The Witch Dreamer



look at the mirror her face full of shock,her blood pouring out of her buton nose flowing to the ground to form a puddle.

It scared her to see herself sooo weak.

She wont stand it thats why she stopped,thats why she stopped dreaming.

~end of premonition~

Annaballe rushed out of the door,a bacon sandwich stuffed in her mouth,she was late,

why did it have to be today,the day she started

as she ran across the wet field by her house,

the house she just moved to from the sunny L.A to the cold damp winterfield in the middle of nowhere.

I entered the shool doors just as the bell rang for lesson,she quickley doged though the crowd of pupils to the main door was painted white but was peeling away to reveal a old wooden door,

# knock,knock # her long fingers tappingg,

"yes,yes come in"

I walked in the small box office had froset green walls which the paint was peeling in the corners,a small window leading on to a wood and a white sofa which looked out of place,She divreted her eyes back to the desk as she saw a monkey looking man with a grey beard.

"ahhh,yu must be the new studnet,heres your planner,"the monkey man said quickly going back to the computter screen.

she had so many questions so she just stood there waiting for him to look up agian which he finally did,

"Did I not give you your stuff now GO I have more important things then to deal with a witch"he said firmly while staring her strat in the eye

Her chocolatey brown stared at his old musty grey,he carried on staring intill a large crow squalked from outside the window causing him to jump and lose eye contact.

"go,now before I give you a d.t annaballe trivia"he said loundly

she shot one more glanced before she rushed out the room just as she bumped into a tall figure.

"Im so so sorry"she said quickley and grabed the books she was carrying,her hand brushed his as picthures came to her mind,

~annaballe mind~

a face,blood,woods,fire,pain,star,WITCH.


Her eyes widen at the images as the hooded boy stared at her,

"are you ok"he asked with curioiositie(yes i dont no how to spell that)

"errr yer,emm ive got to go"she mumbled shyley

she then took a glance at the stranger as she went by,it was a he,tall,slender and had black hair inside the hoodie he was wearing,he took one last glance at her as well keeping eye contact till a dove squakled from the window on thier left.

Odd,the crow interupted my eye contact to,she thought

I hurried along to her class,history which I was then 25 minutes late.

I found the classroom easy as my L.A school which was like a maze,a BIG maze.

she opened the door to reveal a young looking man leaning on a chalkboard explaning the lesson,