The TARDIS landed in the Jones' living room that same night, pouring down with ran because of the disturbing to the atmosphere. Francince and Clive were sat together on the sofa, thinking of their children they lost, and wondering if they were still around, if they'd be out there, helping and saving the universe.

When the mechanical whirring of The TARDIS filled the room and the blue box slowly came into view, the elder Jones' just stared, not having to say anything, they just assumed The Doctor had come to see if they were ok after everything that had happened, not that he'd come to see them before though. As The TARDIS stabalised they stood up slowly, the door opened and Leo stepped out.

"Leo?" Francine whispered before Tish stepped out after him, taking her brother's hand. "Tish?" She rushed forward and engulfed her two younger children in a hug, not caring how the hell they were back after The Doctor explained her children were stuck in a parallel world. The Doctor then walked out the door with his arm concerningly around Martha's shoulder. She looked half asleep still and a little scared as she looked at her parents. "Martha." Francine whispered as Martha ran into her mother's arms.


"You could have got yourself killed." Francine mumbled as they all sat at the kitchen table.

"We had to come back Mum." Tish said.

"We came back for you." Martha half chuckled. "And I had to say goodbye to him properly," She nudged The Doctor in the side. "Thank god he had Rose and Donna otherwise he probably would have got himself killed."

"Oi!" The Doctor whined.

"I was trying to get through for a while, it wasn't just coming back for him and you, it was to warn The Doctor about the Daleks."

"Because of him," Clive began, who had been sitting in silence the whole time. "Martha nearly died and he changed his face. Because of him, you three ended up in a parallel world or whatever it is. Because of him, you all nearly died because of the canon thing and the Daleks." He turned angrily to The Doctor. "Get out of my home and leave my children alone."

"No way in hell." Martha laughed.

"And when did you suddenly become in charge of this family."

"Since most of us were in a parallel world for 3 years, Dad! I'm a doctor now, putting me with the highest responsibilty in this room! As kids all you two would do is argue anyway, I was the one who looked out for Leo and Tish!"

"Get out." Clive said angrily.

"Fine by me." Martha said, pushing her chair back and standing up. "Because being with The Doctor was a better life anyway, better than one you've ever given me, Dad." The Doctor looked at him darkly before following Martha out of the room, into the living room and towards The TARDIS. The 4 other Jones' followed them and Clive pulled back Francine from trying to get to Martha as Tish and Leo watched, stunned.

"Martha, no!"

"I'll come back for you, I promise." Martha said to her family before shutting the door behind her.

"Christmas." The Doctor said from the console although Martha could tell he was still angry. "Last time it was Charles Dickens and the gelth, maybe a normal one this time?"

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