouted in unison.

"Perhaps if you could pull?" The second Doctor shouted.

"I am pulling." The Doctor exclaimed. "In this position, I couldn't not pull, could I?" The Doctor asked as the Cybershade jumped into a window.

"Then I'd suggest you let go, sir."

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, Doctor. Don't you recognise me?"

"No, should I? Have we met?" The second Doctor asked, looking down at The Doctor. "This is hardly the right time for me to go through my social calendar." The two of them kept flying higher and higher before being pulled into the window.

"I'm gonna kill him." Martha hissed.


The two Doctors skidded to a stop as Rosita cut the rope with an axe, laughing as they let go of the rope.

Martha stormed up behind Rosita and pulled The Doctor up by the lapels and pulling him up so they were nose to nose.

"Idiot." Martha hissed, making The Doctor grin back at her.


"Well, I'm glad you think it's so funny." Rosita said to the two laughing Doctors as they walked out of the warehouse. "You're mad. Both of you. You could've got killed."

"But, evidently, we did not." The second Doctor chuckled, turning to The Doctor. "Oh, I should introduce Rosita. My faithful companion, always telling me off."

"Well, they do, don't they?" The Doctor replied, giving Martha a cheeky glance before looking back to Rosita. "Rosita? Good name. Hello, Rosita."

"Huh." Rosita nodded. "Now I'll have to go and dismantle the traps. All that for nothing. And we've only got 20 minutes till the funeral, don't forget." She began to walk away. "Then back to the TARDIS, right?"

"Funeral?" Martha asked.

"Oh, long story." The second Doctor said, waving his hand at her. "Not my own, not yet." He bent over, placing a hand on his back. "Oooh, I'm not as young as I was."

"Well, not as young as you were when you were me." The Doctor said.

"When I was who?"

"You really don't recognise me?" He asked, sharing a look with Martha.

"Not at all."

"But you're The Doctor. The next Doctor. Or the next-but-one. A future Doctor anyway."

Martha blinked a few times, looking the second Doctor up and down a few times. "Wow." She said.

"Oh!" The second Doctor said.

"No, no, don't tell me how it happened." The Doctor said, waving his hands at him. "Although... I hope I don't just trip over a brick, that'd be embarrassing. Then again, painless. Worse ways to go, depends on the brick."

"You're gabbling, sir. Now, might I ask, who are you two, exactly?"

"No, I'm, uh... I'm just Smith. John Smith. This is Martha Jones. But we've heard all about you, Doctor. Bit of a legend, if I say so myself." Martha nodded in agreement.

"Modesty forbids me to agree with you, sir. But yes. Yes, I am."

"A legend with certain memories missing. Am I right?" Martha asked.

"How do you know that?"

"You've forgotten Martha." The Doctor said sadly, placing his hand on the small of Martha's back.

"Great swathes of my life have been stolen away." The second Doctor gulped. "When I turn my mind to the past, there's nothing."

"Going how far back?"

"Since the Cybermen..." Martha tensed at that, thinking back to the time in the parralel world.

"Uh, idiot!" Martha shouted, pulling who she thought was Leo into a hug as the Cybermen advanced towards them from all sides. "What part of don't wander off don't you get?" Leo pulled away from her with a frown.

"Yeah, no offence, sweetheart, but who the hell are you?" He scoffed as Tish squeezed Martha's hand.

"Martha." Tish whispered, nodding over at an identical Leo running towards them.

"Martha." Leo gasped, leaning over breathlessly. "That's not me. That's like... the other one. Theo." Martha nodded, looking between Leo and Theo.

"Oh, as if things weren't bad enough - there's two Leo's!" The Doctor groaned.

"It's Theo." Theo grumbled. "But there's more of them..." The Doctor, Martha, Leo, Theo, Tish and Jake looked around in fear to find they were surrounded by Cybermen.

"We're surrounded..." Martha said, nodding calmly. "Ok, that's ok, we can deal with this."

The Doctor tightened his grip on Martha as the second Doctor carried on talking, "Masters of that hellish wall-scuttler and old enemies of mine, now at work in London town. You won't believe this, Mr Smith, but they are creatures from another world."

"Really?" The Doctor asked. "Wow."

"It's said they fell onto London, out of the sky in a blaze of light. And they found me." He looked into space, lost in thought. "Something was taken. And something was lost." He snapped out of this thoughts. "What was I like? In the past?" He asked Martha.

Martha blinked a few times, stunned that he asked her and not his younger self, "I don't think I should say. Sorry. Got to be careful with memory loss. One wrong word..." She gulped.

"It's strange, though. I talk of Cybermen from the stars and you don't blink, Mr Smith, Miss Jones."

"Ah, don't blink, remember that?" The Doctor asked. "Whatever you do, don't blink? The blinking and the statues? Sally and the angels? No?"

The second Doctor smirked, "You're a very odd man."

"Hmm, I still am. Something's wrong here."

"Oh, the funeral. The funeral's at two o'clock. It's been a pleasure, Mr Smith, Miss Smith. Don't breathe a word of it."

"Can't we come with you?"

"It's far dangerous. Rest assured, I shall keep this city safe. Oh, and, er... merry Christmas, Mr Smith, Miss Jones." The second Doctor nodded at the both of them with a smile before leaving with Rosita.

"Merry Christmas, Doctor." The Doctor and Martha said in unison.