(Star City July 4 12:04)

The sky was dark for a midsummer day. The storm clouds did nothing against the heat though, and instead acted as a heavy blanket, incasing all of the citizens in Star City. Two girls were on the sidewalk, walking in a fast and mechanical motion. Every once in a while, one would whip their head around, or eye a passing car; as if looking for someone….or escaping someone.

"Where are we going?" one girl asked. Her tone was formal and business like, and her eyes were trained on the road ahead. She looked to be twelve years old, although a reasonable argument could've been made for eleven or even ten. Her hair was a dark red color, with black bangs hiding her left eye mysteriously.

"You worry too much, Ruxandera."

"I told you to call me Dragon, Ceridwen."

"Right, 'm sorry, Dragon." Ceridwen amended. "What is it with you and codenames?" She was tall, with bright golden hair pulled up in a crude bun with chopsticks. The thirteen year old carried on, muttering something in polish, a language that slipped off her tongue more easily than English seemed to.

"This isn't funny, you know? They're after us. They wouldn't have let us escape that easily. If we used our real names people would know who we are and then we'd be found."

"Which is why we're in Star City, isn't it?"

"And here I was, thinking that you just wanted to come here for the fireworks," Dragon replied with a small edge of amusement in her voice.

"Well….they are pretty cool an-"

"Do you smell smoke?" Dragon interrupted, stopping in the middle of the street, looking frantically around. Ceridwen stopped too, watching her friend curiously. "This way," Dragon finally said, grabbing the others arm and began to drag her away towards the smell of smoke. They both ran through the cars, twisting this was and that as to not get hit. Ceridwen wondered vaguely why they were running towards the flames (which could now easily be seen peaking above the rooftops). Not that it'd harm her companion, but Ceridwen'd be burned to a crisp.

"Woah," Dragon breathed, pulling Ceridwen out if her thoughts. They had reached the building on fire, and were now staring up at the leaping flames. The top half was collapsing, sending up large clouds of suffocating smoke. The two girls were coughing hoarsely just being near it.

"Who's that? What's she doing?" Ceridwen suddenly asked, point at a figure near the fire. Her long black hair, filled with blue highlights, jumped in the air as the rushes of smoke attacked it. Dragon and Ceridwen missed the imediate danger she was obviously in. Instead they were staring at what her hands were doing. One was making a pulling motion, like a river running over large rocks. The other was straight out pulsing water (yes, water) out of thin air and into the fire.

"She's a meta," Dragon whispered, astonished. They'd thought all the metas would've either been enrolled into the JLA or caught by the Liberty Core. "Ceridwen, look."

"It's going to fall on her!" Part of the building was crumbling, looking ready to turn to ash. Already large pieces were falling to the ground, but the water girl hadn't noticed. "Get her." Ceridwen raised her arms, swinging them up into the air. She looked like a lunatic, as if bowing to the fire. But a little ways off a tree was twisting and moving. It was so close to the fire that its leaves were in flames; but that's what she needed. Its trunk suddenly bent, twisting into a sort of basket under the falling rubble. Just in time it caught a huge piece of flaming cement. "I don't know how long I can hold it," she called to Dragon. But her friend was already gone, leaving only her abandoned jacket on the floor.

(Star City July 4 12:21)

Suddenly a dark shadow spread across the lot, forcing even the fire department to look up from their work. In the sky was a girl; Dragon. Only it wasn't Dragon. Because this girl had large, reptilian wings. Someone screamed and Dragon rolled her eyes. They hadn't even noticed a tree moving by itself and a girl controlling water, but they'd scream at a girl with wings? Didn't these people read books or anything? But now wasn't the time…

She swooped down, holding out her hands like superman. In one quick, fluid motion she'd picked up the water girl. Just in time too. At that exact moment the tree snapped in two, leaving half a fiery tree trunk and rubble to collapse into the grass.

""What the hell are you doing?"

"That's what I should be asking you."

"I was making ice cream," she replied sarcastically. "What do you think I was doing? Trying to help!"

"Who? God? 'Cuz that would've been the only person you'd have seen if we hadn't stepped in." The girl looked down, and her eyes met with the smoldering heap of doom.

"Oh….err, thanks….Wait a sec, are we flying?" she suddenly screeched, twisting around in Dragon's arms.


"Cool….Wait, you're another meta, aren't you? I thought I was the only one not taken by the Liberty Core."

"Yeah, whatever. If you're done stating the obvious, who are you?"

"I'm Rose Cane, but my codename's Oceana."


"Yeah, so the Liberty Core won't find me. Isn't that why you wear a domino mask? To protect your identity?"

"Yeah," Dragon smiled. Maybe she could get used to this girl. At least she understood the importance of a secret identity.

(Star City July 4 12:26)

Ceridwen smiled brightly as Dragon scooped up the water girl. Great! Now maybe they could leave before the Liberty Core got there. No matter how light hearted she seemed, she really did not want to go back there.

"Hey! There's someone in there," a voice called from behind Ceridwen. She spun around. In front of her was a tall, lean boy. He had shaggy dark brown hair that curled around his heart shaped face. He reminded her of a cat. His skin was a light golden brown that contrasted with his white shirt. Loose jeans were held in place with a brown belt, and attached to that was a sword.


"There's someone in the building. Stay here, I will get them," he replied, pointing to the third floor of the building.

"I'll come with y-"

"No. I will be better off alone," he stopped her. Something in his voice made her think he wasn't only being cautious.

(Star City July 4 12:28)

Great Sona, just great. I'm in a burning building….after a random stranger…why? Luckily for the stranger, Sona's rational thoughts were stopped by a strangled cry. He ran over to the sound, towards the third floor. On the first floor things weren't so bad. The ceiling and walls were caving in, the heat was unbearable, and the smoke stung his nose and eyes, cutting off his air supply. Nope, it wasn't not that bad….But the second floor was where he had to start crawling, as to avoid the worst of the smoke, pulling himself across the floor like a snake. His sword, a urumi, cluttered uselessly on the floor. Too bad it couldn't kill flames…or smoke. Now that would've been useful.

"H-Help," a voice called, breaking into loud fits of coughing.

"Can you get to the second floor?" Sona called, struggling to see anything through the thick haze. No reply followed. "I'm coming up. H-hold on," Sona called, trying to bite back coughs. Soon he wouldn't be able to breath, let alone talk. He crawled towards the stairs, trying to be quick. When he reached his target, he clambered up quickly. Finally! Crawling again he crept through the smoke and heat, struggling to breath. In the middle of the room, lay a man. No, no, no. Please don't let me be too late! Sona reached out, fumbling with the man's neck. There was a pulse, a weak pulse, but a pulse. Sona smiled and turned, trying to figure out how to get both him and the man down the stairs. But, his pondering was cut short by a loud rumble. Suddenly, just in front of him, the ceiling began to fall. Flames burst through the roof, as the heat intensified. That escape was out then….

Sona turned to the window, eyeing it warily. Three floors up, with a dying passenger. He would die for sure if he jumped. Then again, staying in here would kill him more painfully. Better make it quick. Pulling the man across the floor, he grabbed a fallen beam. He would have to stand up to smash the window….Taking a deep breath, or as deep as he could when his lungs were filled with smoke, he jumped up. The beam came down, slamming into the glass. Only a small crack showed his efforts. He growled and raised the beam again, and brought it down. The crack widened, but he was running out of air. His head spun, and his eyes stung. The heat was too much. He was going to pass out. Almost unconsciously he raised the beam again, bringing it down. The window smashed, bringing both Sona and the man down with it. Well, I guess this is it. I hope Father is happy….He closed his eyes and waited.

(Star City July 4 18:03)

Oceana looked down at Sona, smiling happily. He was unconscious, his face consorted into a tight frown. Ceridwen was also staring at him. "Should we wake him up now? It's been hours since Dragon saved him."

"I don't see the harm," Ocean replied. Ceridwen smiled brightly back at her new found friend. Reaching out, she pushed her finger into his cheek. Sona only rolled over and muttered something in a foreign language.

"What's he speaking?"

"A language?"

"What language?"


"Hindi," came a muffled reply. Both girls looked down. Sona was stirring, trying to get up.

"I told you I should've come with you!" Sona said nothing as he got up, weakly coughing.

"You sound like hell just died inside of you," Oceana stated, leaning back on her feet.

"Excuse me?" he asked, blinking the haze out of his eyes.

"You gave us quite a scare. We thought you wouldn't wake up at all," Dragon told him. They were all in a dark room, with only two small windows. Dragon had been staring out of one, deciding not to watch Sona sleep like the other girls. It was stalker-ish…. "Don't worry. The man you saved is in the hospital. He's in bad shape, but he'll survive. And you're fine, of course. Which leaves us to beg the question: why the hell'd you run into a burning building alone? And to save some stranger?"

"Why did you save that water girl? Why'd plant girl try to come with me? Why did water girl risk the Liberty Core from finding her by showing off her powers to put out a simple fire? Because I had to. We all have a duty to use our gifts, no matter if they are powers or talents." The three girls shared a few looks, raising eyebrows. He would've sounded very heroic and modest, if he wasn't covered with a thin coat of self-pride.

"Who are you?" Dragon asked, coming closer.

"I am Sahil Aakash Rajesh Quazi. But my friends call me Sona. I was prince of an Indian tribe."

"Was?" Ocean asked.

"Yes, water girl. Was. I was…exiled a month ago, by my father." He looked up at them with smoldering eyes, signaling that the questioning was over.

"I'm Oceana. Not 'water girl'."


"Dragon." The four of them smiled at each other. Something lurked in each one of their eyes. It was as if, in that moment, they shared everything with each other. Every feeling, and every thought. That moment was quickly halted by a loud banging at their door.

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