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Chapter song: Down with the sickness (Disturbed)

THE INFECTION has spread and we are all now infected with the SICKNESS.

Where once we felt NUMB and CRUCIFIED by FEAR, our inner WARRIOR has finally awoken.

THE ANIMAL has been unchained...

No longer BOUND by DARKNESS, we RISE from our own HELL, freed from our PERFECT INSANITY , FORGIVEN.


NEVER AGAIN will we be OVERBURDENED by THE CURSE that is weakness.

Now the TEN THOUSAND FISTS of the SONS OF PLUNDER shout our name.

For we are DISTURBED


The Volturi find out about a not-so-human baby. They take him from his parents, by force. They think he has powers, but they don't know how to take care of a small child, so Aro is forced to either kill him.. or give him away. But before they can decide, he escapes. This Baby is part of a very old he must fulfill.

Bloody wings: Chapter one- Power revealed


It was dark. Very, very dark. And cold.. Not to mention, scary. My mommie ans daddy were walking down the street, Mommie was carrying me in her arms. She was crying, and daddy looked very angry, and upset. We walked into dark allyway. It started to rain. A big man dressed in all black came up to us.

He had pale skin, black hair, and... red eyes. 'Red eyes? thats weird.' I thought.

He came up to me and mommie, and was looking at me. It was creepy, and I didn't like it. Mommie and daddy looked scared, as he held his arms out toward me. He took me away from mommie, and her cries got louder. As I cried out for my parents, the man threw me over his shoulder. Two men came from the sides, and grabbed my parents.

They screamed, but their screams were cut short by twosharp, terrifiying CRACKS! I screamed, and cried some more. My parents were dead, I knew that much. The man ran really fast, towards the woods. I kicked, and screamed. Until suddenly, a pretty green glow came out of my feet, and spread up to my head.

The man stopped running, and looked at me in shock, and awe. "Holy shit!" He said, as he dropped me. I stood up on my small, unsteady legs. The green glow made a blueish-greenish golf ball sized sphere in the palm of my right hand. I aimed it at his face, and threw it. "Oh, fu-!" were his last words, before he burst into pretty red,blue, black, and purple flames. His skin melted as he screamed, until the flames left only his black,charred skeleton behind. I was scared the other two men, the ones that killed mommie and daddy, would find me. So I ran, very fast, away from the first man's skeleton.

When I was to tired to move anymore, I cuddled up inside a hollow tree, and fell asleep with tears running down my face.



My vision ended with a little green eyed boy about three years old.

I have to tell Carlisle what I just saw! I must find that poor little lost boy!

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