Author's Note: The mothers and Faline's eldest offspring belong to Walt Disney! This story and the other children belong to me :) Enjoy and review!

Spring was an exciting time in nature, especially forests like the one the Great Prince Bambi resided over. It was his princess Faline's favourite time of the year. Apple blossoms were blooming, gentle raindrops awakened the earth, but most of all, little babies were born. During the last spring, Faline had given birth to two healthy fawns, Geno, the energetic boy, and Gurri, the equally chatty girl. This spring she had been carrying only one fawn, another daughter whom Bambi named Ronnie, and while she was still shaky on her legs, she kept up with her elder siblings easily.

"Come on Ronnie!" Gurri called as she leapt over a fallen log in the brush. "We have to get to the field before all the good grass is gone!" The offspring knew the rules of the forest well so Faline wasn't hurrying to catch up to the group. She suspected Bambi was still making his rounds and would meet them at the field with the rest of the herd, letting her take her time getting there.

While making sure the children were in hearing range, she met up with Bluebell, Flower's mate from the previous year. To the doe's knowledge the two were still mates and she greeted the bashful skunk with a smile.

"How are you this spring morning Miss Bluebell?" Faline inquired.

"Oh very well thank you!" The skunk replied. "Where are those darling children of yours?" Bluebell, having been tending to her own brood of babies, hadn't been able to make it to see Bambi's newest child.

Faline chuckled and motioned with her head just ahead of them. "Creating a ruckus as always. Ronnie is just starting to get her bearings so the twins are watching out for her."

"It's nice of them to give you a break. Flower is with ours right now at the den," Bluebell mentioned. The previous spring the pair of skunks had one pup, but a fox had found their den site and devoured the poor creature. This year though was looking much more promising. With a safer burrow and three children instead of one, the odds of the skunks reaching adulthood had grown substantially.

The doe nodded. "How nice. We should arrange a day for the children to get together. Our daughters would have a fun time frolicking through the flower beds," Faline suggested.

"That's a good idea! We should also invite Miss Bunny and her children. I'm sure it would be just as fun," Bluebell added. Miss Bunny, Thumper's mate, had given birth to four bunnies earlier that year and while Thumper was once again outnumbered (there was only one son out of the bunch), he doted on his children all the same.

As Faline was about to reply, she heard Ronnie's calls. "Mama, Geno pushed me in the water!" Well, so much for her break. The doe apologized for having to go but insisted they talk again soon.

"Come by the den any time! And bring Miss Bunny with you!" Faline insisted. With that, she disappeared into the brush, hoping the children weren't causing too much trouble for the other deer. After all, she did have a certain image to uphold as Bambi's princess.