Born of nothing… made of everything

The Tesseract is awake… the queen returns

Her eyes see all truths

Her beauty is made from light

All-knowing and curious

Within her a deadly fight

The prince demands her

The army fights strong

All for a secret

All for the queen's last song

Ripped from her palace

Stolen from her throne

Throughout all Nine Realms

She sleeps, but never alone


Tony Stark grabbed the white towel and used it to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. Bruce Banner stood close behind him, watching from over Tony's shoulder. Both of the scientists were focused on the computer screen. Analyzing Loki's scepter was becoming an issue, and the computers had been slowed down excessively.

A burst of energy turned all power on the floating fortress off temporarily. Only for a second, but enough to cause blackness on all parts of the plane and to cause the whole thing to fall for a couple of seconds before regaining a steady flight path. Tony and Bruce exchanged worried glances in the dark and immediately returned to the scepter. It was gone.

"Loki," muttered Tony and Bruce's hands clenched the edge of the table. From the other side of the lab desk, a hand reached out and grasped the top of the desk. The men leaped back and Tony grabbed a gun off of the wall. A second hand appeared and two arms, struggling to support the weight of a body. The next thing to appear was not the black hair belonging to the Norse God of Mischief, but a wild mess of light blue hair. The owner, clearly female, hoisted the rest of herself up and stood straight before falling back over in a faint.


"What's going on? Loki's gone!" Natasha Romanoff rushed into the control room and slammed her hands on the meeting table.

"Yes, and we have to deal with this intruder and Loki's missing scepter," continued Nick Fury as he filled in Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers, and Agent Phil Coulson. He seemed a bit calm, but Nick Fury was always thinking about everything.

"Where is she?" Asked Steve, thinking of her well being.

"Right now, we are unaware of her threat level, and she has yet to awaken. We're keeping her where Loki was, until we know if it's safe to allow her to roam around.

"If I could have the chance to see her?" Thor asked, removing his hand from his forehead.

Nick Fury nodded, "Yes, I think that'll be best, maybe we can learn something." Everyone stood and decided to walk down together. Safety in numbers and you never know if anyone will figure something out.

The metal door slid open and they saw Bruce and Tony working at a newly installed machine.

"Can't get any accurate data, it just keeps jumping all over the place," Tony said, not even looking up at the team.

"We've been picking up gamma rays, but the next second they've been reduced and then burst up to dangerous levels. It's like a pulse…" Bruce added as he fiddled with the computer.

Thor walked over to the glass chamber and stared at the creature within. She resembled no being from any of the Realms he had been to. She looked like one of the goddesses on Asgard or a being from Midgard, but her hair was a blue hue. Not the blue of a Frost Giant, but a bright blue with the faintest trace of glitter. She wore a dress woven from silver thread, but it was tattered and ripped in several places.

"Any ideas?" Steve Rogers came up behind the Norse god and put a hand on his shoulder.

"None. I do not recognize her," Thor admitted, but he did not tear his eyes away from the sleeping lump in the middle of the chamber, "When will she awaken?"

"Who knows?" Tony answered nonchalantly, and it was clear he was more concerned about typing into the computer than actually looking at the creature.

"Is she… dead?" Natasha ventured closer as well, knowing she would be safe.

"Nope," said Tony, "But if she were we could get way more data," he added under his breath and Bruce snorted. Nick Fury watched from behind. They all stood in silence, except for Stark and Banner who kept shuffling papers and pressing buttons.

The lights in the room flickered. The plane dropped a second time and everyone on board felt it in their stomachs. The lights turned back on for good and everyone gently let go of the railing. Looking back into the glass cage, they watched as the woman slowly stood up. Her blue hair was in her face, and quite frankly, it was such a mess that it stuck out in every direction. It was incredibly longed and just brushed the bottom of her back. She quickly brushed it behind her and revealed her face to all the onlookers. Average features, and two eyes just like everyone else. However, these eyes were different. They were bluer than her hair and if the light hit them perfectly, they practically glowed. No human had eyes with colors and swirls like these.

"Who are you?" Demanded Thor as he banged his fist on the glass. The girl took a step back, but afterwards, she walked towards Thor and put out a hand.

"Stand back," Demanded Nick Fury and most of the Avengers drew away. Most of them… Thor kept his hand on the glass. The women inside the chamber laughed. It came out echoing and seemed to hang in the air around everyone.

She cocked her head to the side and stared into Thor's. Her eyes seemed to know everything, but a look of confusion found its way onto her face.

"Thor Odinson?" She grinned, but it wasn't a deranged or evil smile. It was a goofy grin, as if she were a child or a friend.

She took another step forward and fell onto the ground, passed out yet again.