"I bet you twenty bucks you can't do it," said Steve with a shake of his head as he leant against the counter inside the newly refurbished Stark Tower.

"Make it fifty and you're on," said Tony opening the fridge as Bruce looked up from his work-station.

"What's this?" asked the weary man with a slight smile.

Tony pulled three beers from the fridge and handed one to Bruce.

"The Captain here says that I couldn't go 24 hours without using some form of modern technology-"

"That's his cell phone, his laptop, all those other doodahs he carries around with him," said Steve to Bruce cutting across Tony, counting each item off on his fingers as he did so. "Oh and most importantly of all, his Iron Man suit."

Bruce cocked his head at Tony for a moment before letting out a shrug. "You might as well just pay up now, Tony."

"What? You don't think I can do it either?" said Stark with a pout. "I totally can. I'll need advance notice of course, and the bet is cancelled if the world needs saving."

"If the world needs saving I think we can handle it," said Steve feigning pompousness.

Tony narrowed his eyes, throwing a bottle of beer in the Captain's direction. It was promptly caught.

"How about tomorrow?" said Bruce with a grin, removing the cap from his own bottle and taking a swig.

"Tomorrow's good for me, but we can't do it here," uttered Steve, raising his eyebrows at Tony. "Too much temptation."

Every inch of the room they were standing in certainly was covered in all sorts of technology. From computers to a coffee machine, and this was only a sample office. Tony's workshop was another matter altogether.

"Alright, then where do you suggest?" asked Tony folding his arms across his chest and strolling over to where Steve was standing.

Steve stopped for a moment, before a grin plastered itself across his features. "How about camping?"

"Camping?" uttered Tony in disgust.

"Yeah. We can all go," said Steve with a nod. "It'll be fun."

"I don't think being stuck in the middle of nowhere, sharing a tent with his alter ego will be fun," said Tony pointing at Bruce. "Sorry, buddy."

"No, he's right," muttered Bruce. "Maybe it's not a great idea for me to go with you."

"Listen," said Steve, clapping Bruce on the shoulder. "It'll be stress free…a chance just to get away from it all. I promise."

Bruce deliberated for a long moment before sighing. "Alright, alright, but only because I have to see how Tony is going to survive without JARVIS."

"Hey! JARVIS and I are not attached at the hip you know-" started Tony before a loud bleeping was heard from his pocket.

He extracted the device immediately, more as a reflex than anything. He only looked up as Bruce began to laugh behind his hand.

"Okay, okay, I get the point," said Tony, throwing the doo-hickey down on the counter beside him. "But I'm warning you, there is no way I'm sharing a tent with the Asgardian. The man snores like a rhino…AND he likes to sleep with his hammer. It's just weird!"

Bruce let out a chuckle, moving back to his work-station as Steve grinned widely, holding out his hand.

"Then I guess the bet's on," he uttered as he and Stark shook hands. "This is going to be very interesting…"

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