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The Doctor swung open the door to the Reverend's house, Martha next to him, watching as the second Doctor tried to open the door with a regular screwdriver.

"Hello." The Doctor said.

The second Doctor looked up, stunned, "How did you get in?" He asked.

"Oh, front door."

"He's good at doors." Martha added, making The Doctor look back at him with a grin. "Um, do you mind my asking, is that your sonic screwdriver?" She nodded at the screwdriver.

"Yeah." The second Doctor nodded, holding up the screwdriver. "I'd be lost without it."

"But, that's a screwdriver." The Doctor frowned at it. "How's it sonic?"

"Well, er, it makes a noise." The second Doctor explained, tapping it against the doorframe. "That's sonic, isn't it? Now, since we're acting like common burglars, I suggest we get out of plain view." He pushed past The Doctor, stepping inside the house. The Doctor blinked, sighing to himself and shut the door behind them. The second Doctor walked through the room, decorated for Christmas, and headed straight for the desk, rooting through the drawers.

"This investigation of yours, what's it about?" Martha asked.

"It started with a murder." The second Doctor called over his shoulder.

"Oh, good." The Doctor nodded. "I mean bad, but whose?"

"Mr Jackson Lake, a teacher of mathematics from Sussex. He came to London three weeks ago and died a terrible death."


"It's hard to say, his body was never found. But then it started. More secret murders. Then abductions. Children…stolen away in silence."

Martha looked round the room curiously, "So whose house is this?" She asked.

"The latest murder." The second Doctor replied, moving over to a book rack. "The Reverend Aubrey Fairchild. Found with burns to his forehead, like some advanced form of electrocution."

"But who was he, was he important?" The Doctor asked.

"You two ask a lot of questions."

"We're your companions."

"The Reverend was the pillar of the community, a member of many parish boards. A keen advocate of children's charities."

"Children again." Martha muttered. "But why would the Cybermen want him dead?"

"And what's his connection to the first death, this Jackson Lake?" The Doctor wondered.

"It's funny, I seem to be telling you everything." The second Doctor frowned, looking back over at The Doctor and Martha. "As though you engendered some sort of... trust. You seem familiar, Mr Smith, Miss Jones. I know your face. But how?"

"I wonder. I can't help noticing you're wearing a fob watch." He nodded to the Second Doctor's pocket, where a fob watch sat.

The second Doctor glanced at it, "Is that important?"

"Legend has it that the memories of a Time Lord can be contained within a watch. Do you mind?" He held his hand out and the second Doctor took out the watch, handing it over to him.

Martha gulped, watching as their fingers nearly brushed, remembering what had happened the last time the same two people touched...

The reason they were even there was because of her dad. On the day of Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clarke's wedding. The bloody idiot got knocked over by a car, of course he was alright in the end, but she didn't want him to be alone when it happened.

"This is all my fault." Martha muttered, leaning against one of the church seats. "I didn't mean to push you out of the way." And she didn't. She was walking along the road with The Doctor, trying to find the place it had happened, when the wind picked up, blowing sand in her eyes. She tumbled into the road, accidentally pushing Clive back against his car as another car came zooming past.

"No, love." Clive sighed. "I'm your dad. It's my job for it to be my fault."

"Her dad?" Francine asked in disgust, holding baby Martha tightly to her chest as The Doctor watched the argument curiously. "How are you her dad? How old were you, twelve? Oh, that's disgusting."

"Francine, listen. This is Martha."

"Martha?" Francine spat. "How sick is that? You give my daughter a second hand name? How many are there? Do you call them all Martha?"

"Oh, for God's sake, look. It's the same Martha!" He took Martha from Francine's arm, handing her to Martha.

"No, I can't!" Martha gasped, knowing it would create a paradox, but it was too late, her younger self being thrust into her arms.

"Martha! No!" The Doctor shouted.

"It's said that if it's opened..." The Doctor continued, opening the watch, only for the cogs and springs to fall to the floor, instead of Time Lord memories. "Oh. Maybe not."

"It's more for decoration." The second Doctor nodded.

"Yeah. Anyway, alien infiltration."

The three broke apart, beginning to search the room.

"Look for anything different, possibly metal." The second Doctor called over his shoulder. "Anything that doesn't seem to belong, perhaps a mechanical device that could fit no earthly engine." The Doctor pulled out the sonic, beginning to use it on a locked desk. "It could even seem to be organic, but unlike any organism of the natural world." He looked up, hearing the noise of the sonic. "Shh! What's that noise?"

The Doctor put the sonic away, looking over, "Oh, it's just me... whistling." He gave his best whistling impression of the sonic as Martha looked over, amused. "I wonder what's in here, though." He pointed at the the desk he'd unlocked, pulling it open. "Ah." He reached in, pulling out a metal cylinder. "Different and metal, you were right. They are infostamps. I mean, at a guess. Um, if I were you, I'd say they worked something like this." He pressed one end of the cylinder, images being projected onto the wall. The three of them gazed up, watching as the images flickered. "See? Compressed information. Tons of it." He reached into his pocket, putting on his glasses. "That is the history of London, 1066 to the present day. This is like a disk, a Cyberdisk. But why would the Cybermen need something so simple?" The second Doctor looked away, slumping into a chair, stunned, as Martha and The Doctor looked at the wll.

"They've gotta be wireless." Martha commented.

The Doctor nodded, "Unless... they're in the wrong century, they haven't got much power. They need plain old basic infostamps to update themselves."

Martha looked over at the second Doctor, "Are you all right?" She asked, placing a hand on his shoulder, her doctor insticts kicking in.

"I'm fine." The second Doctor breathed, waving a hand at her.

"No, what is it?" She asked, sitting across from him, The Doctor making his way up behind her. "What's wrong?"

"I've seen one of these before." He nodded at the infostamp. "I was holding... this device, the night I lost my mind. The night I regenerated." He blinked, shaking his head. "The Cybermen, they made me change. My mind, my face, my whole self." He looked over at The Doctor. "And you were there. Who are you?"

"A friend." The Doctor replied softly. "I swear."

"Then I beg you, John. Help me."

"Ah. Two words I never refuse." The Doctor smiled, taking Martha's hand and gently pulling her up. "But it's not a conversation for a dead man's house. It'll make more sense if we go back to the TARDIS... Your TARDIS. Hold on, I just need to do a final check. Won't take a tick." He began to make his way round the room, opening doors, pulling Martha along with him. "There's one more thing I cannot figure. If this room's got infostamps, then maybe, just maybe, it's got something that needs infostamping." He opened a door to find a Cyberman staring back at them. "OK." He shut the door, looking back at the second Doctor. "I think we should run."