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My eyes fluttered open. My head was aching in pain. How long have I been here? Where was I anyway? The last thing I remembered was collapsing on the ground after I was forced to kill dad. How long has it been since then?

For the most part, I just thought of myself as a normal girl. I never imagined this kind of thing would happen to me. The only semi-different thing about me was that my dad…was an Exorcist. But it looked as if his time was running up…


This had to be the worst birthday. Ever. Dad promised he'd get better before I turned sixteen, but of course he was only being optimistic. And now he's gone. It felt like I was drowning in my tears, but that wasn't the worst part...

"Mom, stop! Don't say his name!" I yelled at my mom desperately, but I was too far to reach her.

"Rosalie, I'm so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I…I just can't live without him. A life without him isn't a life at all...I love you, Rose. Promise me you'll keep on smiling."

"No, mom." I was trying to choke back my tears, "Dad wouldn't want this, please…."

But it was too late. Right there, in my very home stood the Millennium Earl. His smile grew bigger and we both heard mom scream out my dad's name. Then, to my horror, my dad's soul came back, but in the form of an akuma, a demon. Didn't she know what would happen? Did she really love dad so much to bring him back? To make him suffer?

"Now, I order you. Kill your wife and wear her body as your new skin." The Millennium Earl demanded mercilessly to my dad and I watched in horror as my mom was murdered. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. The Millennium Earl pointed at me and ordered dad to kill me, too.

I couldn't process any of this. It seemed unreal. My dad always told me about akuma and how they were created into weapons by the Millennium Earl to kill humans. And the only ones that can kill akuma were Exorcists. Dad was an Exorcist and he could easily fight them off but…

But now, he was an akuma. One headed towards me. I stood up and started running away. It was like those scary movies. The person chasing the victim would walk the whole time, but always managed to stay closely behind as if they were running. When I got out of my house, he transformed into an ugly, gray monster.

Dad started shooting these purple bullets out, but I was just barely able to dodge them. I knew a little bit of self-defense thanks to dad, but I never thought I'd be using them in a situation like this. It felt like there was no hope left as I watched the people around me turn into dust. All because of dad. Actually, all because of mom.

Around me, bits of rocks and dirt flew around, but I just stood there motionless. What could I do, anyway? I wasn't an Exorcist. I wouldn't be able to help anyone.

"Get up." I heard a voice, but I didn't bother to look to see who it was. Instead up telling me to get up again, he pulled me up hastily by my arm. I slowly turned to him with my tear soaked eyes. It was a man, probably around thirty or so, with long red hair and half a mask. He was definitely older than me, but he was handsome nonetheless. My eyes lingered on to his uniform though, over the Rose Cross; the emblem of the Black Order. I only knew because I've seen dad where the same uniform, but without the gold outlining that the redheaded man had. The gold meant he was a general.

"Your mother is dead and your father is now an akuma. You need to accept the truth and face your fears. You need to put an end to the destruction that akuma is causing." He said seriously and looked at me with hard eyes.

"But…how? I don't have the power to do that. I'm not an Exorcist…" I replied weakly.

He smirked. "Believe me, I know an Exorcist when I see one. And you're one of a kind...literally."

I shifted my weight uncomfortably, "What are you talking about? I'm not an Exorcist. I can't do anything to help!" I paused and took in the devastation. "What about you? You're a general, right? Aren't you supposed to defeat that…that…" I couldn't bring myself to say that word, now that it applied to my own father.

The man opened up a small, brown wooden box. Inside was a pair of….

"Gloves?" I asked, a little bit confused. I touched them and I felt this sort of shock, but it wasn't a painful shock or anything. It felt…welcoming. As I put my hands around it, the cool jet-black metal felt warm and inviting under my touch.

"They're bracers. More specifically, they're called 'Hands of the Earth.'It's a…special type of anti-akuma weapon. Maybe one of the first ever made." He stated matter-of-factly. "Anyways, so far no one's been able to control it, let alone put them on since they were first created."

"A-and…what makes you think I can use it?" I asked him uneasily.

"For one thing, they're not shocking the hell out of you. It was a pain in the ass to get in the box." He mumbled. "And I don't think you can use it, because I know you can."

I looked at him unsurely, waiting for an explanation. Out of nowhere, he took out a cigarette and lit it up as if this was a regular thing for him, which it probably was. I stared at the bracers inside the wooden box questionably. Only chosen wielders of Innocence could fight akuma. And as far as I knew, I wasn't a chosen wielder.

He noticed me gawking at him and sighed again, "Look. I can't explain much, but this is how it's supposed to be. You're an accommodator for Innocence and you have been for a long time."

"No, that's impossible. I can't – "

"And you're going to be an Exorcist for the Black Order whether you like it or not. I knew your dad, kid. He set this path for you. You don't have to believe it, but it's true."

I shook my head. "No, I…I…" I took a deep breath. "A path is something you choose for yourself. Whether it's you or my dad or whoever else, I choose my own path!"

The man smiled slightly. "You remind me of my idiot apprentice. It's a little annoying." He chuckled. "But we don't have time to talk all day. Now put those on."

I took a deep breath and took them out of the box. If what he said was true, then I would be able to defeat that…akuma. Did I want to, though? Did I want to become an Exorcist? Was my path…really set out for me?

I slipped them on. It gave me a sort of tingling feeling, but it was a perfect fit. They slid on like gloves, although it didn't have any finger holes. It was pure black, but had white lining around the wrist area. The bottom stopped halfway between my elbow and wrist and the top made a point that almost reached my elbow. For some reason, in that instant, I knew what to do.

"I…think I understand now." I told the redheaded man. He smiled at me and left without a word.

I ran up to dad. No, the akuma. I raised my arms up and the earth beneath my feet reacted and raised itself up too. Then, there was an explosion and I was knocked off my feet and I hit my head. I felt something warm drip down my face. But I knew…I knew that I saved dad.

"I'm choosing my own path…the path of an Exorcist." I told myself softly. Even though that man said dad supposedly chose it for me, I also could've chose to walk away from it, but I didn't. This was my own decision. If I knew I could save people, then I'd gladly choose this path.

I let out a soft sigh and then everything went black.

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