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Cross's Unit POV

As soon as the team of Exorcists assigned to locate General Cross arrived at Asian Headquarters, they were greeted by the Branch Head, Bak Chang, and his assistant, Sammo Han Won.

"We'll take care of Walker from here." Bak informed them, but not before stealing a glance at Lenalee, who didn't seem to notice him at all. His cheeks turned slightly pink, but he recomposed himself when felt the stares of the other Exorcists. "Please say your final goodbyes before parting ways."

Lenalee was the first to step up.

"Allen-kun…Allen-kun, I…" She could hardly finish whatever it was she had to say, as tears began to well up in the corner of her dark purple eyes.

Allen forced a smile and placed his only hand on Lenalee's shoulder. "It's okay, Lenalee. I'll regain my Innocence and once I do, I'll come find you." He turned to the rest of the group. "I promise, I'll catch up with you guys! So don't worry about me."

Miranda fought back her tears as she ran up to Allen and held his hand. "Please, Allen. Come back to us soon."

He nodded. "I will."

"I know you'll get your Innocence back." Krory told him.

"Yeah, don't hold back on your promise moyashi!" Lavi chuckled, a grin making its way onto his face.

A small laugh escaped from Allen's lips as he replied, "It's Allen, baka Lavi. And I won't. Now go already. I'll be fine."

They all nodded and left Allen with Bak to head back towards the ship. Allen watched until the ship was out of view before he turned around and followed the Branch Head and his assistant to Asian Headquarters. His smile was long gone and replaced with a frown. He shook his head and looked up to the sky in newfound determination.

"I must keep walking. For my sake and everyone else's…" Allen told himself .

Back on the ship, everyone decided to keep to themselves for the time being. It was different without Allen around and no one was exactly sure whether or not he would really get his Innocence back.

"Lenalee." Lavi called after the Chinese Exorcist who was standing by herself on the upper deck. She looked as if she just finished crying.

"Oh, Lavi." She quickly wiped her eyes and forced a smile. "Is something wrong?"

He shook his head and looked at her seriously. "Nah, I'm fine. But what about you? I know you're worried about Allen, but worrying won't get you anywhere, will it?"

She sighed and placed her arms on the railing of the ship. "No, I guess not. Allen-kun's not the only one I'm worried about though. There's also Rosalie-chan…"

Lavi forced a smile, but thinking about Rose was something he tried to avoid. It frustrated him that he couldn't recall his past with her. He could remember everything else except her. He didn't dare asking the old panda about it. That would probably earn him a swift kick in the gut. Bookman seemed so keen on hiding everything from Lavi anyway, so he decided he would just figure out his past by himself.

He cleared his throat and replied halfheartedly, "I'm sure she's fine…"

Rose's P.O.V.

Three long weeks have stretched by since leaving the Black Order with Tiedoll, Kanda and Marie. We were actually supposed to meet up with Daiysa a week ago, but Tiedoll had the tendency to draw every piece of scenery we happened to pass by. And since he told me we would begin training after we met up with Daiysa, that meant that out of these three weeks, I've had no training at all. Seriously, he wasted an extra week painting while he could've been training me. But thanks to Marie's calming words, I wasn't that upset. At least I didn't have a temper like Kanda's or I would go crazy!

"Ah, we're finally here." Tiedoll announced, interrupting my thoughts. He got up from his seat and began walking towards the door of the train with Kanda, Marie and I following suit.

I took in the complete change of scenery. We were on the train for an extremely long time, I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that we were in a different country…or maybe continent. As I took in the strange faces of the civilians walking pass, I noticed something.

"Are we…in China?" I wondered aloud. The people around us all had the same, familiar hair skin complexion as Lenalee and Komui.

Tiedoll nodded and smiled proudly. "I'm glad you noticed, Rosalie-chan. Yes, we are in China. Daisya should be close by. Let's go look for him."

We followed Tiedoll, stopping every once in a while so that he could draw or paint something he found interesting.

I took a seat down on the grassy field as Tiedoll finished whatever it was he was drawing. My ears picked up the sound of a faint chime and in the corner of my eye, I saw a few kids playing soccer. One of the kids looked taller than the rest with a strikingly familiar jacket and a pointed hood. I blinked a few times before noticing the Rose Cross on his coat.

I looked over to see if anyone else noticed the young man. Tiedoll was distracted by his drawings, Kanda was meditating and Marie was enjoying a nap. Reluctantly, I got up and went to approach the guy to affirm whether or not he was Daisya Barry.

"Hey!" I called out, but failed to get his attention. From what I could tell, he was really good at soccer. He looked pretty average with his spiky, brown hair but the makeup around his eyes made him stand out from the rest of the kids. One other thing I noticed was a bell hanging from his pointed hood.

"Daisya…Barry…?" I questioned unsurely. It wasn't until I called his name that he finally looked up at me. He furrowed his eyebrows at me for a second, before looking me up and down to realize that I had a matching Exorcist uniform.

"You must be in the Tiedoll unit, huh?"

I nodded. "Yes."

"Where is he?"

I pursed my lips together and pointed my head towards him. "D-drawing…" I admitted a little sheepishly.

A low chuckle escaped his lips. "That old man never changes. Well, better not keep him waiting any longer." He began walking towards Tiedoll with me following closely behind. "Although, he was the one keeping me waiting. I thought you were supposed to be here a week ago!"

I could feel my face was heating up. It was a bit embarrassing to be late due to Tiedoll's drawing habits. "Yes. Well, you can talk to him about that."

Before we reached Tiedoll, a smile was already formed on his face as he beamed at us. He finally put his pencil and paper down and stood up to greet Daisya with an overjoyed smile. Once Daiysa and I approached him, he immediately flung his arms around Daisya with overbearing strength and overdramatic tears streaming down his face. Tiedoll sure was…something.

"Daisya! I'm so glad we've finally found you!" Tiedoll cried out happily.

Daisya pushed Tiedoll away gently and crossed his arms. "Yeah, it took you long enough, you old geezer."

Tiedoll chuckled and ruffled Daiysa's hair playfully. "Oh, you're still the same old Daiysa."

My eyes darted between the two and I tapped my foot a little impatiently. "Not to interrupt the moment, but since Daiysa's with us, does this mean you can train me now?"

Tiedoll broke his gaze from Daisya and turned it towards me. "Oh…Rosalie, I'm sorry. I forgot you were there."

I blinked a few times before face-faulting to the ground. "You can't be serious…" I muttered underneath my breath. Daiysa chuckled and I could hear Kanda "che" from the spot he was meditating in. After regaining myself, I gave Tiedoll a sneer, but it soon faded as he continued to smile at us.

"But yes, we can begin your training now." He told me.

"Yes! Finally!" I cheered and grabbed his arm to go to the nearest water fountain! "Let's start with water! Yes, I'm so excited!"

Noah's POV

"When are we going to confront them? I'm tired of waiting." Tyki complained as he glanced over to Road, Jasdero and Devit. He inhaled the last of his cigarette before tossing it aside with a frustrated expression clear on his face. As each moment passed, Tyki grew more and more impatient. His "dark" side was getting to its peak since he laid his eyes on Rose. Ever since that encounter with her and Allen, he wanted nothing but to her heart out. But he would have to restrain himself, as the Millennium Earl wanted her alive.

"We still have to wait a bit, Tyki. I have to make sure Rosie-chan is ready." Road explained as they watched Rose and Tiedoll train from a nearby tree.

The Noah twins loaded their guns up and aimed for the two Exorcists.

"Waiting's no fun, hii~" Jasdero said from beside Road who replied by rolling her eyes.

"Don't you dare go down there, you idiots." Road warned rather threateningly. She gave them a glare that could kill, shutting them up immediately.

"Are you going to show her?" Tyki asked in a low voice.

Road smiled her familiar sickly smile. "I'll show her soon. Trust me, it'll be worth it after seeing the look on her face." She started giggling uncontrollably, causing her to receive confused looks from the Noah twins. Tyki clapped a hand over her mouth.

"Shhh." He cautioned as his amber eyes bore onto a familiar curly-haired Exorcist trying to control the movement of the water in the fountain, but to no avail.

"What am I doing wrong?" He heard Rose ask her mentor. "I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do…"

"Just believe and keep trying. That's all you really can do." Tiedoll replied in a gentle tone as he tried to encourage his student.

Rose sighed and began waving her arms around again.

Tyki glanced over at Road, who was staring intently at Rose as if she was trying to read her mind. None of the other Noah members, except the Earl, were exactly sure why Road was so attached to Rose. She was attached to Rose almost as much as she was to Allen. But none of them dared to ask her or the Earl, so they left it at that.

Road's lips began to curve upwards as she watched Tiedoll leave Rose to practice by herself for a little bit. She turned to her three comrades and winked, before jumping back through a familiar checkered door. She motioned for them to follow her.

Rosalie attempted to control the water one more time. She closed her eyes, raised her arms up high above her head and concentrated as hard as she could.

"Okay, Rose…you can do this…" She told herself and slowly reopened her eyes. "Ahhh!"

A hand suddenly reached out of the water fountain and grabbed her by her collar before dragging her down through a door at the bottom of the fountain. Rose struggled desperately to pry whosever hand it was off of her, but the grip was too strong. She could already feel the oxygen escape her lungs, but before she react, she already found herself in a strange dining room. It was dark and there was a long, single table with more than enough chairs for a large family.

Rose blinked and adjusted her eyes to the sudden darkness. Her eyes narrowed as soon as she heard a high pitched giggle.

"Rosie-chan, I've missed you!" Road cheered and ran to wrap her arms around Rose's neck affectionately.

Rose involuntarily blushed from the close contact, but she was more annoyed than flustered at the moment. Annoyed and confused. Why was Road acting this way towards her? Didn't she try to kill her last time they confronted each other? What was with the sudden change of attitude?

She shoved Road gently off of her and glared at the Noah. "What do you want from me this time?" Rose knew she didn't have the strength to fight Road by herself, so she wanted to avoid violence at all cost.

"It's simple. I still want you to come with us." She replied.

Rose furrowed her eyebrows and took a second to think about her current situation. She already knew there was no way out of this. One, she was already in their abode. Two, even if she could manage to fend off Road for a little bit, there was definitely the possibility of other Noah members showing up. And three, apparently Road knew everything there was to know about her.

As if she read her mind, Road placed a reassuring hand on Rose's shoulder. "I'm not going to hurt you, Rosie-chan. We aren't going to hurt you."

Before Rose could even wonder who she meant by "we," Tyki, Jasdero and Devit appeared from the shadows.

"But if you don't come with us, we'll hurt your Exorcist friends." Devit told her with a sly grin.

"W-what?" Rose stammered, "T-that's….that's not fair!" She shouted, remembering the mission that cost Allen his arm.

"Well," Tyki began indifferently, "Life's not fair, now is it?"

Rose gritted her teeth at the sound of his voice. She instantly replayed her and Allen's encounter with him in her mind and his merciless acts of cruelty towards them. She couldn't forget how he ripped his heart off and still had a smile plastered on his face the whole time.

"Please don't be mad, Rosie-chan." Road said apologetically. It almost sounded genuine, but Rose knew better.

"What good would it do if I joined you?" Rose asked unsurely.

"This is taking too long, hii~" Jasdero interjected and he and Devit pointed their guns at Rose. "Just say yes already or we'll shoot, hii~"

"Knock it off!" Road yelled and whacked each twin across the head. She turned back to Rose and smiled her usual smile. She knew exactly what to say to Rose to convince her, but she needed to make sure that no idiots would mess up her plan.


Rose blinked and tilted her head, still trying to figure why Road was acting so…nice towards her.


"How's…how's Lavi doing?" She inquired, her smile growing wider as she looked at the shocked Rose.

Rose didn't say anything. In truth, she didn't know what to say! She tried not to think about Lavi much, but it pained her to do so. She was the only one between the two of them to recall a few memories back from their past and the fact that Lavi couldn't recall them was killing her. It made her feel alone and empty. If only Lavi could remember them, too. Weren't Bookmen supposed to remember everything?

"He's…fine." She finally managed to say, despite the new lump in her throat.

Road knew she found Rose's weak spot and she wasn't going to stop until Rose complied.

"Don't you want to know the truth?" Road asked seriously this time. Tyki, Jasdero and Devit looked at her in confusion, wondering what she was planning next.

Rose was desperate for answers, but not if it meant hurting other people. It was true Komui and Bookman were hiding something from her, but if they were so willing to keep it from her that must have meant that it was for her own good. But deep in the crevice of her mind, Rose wanted nothing more but to know about her hidden past.

"It doesn't just involve you and the Bookman apprentice. It involves us, the Noah Family, and your father, Cassian Hinode."

"What do you know about my father?!" Rose hollered, not even bothering to hide her anger. She knew Road was trying to insinuate something, but what? Did Road know the same secrets about her father that Komui and Bookman were keeping from her as well?

"I know your father despised us."

"What do you mean?"

"You'd be better off not knowing." She paused and looked at Rose with a sly expression, "But do you want to know?

"You'd be better off not knowing…" Those were Komui's exact words to Rose after she found her father's diary lying on his desk.

Rose already had the feeling of uncertainty lingering over her. She could predict that whatever information Road had, whether it was true or false, couldn't be anything good. But…this was what she wanted, right?

She gulped and took a deep breath, "Tell me." She uttered, although barely audible.

Road smirked, knowing she succeeded with her plan. She shooed away Tyki, Jasdero and Devit and they left, grumbling angrily under their breaths.

"Cassian Hinode," Road giggled, much to Rose's annoyance. "Wow, was he something!"

"Get to the point already." Rose muttered impatiently.

"Like I said, he despised us. He probably hated us more than any other Exorcist out there."

Rose stared blankly at the girl in front of her, curious of what else she had to say. For some reason, it didn't seem like she was lying and that's what was beginning to scare Rose. Could she handle knowing the truth after all this time or would it destroy her?

"Rosalie," Road began in an unusually serious tone. "Your father would stop at nothing until he destroyed the Noahs, much like Neah." She took note of Rose's confused facial expression. "You'll know about him sooner or later. But he hated us, Rosalie. Because of what we did and because of who we are."

"But…Noahs and Exorcists are supposed to be enemies." Rose pointed out unsurely. She began twiddling with her hair nervously, her light green eyes never leaving Road's amber ones. "Why is it such a big deal if he, you know, wanted to kill…you guys…" She mumbled, her voice getting lower and lower.

"Even if it meant killing his own daughter?" She said, taking note of Rose's widened eyes.

Rose's breath hitched in her throat, her chest began to tighten up and her hands were starting to get moist. She was definitely at a loss of words. Nothing seemed to formulate correctly in her mind and the feeling of doubt was undoubtedly overtaking her.

Rose took a deep breath and barely managed to find the voice to speak. "What do you mean?"

Road stepped closer until she was standing directly in front of the shaking Exorcist. She smiled sadly at her, but nodded her head. "Rather than telling you, how about I show you?" She gestured to the door that appeared from the ground behind her. Without asking for permission, she took Rose's hand and led her through it.


It was a memory. But it wasn't Rosalie's memory; it was Road's.

"No, stop! What're you doing with her?! Give her back to me!" A woman's voice cried. Rose glanced at the woman from her and Road's aerial view and instantly recognized her as Kaname Hinode; her mother.

"Where are we?" Rose asked the Noah with a trembling voice.

"In my sub-consciousness. This is my first memory of you, Rosie-chan. We were all excited that you would finally get to join us! I was especially excited, so I had to see you when you first woke up." She answered, smiling as she reminisced.

Rose brought her eyes back down to the scene below her. It seemed to be some sort of hospital room. Rose's mother must've just gotten through labor and gave birth to her, but it seemed as if something wasn't right…

"I'm sorry, Kaname." It was her father's voice that spoke. "We knew this was going to happen. The Earl himself warned me, but I refused to believe him." He glanced at the infant Rose in Kaname's arms, sleeping peacefully. "I know she's our first child, but what good is she if she's a member of the Noah clan?"

Those words hit Rose like a ton of bricks. Her heart felt heavy and the world seemed to stop revolving. It was as if the blood running in her veins was beginning to ice over, but instead of the cold, numbing feeling, it burned terribly.

"Me…a member of the N-Noah clan?" She whispered to herself, unable to believe the very thought of it.

Road glanced at her, and pointed back down to the scene below her.

A few seconds later, the infant Rose began to cry and her skin turned from its fairly light complexion to a darkened one, her brown curtain of curly hair to a blackish-blue and her light green eyes to an amber.

"Who cares if she's a Noah?!" Kaname cried out desperately, clutching Rose tightly to her chest. "She's still our daughter, dammit! What's wrong with you, Cassian?!"

He sighed and ran a hand through his dark chocolate colored hair. His azure eyes met Kaname's jade eyes with great intensity. Slowly, he placed a soft kiss on his wife's lips and picked up Rose gently into his arms. Every single time she reverted to her Noah form, his feelings for his daughter turned into disgust. He couldn't find it within himself to hate her, but with what she was, he couldn't exactly love her either.

"I was ordered by the higher-ups to exterminate my only daughter if she turned out to be one of them." He murmured in a grave tone. "I won't disobey them, but there is one option." He fished into his pocket and pulled out a hypodermic needle. The substance inside gave off a shiny green, luminescent glow.

"Is that…Innocence?" Kaname asked even though she was sure it was. "Where did you get that?"

"Cross Marian." He replied bluntly. "How he comes up with this kind of thing, I have no clue."

"What's going to happen if you inject her with it?"

"I'm not exactly sure of the details myself. Either it will suppress and/or destroy the Noah gene within her or…"

"Or…?" Kaname pressed.

Cassian gulped and gave his wife a saddened expression. "Or kill her."

Kaname stared at him in disbelief and began to shake her head feverishly. "No, we can't risk it! We can't! Please, Cassian. I don't want to lose our daughter."

"I'm sorry, Kaname. Either way, if it doesn't work she will have to die. She's a Noah, which means she's an enemy to the Black Order."

Kaname opened her mouth to say something, but she knew arguing any further would be futile. "Will this really work?" She questioned in a barely audible tone.

Cassian hesitated. He looked into his crying daughter's amber eyes and noticed a small speck of jade green within them.


"But – "

Before she could say another word, Cassian took the needle and injected it right over Rose's heart. She began crying louder, her cries turning into high pitched screeches. Her small body began to tremble uncontrollably and her breathing turned into fast, uneven pants. The air whipped around her in a mini tornado causing the papers and blankets to whirl around the room.

Her parents enveloped her in their arms and prayed to whatever God was out there that she would make it through.

"I know you're a strong girl, Rosalie. You can do this!" Kaname muttered, holding her and her husband close.

"Please, Rose…" Cassian said, stroking his daughter's forehead soothingly.

As quick as the trembling and screams came, they stopped. Rose's hair was back to its original color, as well as her eyes and skin. The skin over Rose's heart was glowing green, fading and reappearing with the familiar rhythm of her heart. When the light began to fade, Rose fell asleep again. The wind died down, but the small hospital room was already wrecked.

Kaname began shedding tears of joy as she picked her daughter up and spread soft kisses across her face.

"Oh, Rosalie…" She cooed.

Cassian breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness…"

~Flashback end~

There were back in the dining room, but the atmosphere around them was tense.

"See what I mean? You're his daughter, but he would've still killed you if that little trick of his didn't work." Road said a matter-of-factly.

Rose's eyes lacked any emotion and she ran that memory through her head again.

"It didn't exactly seem like he wanted to…k-kill me…" She replied meekly.

"He was only relieved because you didn't turn out like us. If you were still a Noah, he wouldn't even look at you!" Road shouted angrily. "How dare he do that to you! You…you were supposed to be with us." She added, with a slightly sad edge to her voice. "We're your real family."

Rose shook her head, refusing to believe anything else. "You're wrong! Dad loved me!"

"Stop being so naïve, Rosie-chan. Your dad would've killed you! Get that through your head already!"

Rose took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. She averted her eyes from Road to the ground, trying to comprehend everything. She couldn't deny it anymore. No matter how much she kept telling herself that it wasn't true, it was true. Her father really hated the Noahs. Her father must've hated her during her brief time being a Noah. At least that's what she believed.

Wait a second.

Rosalie was…a Noah…

"I was a Noah…" She said to herself.

Road nodded and smiled her sickly-sweet smile. "Yes, the fifteenth. The Noah of Creation. But apparently to the dumb Order, you're the Creator of Earth now. They totally stole that title from us!" She whined childishly.

"Answer a few questions for me, okay?" Rose ordered, still in shock from the information she just uncovered.


"How come I didn't die that day I was injected with Innocence?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I honestly don't know about that. You must've had a strong will to live or something. Actually, the Earl is still trying to figure that out."

"Why am I able to use the anti-akuma weapon I have?"

"Because as the Noah of Creation, you had similar abilities to manipulate the elements, so of course you were the only one that could use them. I mean, even though you weren't able to use them before you turned into a regular human, those are still your powers."

"Why is the Order hiding this from me?"

"Isn't it obvious? They don't want you to leave them. The Order is running low on Exorcists these days."

Rose shook her head at the bitter truth. She's been fooled her whole life. From the time she was born until that very moment. What else was there to know? How did Lavi and Bookman come into play in all this?

"I'll tell you more, you know. Everything you want to know."

"Why do you know everything? You're the Noah of Dreams, not the Noah of Memories or something." Rose snorted, but gasped after she realized what she just said. Road never told her she was the Noah of Dreams. The only way she could've known that was…

Road smirked, feeling pretty satisfied. "Well, that's interesting. It seems as if your Noah gene isn't completely destroyed."

Fury overtook Rose as she ran and reran the information in her head. One, she used to be a Noah. Two, her father tried to kill her if he wouldn't be able to suppress her Noah gene. Three, Komui only hid the truth from her because the Order needed more forces. And four, she was beginning to doubt the Black Order with every ounce of her body.

"What about Lavi – "

"Rosie-chan, I'll tell you everything. If only you'll join us." She looked at Rose, waiting for her to answer. When she didn't answer, she added, "You can trust the Bookman apprentice. He was just a kid back then."

Road didn't understand, but she knew Road wasn't lying to her. It seemed as if she and Road formed a bond somehow, and it allowed her to tell if Road was lying to her or not. But this whole time, Road was telling her the truth.

"Road, why did you tell me all this?"

"Hmm?" Road tilted her head in confusion. "I asked if you wanted to know, and you said yes~"

"Right. I did say that, didn't I?" She mumbled lowly. Road glanced at her and noticed the emotions wiped clean from her face. She knew Rose was still going through shock, but it was to be expected, especially if she wanted her plan to work.

"Well, I see you're still having a hard time deciding. Tell you what, I'll give you a month to think about it. That way, you can train and learn more about yourself! I'll bring Tyki and Jasdevi with me too, so look out for us!" She told Rose sweetly before pushing through the door that appeared in front of her.

Rose stumbled through and with no time wasted, she ended back by the water fountain as if she never left.

"Oi, curly! Quit standing there. It's time to go." Kanda barked from in front of her. Her eyes met his with obvious animosity to them. He furrowed his eyebrows for a second, but waved it off. He'd never seen her eyes have such a dark aura to them, but he figured she was frustrated that she couldn't control her Innocence better or something.

"Are you okay, Rosalie-chan?" Tiedoll asked her, oblivious to the previous events that just took place.

"Yes," She lied, mustering up the best fake smile she could. "I'm perfectly fine."

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