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The journey took almost three hours.

Bruce, who had been stuck between Thor and his inability to stick to his own leg space and Tony who had chattered away in his ear almost non-stop, had had to use most of his stamina to keep from hulking out.

Steve had assigned himself to the second car with Natasha, Clint and Coulson which Bruce could imagine was a much more subdued vehicle.

Their cars had eventually pulled up in a heavily wooded area and this is where the dirt track they had been travelling on for the past thirty minutes ended. The group had barely a chance to slam their doors shut when their SHEILD drivers had ditched all their camping gear at the side of the road and hastily driven away.

Steve took a deep sniff of air. "Mmmm can you smell that?" he said closing his eyes.

Tony crossed his arms over his arc reactor. "Yeah the wonderful combination of pine and bear poop," he said to Bruce in a loud carrying whisper, as Steve frowned.

"Ah, yes," said Thor loudly, himself taking in a deep breath. "I have slept under these Midgardian stars once before. I think I will enjoy this… camping."

Suddenly his eyes became distant, as he seemed to lock onto a spot high in the blue sky. For a moment he looked sad.

"Everything alright there, buddy?" asked Steve as the group fell silent watching the Asgardian god.

"I am fine, but there is one I wish could share this camping with us." Thor turned to look at them all and began to swing Mjolnir. "And now that the bi-frost is complete once more I can. I will not be long my friends."

And before any of them could say anything, Thor had disappeared up into the clear sky.

"Well while were waiting for Thor to get back, shall we look for somewhere to set up camp?" said Steve grasping up his large pack and swinging it over his shoulder with ease.

"What's wrong with right here?" asked Clint in a tired voice.

"Here?" said Steve gazing around with distaste. "No, we have to be right in the wilderness. That's what real camping is. We have to go deeper."

"And we're back to Brokeback Mountain," said Tony with a sigh, causing Natasha to let out a laugh.

"Come on then," said Clint. "You'd better lead the way, Cap."

With a lot of groaning, each of the Avengers picked up a pack and as whatever else they could carry and began to walk.

After about fifteen minutes Tony was already whining.

"You know if I had my Iron Man suit with me I could have flown up, searched the area for the perfect spot and carried all the equipment straight there…"

"Yeah but the point of this trip is that you don't have your Iron Man suit, you don't have any form of technology whatsoever. Come on Stark, enjoy yourself," said Steve shooting him a look.

"Well I would be enjoying myself if I was standing at the back like Coulson, not carrying a thing," uttered Tony, shooting a dark look back at Phil.

Phil merely grinned. "I'm only here to supervise."

Tony made a face at him. "Well you can continue to just supervise when we're all toasting s'mores around a fire later."

Five minutes later Steve suddenly stopped in his tracks as Natasha bowled into him.

"Give us some warning next time would you, Cap?" she muttered irritably.

"Sorry," he murmured. "But I think I found us the perfect spot."

The group stared around at the small clearing.

"It looks exactly like the place the cars dropped us off at," whispered Clint into Natasha's ear.

She frowned and shook her head at him, for Steve did seem delighted with his find.

"Right." Steve said clapping his hands together and turning to his band of tired followers. "We should all get unpacked, set up the tents. I was counting on Thor and his hammer being here to help but-"

"Not to worry friend, for I have returned!" came a booming voice.

Suddenly, stomping his way through the trees appeared Thor.

"Good," said Steve. "So you can help us w-"

But Steve stopped mid-way through his sentence as he spotted a figure who came trudging into the camp behind the blonde-Asgardian.

"You have got to be kidding me…" murmured Natasha, wide-eyed.

"What the hell?" said Bruce, removing his glasses and blinking twice.

From somewhere behind the group they heard Coulson load the chamber of his gun.

For stumbling out of the undergrowth from behind Thor was his younger, dark-haired brother Loki.

"Put down your weapons and fear not my friends. I have brought my brother here so he can share in our sport. Loki is changed since being back at Asgard. My father has removed his most dangerous powers and he is to be trusted now. He is my brother once more."

With that Thor clapped Loki hard on the back causing the younger god to shudder and wince.

"After seeing this Midgardian wilderness of yours I could not deny my brother a chance to see it with his own eyes. It also gives us all a chance to make amends with one another. Does it not, Loki?'

Loki grimaced. Thor's hammer was swinging dangerously close to his stomach. "I suppose so," he murmured in an unhappy drawl.

Thor smiled widely, pulling his brother into an uncomfortable-looking one-armed hug.

"So were supposed to sleep soundly tonight with that maniac hanging about?" asked Tony, his hands on his hips.

Thor turned to him. "Loki is under my protection but also my supervision. You must thrust that he has no powers and cannot do any more evil here."

"Yeah but he can still strangle us in the night," said Clint folding his arms across his chest.

At this comment Loki let out a grin before Thor shot him a look and it quickly diminished.

"Heimdall is watching as we speak, if Loki tries anything untoward, our Father will stop him himself," said Thor in a loud voice.

Loki let out a bored sigh. "He's not lying. Listen, I want to be here about as much as you want me here. But Thor insisted I come."

He shot a dark look at his brother who merely grinned over at him, non-plussed.

There was a short silence before Steve gave a nod and started to speak. "Well as long as Thor keeps a close eye on him I don't see how this can ruin things too much."

"Are you joking? This guy causes billions of dollars worth of damage to New York and sends his minions to destroy us," said Tony exasperatedly. "I say we get Coulson to call the cars to pick us up."

Steve stared at Tony for a long moment before grinning. "Oh I get it, you can't handle being out here without JARVIS, or your cell phone or your Iron Man suit. You haven't even gone four hours… You might as well pay up now, Stark."

Tony narrowed his eyes at Steve and stepped forwards so the pair were now nose to nose.

"Oh no, it's you that'll be paying up," said Tony in a dangerous voice.

"Oh yeah?" said Steve, raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah," hissed Tony before he swung around and pointed to Loki. "You, green bean, you're on my team."

Loki shot Tony a scowl.

Bruce stared around. "Were doing teams now are we?"

"Yeah, can I count you in mine?" asked Tony as he strolled over to the bespectacled man.

Bruce glanced nervously over to Steve before nodding, his face turning pink. "I-I've never been picked first before."

"Well technically second, but hey who's counting," said Tony clapping him on the shoulder and leading him over to where Loki stood. "And we'll take Romanoff too."

"You'll take me? Wow, thanks," uttered Natasha in a sarcastic tone.

Thor laughed and strolled over to where Steve, Clint and Coulson had all congregated.

"Fine, teams it is," said Steve with a nod. "I'll thing we'll call ourselves "Team- kick Stark's ass."

"That's catchy, I like it," said Tony deadpan. "But I think we should be Team brains-"

He gestured at the group around him.

"-And we'll be Team brawn," finished Steve, visibly flexing his own muscles. "And your first challenge is to make a fire. You think you can handle that, Stark?"

"We were born to handle that, Captain," uttered Tony with a grin.

"Well, alright then. On your marks, get set-"

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